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Black Folk, Let's Allow Ourselves the Freedom to Dream Radically
On a large scale, I find that Black folk refuse to dream radically. We have vast imaginations and deep yearnings for freedom and liberation, and yet ... we remain stunted within the confines of oppressive systems.

“I believe Black folk refuse to dream radically out of necessity for survival. We inherently police ourselves to maintain our friendships, lovers, and paychecks. We don’t want to appear threatening or “crazy” to white power structures. We want our white friends to like us, and our white bosses to promote us. We want our white colleagues to trust us and not be afraid of us. So we limit ourselves to their expectations.

We fail to internalize the truth that white expectations of Black bodies are rooted and executed in racist violence.”


Campaign Stop

Spring 1960 Robert Kennedy at a drive-in in Bluefield during his brother’s quest for the 1960 Democratic presidential nomination | West Virginia | Photos by Bob Lerner for the Look magazine article “The Kennedys: A Family Political Machine” | 35mm Negative - Via

The “Why Donald Trump is a piece of shit” master post.

Look, I have never been a political person. I’ve always despised politics and getting involved, but the idea that someone like Trump could occupy the White House and represent my country is terrifying. I have never felt so fired up and upset over a single human in my life and I need to share the information I know with people for them to form the arguments with the peers who are in support of him. So I am creating a master post to benefit all of you. 

Donald Trump is a rapist. 

The New York times Story from 1990

Ivana Trump statements from 1989 to present

Whether or not Ivana Trump took back her statement does not takes away from the fact that he did indeed violently assault her. 

Donald Trump is a racist.

pt 2. 

pt. 3

His top 10 offensive statements 

Trump hires “cheaper laborers” to build his own real estate

Wants to bring jobs back to America, yet seeks for cheaper laborers overseas.. Still. 

Even more offensive Donald Trump tweets.

Donald Trump is a sexist and a fucking creep. 

“I don’t think Ivanka would do that [pose for Playboy], although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” - Donald Trump. 

Trump blames China for Global Warming lol 

Another case of Trump outsourcing for cheaper labor

So these are my top stories on Trump. Please PLEASE, feel free to add to this. The fact that so many people are blindly endorsing this man for his wow factor, and not holding back what he thinks is so insane to me. What happens if this man becomes president and visits other countries and uses this same offensive language to those people of power? The list goes on… I could write a book about why he would be the worst president in human history, and I could write it about why he is one of the worst humans to occupy this country. 

Don't know who to vote for in 2016?

As the younger generation, it is our responsibility that we utilize our given right to vote. Unlike others around the world, this is one of the fewest chances we young people get to say something about the way our country works. Regardless of personal and political beliefs, it is our responsibility to vote as our generation steps up to the plate. 

I know many of us don’t keep tabs on what each candidate beliefs in, etc. Thus to keep us educated on recent presidential bids and candidates, I HIGHLY recommend, we all get educated on and decide which candidate so far suits our beliefs and who is best for the White House. 

Check out this website as it asks for your personal views on social, economic, and foreign issues and aligns your views with a candidate’s.

Lets get educated and vote in 2016 guys!  Message me who you side with (I won’t post unless told to)!