President America

Private correspondence

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used the personal mail for business correspondence throughout her term as Secretary of State. Such actions could violate the requirements established by federal law. According to them, all correspondence should be maintained.
About two months ago, former Secretary of State advisors viewed tens of thousands of emails from Clinton’s personal email account.
The most likely candidate for the presidency has proved to be the most stupid candidate at the moment.

When Senator Steve Rogers (NY-D) announced he would run for president, it was largely regarded as a joke.
Too young, too inexperienced, too good looking - yes, that was a remark. And his staff? Bunch of ragtag vets and community college rejects.
What they didn’t know is that Rogers and his staff had a firm belief that nothing could shake - that a small group of determined people could change the world.
Because it is the only thing that ever did.
These are their stories, the chronicles of their stay at the White House.



(Because of this, which 99% of this dialogue is from - a President America ficlet)

"Hey, guys, before we get started, just, uh, just one quick question," said Tony.  He looks around, at Bruce, Clint, Natasha, and Bucky, and then asks, "Where’s the President?"

"He hurt his back, so he’s taking the day in the residence," said Bucky.  "He’ll stay in bed, make some calls.  On that note, we should probably move this to my -"

At that moment, Steve walked inside.  Maybe wandered was a better term for it.  He had on an old, hole-filled sweatshirt and an equally worn pair of jeans, and looked more like he was arriving late to a barbecue than the Oval Office.  ”Oh, hey everybody,” he said, smiling wide, looking honestly surprised and happy to see them all there.  ”Look at this, the gang’s all here, how great!”

"Mr. President," Bucky said, slowly.  "I thought we agreed you’d stay in bed today."

"Nah, you agreed.  I told you, told Peter, told everyone, I feel fine," said Steve.

"All the same," said Bucky.  "Maybe you should get back to the residence."

Steve, his attention straying along the wall, looked sharply back at Bucky.  ”Huh?” he asked.

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bonesbuckleup asked:

Let Rogers Be Rogers

Tony swears to all that is holy that he doesn’t have a damn clue what his bosses are talking about half the time. Barnes and Rogers have their own language, half from their time in service together, and half because they are fucking psychic or something. Tony has personally witnessed entire conversations between the two of them where not a word was spoken. It’s mostly in glances and eyebrow raises with smirks and/or frowns, but Bucky sometimes shifts his entire body to the right and then Steve smiles and goes and does something colossally stupid that Tony Pepper is gonna have to fix and sometimes Steve raises his chin and Barnes backs down from lighting Congress and/or terrorists on fire. Tony once watched the President, in state negotiations with the King of Wakanda, for fucks’s sake have an entirely different with Barnes  without breaking stride in talking with King T’Challa or even needing to make eye contact with Barnes.


There’s the damn sayings.

"Let Rogers be Rogers" is a pretty standard one that everyone knows about and everyone has used at least a dozen times since the campaign. The senior staff know the story behind it too, so they know using it when the President if feeling pressured into doing something he thinks is wrong usually ends with 1. The President going with his gut, 2. A whole new policy shift and a rewrite of several speeches, up to and including the State of the Union, and 3. no sleep for Tony in the foreseeable future.

But there’s others that no one has any idea where they came from or what they mean. Well, obviously they know what they say, but if it’s one thing Tony Stark has learned it’s that while Steve Rogers is possibly the most honest person on the planet, he keeps secrets as much as the next guy, and James Barnes never says anything important outright. So yeah, Tony doesn’t have a clue what was actually said the night of the embassy attack in Asgard when Barnes told the President “on va voir” or when Congress threatened to veto the healthcare act and Rogers said the same to Bucky.

No one knows how “till the end of the line” came about either, but Tony saw Bucky’s face the day he was called to testify in front of the subcommittee about Steve’s previously undisclosed MS and Peter passed along the message to him. He had seen it 9 months earlier at Sarah Rogers funeral, when Barnes whispered it to the President as he walked up with Tony, Bruce, Clint, Peter and Sam to carry the casket out of the cathedral. He saw it after the press conference that night when Rogers said it back to Bucky. He’s sure it happened the night of the shooting, but he was unconscious and dying so - so-

He was there to see Steve whisper it as he sat at Barnes’ hospital bed in DC, a week and a half after the IED in Wakanda had nearly ripped their family apart for the second time in 3 years.

