Retired fighter Nate Quarry takes UFC to task on potential uniform, fighter treatment

Retired fighter Nate Quarry takes UFC to task on potential uniform, fighter treatment

By Steven Marrocco

Retired middleweight and onetime UFC title challenger Nate Quarry remembers an unpleasant conversation he had several years ago with UFC President Dana White about a patch on his shorts. It followed one of many notices he received about the clothing he wore on his walk to the cage.

“This was back when Dana called fighters themselves to talk to them about sponsorships,” Quarry…

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“On June 26, 1976, Muhammad Ali engaged in a battle with Japanese professional wrestler Antonio Inoki in a fight that was billed as being a competition to find the toughest man on the planet. It is unclear whether or not the result was fixed beforehand, though both camps maintain that the fight was real….. 

It ended in a draw but was such a farcical spectacle, the crowd threw garbage into the ring and chanted ‘money back, money back’. Despite this, Inoki fought in over 20 similar mixed style fights over the next 13 years and recently on twitter, Ali posted a picture of the fight and asked UFC President Dana White;

"What you think @DanaWhite? Muhammad Ali - the original #MMA fighter? @ufc”. [Sic]

To which he replied;

“@MuhammadAli U sir are the original EVERYTHING! Ur the reason combat sports is where it is 2day Greatest tweet ive ever recieved Im honoured”. [Sic]“

Muhammad Ali - The Original MMA Fighter?

The Fall

Last night was an upset of epic proportions. As a huge Rousey fan, I was devastated. However, I was more devastated by the amount of casual fans that cheered on her defeat. What struck me is how many people gleefully whooped and hollered for her loss. Not for Holm’s win, but for her destruction. Did they remember that Ronda has inspired a legion of women and girls to get into MMA? That UFC president Dana White said NO woman would ever fight in the UFC and she came along and changed all of that? That Holm wouldn’t even be in the UFC without her? That there are two women’s weight classes in the UFC because of her? That female fans finally had someone to watch and put themselves in her shoes?

Loss is inevitable in this game. No fighter is untouchable. There will always come someone to beat you. Now I am just waiting to see if she will dust herself off, get back in the ring, and show us more than she has in the past–not just wild victories, but how to recover from defeat.

That, in fact, might be more important.

I am a fan for life and I expect that we will see a phoenix from this. Rise from the ashes so we also can.

Georges St-Pierre: I’m a Free Agent

 Just moments ago on The MMA Hour, live with Ariel Helwani, Georges St-Pierre announced he is now a free agent: “My contract has been terminated.”

 GSP claims he’s been ready, and prior to the Fertitta brothers selling the UFC, it seems a fight was closer than we thought. However, once the UFC sold, it was just another set back for the former Welterweight champion, St-Pierre.

 Georges states his lawyer terminated his contract with the UFC following a deadline given for his return in which was not met.

 For the past year, on multiple occasions, UFC President Dana White has spoken for GSP, saying he doesn’t want to fight, and that he doesn’t think he’ll return to the octagon. Live on The MMA Hour this is addressed, and St-Pierre says: “Dana White doesn’t know what it is to be a fighter. I know what it is to be a fighter.”

 Georges St-Pierre says making a deal would have created a win-win situation, blames this current situation on the departure of Lorenzo Fertitta. Once the UFC was sold, all former deals were off the table.

 GSP last fought opposite of Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 on Nov. 16th, 2013.

(wirtten by: Adam LeBarr)