We Want Answers!

Be prepared for a super long post!

1. Who shot Ian?

2. Why were Ian and Ali at Hilton Head?

3. Why did Melissa stop sending Ali threatening letters?

4. How did Ali get Jason cut from their grandma’s will?

5.Who gave Ali the bloody lip?

6. Who’s varsity jacket was Ali wearing when she left Jason’s party and crashed Spencer/Emily’s sleep over?

7. Whey did Shana switch from Ali’s side to Jenna’s side?

8. Why did Garret want to keep Spencer safe?

9. How did Garret know it was a game?

10. Why did Toby have a picture of Aria’s living room in his drawer at his apartment?

11. How did Jenna know Ali before they met?

12. What secret does Ali have on Noel?

13. Why did Noel need insurance from Alison?

14. What were in Ezra’s “research” boxes?

15. Who did Jason hide in his house?

16. How did Jason get his side wound? – If it was from the Halloween train, why was he after Aria/Garret?

17. Why did Garret and Jenna try to frame Jason?

18. What’s really up with Lucas & Mona, sometimes they are friends, some times they aren’t?

19. How did Nate die from a gun shot, when Emily stabbed him? We only heard ONE gun shot, and Caleb was shot.

20. Why did CeCe confuse Aria with Hanna about the shoplifting?

21. What secrets do CeCe & Jenna share?

22. Did Ali actually have a pregnancy scare or did CeCe lie?

23. Who is beach hottie?

24. Who trapped Jenna in the fire at Jason’s house?

25. Who hit Jenna in the head and knocked her in the lake?

26. Who pushed Toby’s mom?

27. Who is Jenna’s mom?

28. Who is Bethany Young?

29. Why is Sara’s mom a bitch?

30. Who did Wilden kill when he was a rookie?

31. What happened to Caleb’s dad after Ravenswood?

32. Why is Hanna’s dad a douche?

33. What is going on with Kate?

34. Why did Melissa & Lucas need to distract Jenna at the masquerade ball?

35. Why was Jenna creeping on Ezra and Aria at the masquerade ball?

36. Did Ali really get CeCe kicked out of college?

37. Is CeCe on Ali’s side or not?

38. Who killed Garret?

39. Who killed Wilden?

40. Who killed Mrs. D?

41. Who is black veil/ black widow?

42. We’re Ali & CeCe the only red coats?

43. Who was the other gas mask in the Ravenswood episode?

44. Which gas mask found Ali? Ezra or the other?

45. Who was Mrs. Grunwald talking about when she implied one of the liars were untrustworthy to Ali?

46. Who was the ‘he” that Grunwald was talking about?

47, What did Maya know?

48. Where’s Eddie Lamb?

49. What happened to Toby’s friend from the warehouse?

50. Who got off the plane at the lodge?

51. Who did Toby follow in the woods?

52. Who pulled Mona, Aria, & Emily out of the fire?

53. What happened to Duncan? Holden? Johnny? Talia? Nigel? Sydney?

54. Who is Charles?

55. Who is Charles’ dad?

56. Why was it important that we learned Andrew was adopted?

57, Why did Charles take Sara?

