white america did this. america was founded and exists to benefit white people and it continues to serve only them. white women too. this election brought out the people who were too afraid to speak outwardly because their views were always acknowledged as vile but when a man who validated them stepped up, they stepped behind him. this is not about the poc who didnt vote, it’s about the terrifying number of white people that DID vote for Trump.

President Trump will usher in new hope for our country. He’ll drain the swamp in Washington, rebuild our military, strengthen our relations with foreign countries, bring back our jobs and education and he’ll secure our borders and protect our constitutional rights! The American people have spoken and they voted for REAL change!!! 🗽

We have two and a half months until he actually takes office. And after that, he will not be able to make decisions on his own, though I believe he will try. And should he do so, we as Americans (and everyone who’s not American, tbh) have the right to act, to speak out, to protest. And come November 6, 2018, we can vote in the mid-terms. We could take back the Senate. We could do any number of things that will lessen his chances of pushing more ridiculous laws through. 

Until then, live on, stand tall, and spite him and his regime, because we as a whole are greater than one man. 

I just want to see the people who voted for Harambe 50 years from now on, trying to explain to their grandchildren how they managed to fuck the entire country over, with their wasted votes.

“Well you see Johnny, the reason why this country elected the most racist bigoted man alive for president, was because I and 9999 others were too attached to unfunny memes about a dead gorilla.”

Donald mate, 

1. So according to that logic, because George W. Bush did such a poor job as president, so why are we seeing another white man in the White House? 
2. President Obama didn’t win the lottery, he won a presidential race with votes.
3. President Obama doesn’t represent every single African American.
4. The American elections sway between Democrat and Republican. For longer than 100 years. 
5. America will see another black president. 
6. And a female one.
7. And an LGBT one. 
8. You ought to welcome change, you idiot.