So You Want to be a Magical Girl?? - A magical girl playlist for all of your mahou shoujo needs! I saw a few different ones floating around, but they never seemed shoujo enough, so I just went ahead and made my own playlist.

Pretty Cure Beat Up! ~Hyprid Version~ // Sailor Moon Make Up! // Moonlight Densetsu // My Sweetheart (Full Version) // Chocolate ni Muchuu // Kokoro no Tamago // Catch Me Catch You // Setsunai Omoi // Heart Moving // Schule! // Demashita Powerpuff Girls Z // White Destiny

Listen to it here.


Some artbook entries from the past year. You can still get them online:

Thank you for letting me take part in these projects! ^q^//

Anime Following

Hey there person on electronic devise reading this! If you ever post any stuff from the following fandoms, please reblog this. I’m looking for some anime blogs to follow. I know that I did this with regular fandoms, but I’ve just gotten into anime… hehehe its ruines my life. So here’s the fandoms:

Ouran Host Club

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Fairy Tail

Fruits Basket



Black Butler

Various Miyazaki films

Ghost Hunt

Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple