Barack Obama is the 44th and current president of the United States of America. He is also the first African American president of the United States of America. He was elected as the president on November 4, 2008 and sworn in on January 20, 2009.

Before that, he was the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review, while he attended law school. Before he started his law studies, he decided to visit Kenya in 1988. He went there because he knew very little about his father and wanted to know more about him so that he could know more about his own identity. That year, he started his studies at Harvard Law School. He got hired as a summer intern in Chicago at the firm, Sidley and Austin. While he was at the firm, he met the love of his life, Michelle Robinson, who was assigned to be his adviser. It wasn’t long before they started dating. In 1988, he went to Harvard and kept a long distance relationship with Michelle. In 1991, he graduated magna cum laude with a Juris Doctor degree. After graduating, he returned to Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago. He married Michelle Robinson in 1992, making her Michelle Obama.

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A Poem on White Privilege

Writing after reading Who We Be and expressing my thoughts on how ignorance still rules the U.S., but if you have a certain privilege, you should use that power to change the system. There should be no white privilege and we need to move forward as a nation. How can racism still exist. It disgusts me:. :

White privileged means better
Better jobs; Better pay
What you struggle with
I achieve every day
The power to dodge bullets
Never shot
To avoid cops
And neighborhood watch
To feel each breath
And to know my life matters
But can I speak
And discuss real matters
We achieve a milestone
And elect a black president
And they do everything to make sure
There are no black presidents
Where the minorities
Are the new majority
And yet they are
Still labeled minorities
Where the new black candidate
Who literally touches minds
Must resort to making up memories
Of his past street crimes
Where that makes him black
Not that he achieved MLK’s dream
But that he tried to kill
Like “any black teen”
A world where walls are to be built
To be paid for by Undocumented
Like when southerners built plantations
Paid for by forcefully documented
Where we register Muslims
Not realizing the true cost
The new Jews
To pay the new caust
Where people of color
Get put behind iron curtains
So their criminal records
Keep them from voting booth curtains
Where immigration reform
Meant to keep color below
Where the past meets the future
A brand new Jim Crow
Equality was an ideal
But it can never be real
To be equal means somebody loses
And that must mean somebody steals
They get what whites took
Redskins; now our skins
The fake majority must maintain control
Allow the minority majority to move forward
If they still know their role
So I can have privilege
Privilege to rule everyone
Privilege to speak words that anger
But you read every one

Obama had a Bernie Sanders moment during the State of the Union

President Barack Obama forcefully pushed back against conservative rhetoric targeting food stamp recipients on Tuesday night, declaring in his final State of the Union address that people on food stamps were not responsible for the 2008 financial crash — the titans of the financial industry were. But his “Bernie moment” didn’t end there.


As we near the final countdown to the Iowa Caucus, a look back at Obama’s Iowa victory speech in 2008. It fits surprisingly well.

Now is our time to make history again.

President Obama visited a mosque today. Which of course, led some people to make comments like this:

The conspiracy goes Obama is a secret devout Muslim. Well if he is, he’s not very good at it:

This was his first trip to a mosque as president.

He’s not praying before dawn.

He named his 2006 book and one of his most famous speeches after a phrase from a Christian pastor.

He’s not praying at midday, either.

He’s constantly touting the Christian Bible everywhere.

Late afternoon, you won’t find him praying.

Even after the sun sets, he’d rather speak to the American people than pray.

Michelle Obama doesn’t wear a hijab or niqab — even when she visits countries like Saudi Arabia.

At night time, it’s on-the-go time, not prayer time.

Maybe it’s the these private meetings on Air Force One, wait, nope.