Tumblr and Politics

Tumblr is ruining the presidential elections for me. People are saying if you don’t vote for Hillary you become a “disgusting” republican, but feminists don’t agree with Clinton’s beliefs so if you vote for her you aren’t a feminist. Let people make up their own minds without feeling deprecated for their opinions. Everyone has an equal right to vote, stop trying to manipulate them that’s the real injustice.


Presidential American Elections (1796-1896)

Things to pick up from these charts:

  1. If South Carolina voted for them, vote for the other guy.
  2. Four for you, Massachusetts. Usually.
  3. Never underestimate the ability of the entire country to screw it up from time to time.
  4. Pre-Civil War white southern men were a bunch of whiners.
  5. We’re still feeling the effects of fucking up Reconstruction.

“Bryan’s my man - Who’s yours?”

Poster promoting William Jennings Bryan for president in 1908, Bryan’s third run. He was a strong advocate for women’s suffrage, in addition to direct election of U.S. senators, child labor regulations, anti-imperialism and a graduated federal income tax.

from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.

The first round of the presidential elections in Romania has turned out as expected: Victor Ponta received 39.6% of the votes and underdog Klaus Iohannis got 30.2%. Both go through to round two. 

Unfortunately, the turnout was very low, about 50%. Not everyone realizes that this election is about the future of Romania. Are we going to choose for a step forward or backward? The second round will determine the route of Romania. 

In the meantime we gladly use this comparison with Game of Thrones-characters to keep the options digestible for everyone, the Romanian people and foreigners.

ROMANIA, Floroaica : An elderly couple sits on a bench in front of the fence of their home covered with election campaign poster in support of Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta in Floroaica village on November 11, 2014. Ponta won the first round of the presidential elections with 40.44 percent of the vote against 30.37 percent for the candidate of the right, Klaus Iohannis. Iohannis got 46 percent of the votes of the Romanian diaspora. The presidential elections in Romania - the second round to take place on November 16 - are regarded as crucial to the former Communist block country as fears of a takeover of justice by the political power in case of a victory of Ponta are alive. AFP PHOTO / DANIEL MIHAILESCU