58. Who was responsible for Jason’s elevator accident?

59. Who tried to hurt Caleb’s mom?

60. Why does A hate Ashley Marin?

61. What was Jason up to when he was in rehab?

62. What else are the Hasting Parents hiding?

63. Why was Wilden after the girls & Garret on the Halloween train?

64. Why was Melissa on the Halloween Train?

65. How does A get all their money?

66. How did A build the dollhouse?

67. Why did Hanna say everyone in that train car had something to do with Garret?

68. What else did Meredith know before she went crazy?

69. What all did Toby learn as A?

70. Why did Radley close?

71. What did Spencer put in Ali’s casket?

72. Why was CeCe dressed like Ali and in her yard that night?

73. How good of friends were CeCe & Melissa?

74. Why didn’t Jessica check Ali’s pulse before burying her?

75. Why was Mona driving when they were like 14?

76. Why did Garret let Jenna think he killed Ali?

77. Did Ali really take those pictures of Aria?

78. What kind of movie was Jason and his friends making?

79. What really happened between Jenna/Noel/Emily the night the grave was dug up?

80. Who was Jessica hiding in the DiLaurentis house?

81. Why did Jessica buy CeCe clothes?

82. Who owned the place in NY where Ali was staying?

83. Was Ali lying about her time with Cyrus?

84. What happened to Cyrus after the burn unit?

85. Why did Ali want masks for her friends?

86. Why did Melissa escape to London?

87. Why did Melissa take Wren back?

88. Why is Charles obsessed with Aria’s pink hair?

89. Did Spencer hurt someone?

90. Why does Charles use 3 different languages?

91. Did Wilden graduate in ‘96 or did he graduate when Melissa did?

92. Why did Ali act like she was planning to fake her death?

93. Where’s Mona’s dad?

94. Why did Jenna & Noel break up?

95. Why did Noel & Mona break up?

96. Who planted the test answers in Noel’s locker? Mona? Lucas? Ezra?

97. Does Jenna like girls or boys?

98. Who drove a car through Emily’s house?

99. Who gave the “mini liars” their dolls?

100. Why is A obsessed with dolls? Wasn’t that Mona’s thing?

101. Who was Seth from the doll place talking about? Mona and ? Who was the dark haired guy?

102. Who blackmailed Dr Sullivan? Mona or Toby? Who is Dr. Sullivan’s son?

103. Who was in the barrel? 

104. Was Mike breaking into houses for someone?

105. What happened to Jesse the counselor? 

106. Why did Ezra give up his careers as a teach/writer to run a coffee shop?

107. Why was Melissa taking pics of Ali/CeCe/Wilden if she hated Ali so much?

108. How did aunt Carol die?

109. Who hit Ali?

110. Who hit Bethany?

111. What was in the envelope A gave to Dr. Sullivan?

112.  Is Nigel Wright connected to Wright’s playground?

113. Why is “Rose” used so often? April Rose.. Apple Rose Grille, Ella Rose-Montgomery?

114. Did Aria’s crazy uncle have kids?

115. Who was the girl that was pushed down the steps at the frat party?

116. Are Cindy & Mindy the only “twins”?

117. Who’s side were Cindy and Mindy on? Ali or Mona?

118. Why did Jenna take Ali up on her offer to be friends ‘this time’?

119. Why was Ali so quick to change up her group of friends?

120. Why did Ali act so shady when she first came back?

Will add more later… my brain hurts. I forgot how many unanswered questions there are.

From pllspanna 

121. Is Maya alive? 

122. Did Mona or Maya write the wardrobe message? 

123. Why did Ali have the twin poster in her room? 

124. What else was on Mayas website? 

125. Where are 95% of the main characters lately?

126. Why did Eddie Lamb recognise Aria? 

127. Why is Kenneth such an asshole? 

128. Is that Sara or Bethany? 

129. Was Aria really in Iceland? 

130. Why is Leslie suddenly relevant?

Who’s to steal ‘A’ game?

From an interview with Janel Parrish:

So they played together. This reminded me of a conversation Mona had with someone in Radley..

Umm when did she use to be? I believe we don’t know anything about that. This means they could be talking about the time they were working together. Also in this conversation Mona points out to Wren how he misspelled “diagnosis” implying she knows he’s not who he pretends to be (at least not a doctor)

Note how it says “Dr.” Kingston

I think this means either Wren is Big A or helped them steal the game.

Look at the interview again.Someone came to Radley” .. I know of a certain someone who’s supposed to be revealed in the season finale and came to visit Mona.

And Wren doesn’t quite seem to be a stranger to the red coat either.

Plus, remember the A message the liars got after the game was stolen from Mona?

Wren as a fake doctor obviously does. So does anyone who gets said “doctor”’s help.

But wouldn’t Mona know something about that?

That’s why I think Wren only helped stealing the game. Mona has always been talking about a “she” when talking about who stole the game.

Now there’s three people I can think of that fit Wren’s drawing:

But how can Charles be A then?

First possibilty: Charles is Wren and Wren apparently is part of A. Or is A and Red Coat is a helper, not the other way around.

Second possibility: One of these possible Red Coats either knew Charles and now uses his name for some kind of revenge for him or knew him and has dissociative identity disorder (meaning multiple personalities) with one being Charles because they couldn’t handle his death. This person probably wouldn’t be aware of them even being Charles then.

Spencer Hastings is me and I am her

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SPOILER ALERT.. if you dont want to know a potential spoiler DO NOT continue reading.

I remember reading a finale script spoiler a few weeks back that i did not post because i did not think it was true… but now i think it is, heres why

Spoiler: A is running through the woods, spencer goes one way and Alison goes the other.

Marlene: look at this photo of redcoat, clearly at night in the woods.

Spoiler: Spencer and alison block her path, she turns around and alison sees Cece she is shocked

Marlene: repied to a fan that Alison will be the first to find out who A is

So clearly Charles is Big A and is not dead after all of marlene insistent charles is big a tweets. So cece could be redcoat and a possible accomplice!

Can someone explain this for me please?

Real quick question. If Wren is actually a REAL Doctor, how is he 24? If he actually went to Med school after college and graduated, which is the only way he could be called a doctor, he would probably have to be at least 26 if he graduated college at 22…or am I missing something? At the youngest I would say he is 25? 

Granted he could have graduated college early, but I think graduating from Oxford years early is something you brag about. So something isn’t adding up.