No, Tony doesn’t know what it means. He’d never swear on a bible or say with absolute certainty. But he’s got a pretty good theory when they say “I’m with you to the end of the line” what they mean is “I love you.”

thunderboltsortofapenny asked:

bless you and your ancestors and, idk, your pet. CARTER JONES BABIESSSSS. oh man, yes, i would love to read about them fighting over Bucky and Steve is just, shunned. ohmgosh i'm dying from the thought of it, thank you.

I am publishing this because I want to keep it forever and ever BLESS YOUR PET AHAHAHAHAHA


Aaaahahahawwww oh Steve

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FUCKING FINALLY (aka lilac writes President America fic. Because Thunder)

So I invited drabble prompts and thunderboltsortofapenny said: “President America :p”


so, here we go, number 1 of 3 1/2 fic

A Breath Before the Storm Breaks

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anonymous asked:

Hey. I don't think you're doing prompts at the moment, so you can pass this to thunder if you want, but for PA, what about Steve with Secret Service interaction (or Steve making their and Bucky's lives difficult). I imagine when Steve first got the detail he wasn't very proactive in security. Like he would wander off, being helpful, and freak them out when they would secure the area and their charge would be gone. Bucky must get an earful constantly.

I’ve actually been meaning to address prompts so short answer, sure, I am accepting them, kind of.

When Bucky walks into his office to find Phil Coulson, head of Steve’s detail, waiting for him, he sighs.  He counts to ten silently in his head.  He says, “Lori, let Tony know I’m going to be late.”

"Already done," she says.

"Great," says Bucky, and kicks the door shut.  He looks at Coulson.  "What’d he do this time?"

"Had the motorcade pull over and climbed a tree," says Coulson.

Bucky pinches the bridge of his nose.  ”I don’t even want to know but I have to ask,” he says.  ”A tree?”

"Yes," says Coulson.  "A tree.  There were some kids.  Their kite was tangled.  We were stuck in traffic and he saw and got out of the car."

"So the president climbed the tree.  Of course he did," says Bucky.  It’s days like this he wonders if he made the right choice, drying out and getting sober.  He thinks he could use a shot of something hard right about now.  "And didn’t any of you think to, I don’t know, stop him?"

"You know how he gets," says Coulson.  "He talked around us and then went -"

"Up the tree, right," says Bucky.  He sighs.  "I’ll talk to him."

"We’d appreciate it, Sir," says Coulson, and leaves.

Happy Birthday thunderboltsortofapenny! I wasn’t able to finish this in time, so here’s a little unedited snippet.

The Joint Special Operations Task Force team J5, the “Howling Commandos” as they would later be dubbed, had seen Steve angry, seen him bleeding, seen more of him than they ever wanted to in that small safe-house after the fuck-up in Sevastopol. But they had yet to see him drunk.

“It’s not right,” Morita said.

“In vino veritas,” Falsworth said.

 “La mesure d’un homme,” Dernier said.

 “What he said,” Dugan said.

And thus was born A Plan.


“Drink ‘til you drop, Cap,” Dugan plunked a tray of beers down on the table.

Perhaps Plan was too strong a word for it. Objective may have been a word better suited to a course of action that amounted to pour alcohol in him until he floats away.

“No,” Bucky said.

“Bucky,” Steve started.

“Definitely no.”

“C’mon, Sarge, why not? We’ve got 72 hours,” Morita said.

“Yeah, Jimmy, don’t be such a stick in the mud,” Dugan said.

“So many reasons no. Starting with ‘I don’t even want to see you fuckers drunk’ and probably ending with ‘conduct unbecoming.’”

“Sergeant Barnes, this is an essential team building exercise. Seeing how our commanding officer behaves when he allows his inhibitions to be lowered will solidify a bond of trust to lean upon during combat situations,” Falsworth stated.

“Did you hear that Bucky?” Steve said with a Very Serious Face. “It is mission critical that I get drunk tonight.”

“Steve. No.”

“Steve yes.”

“This is a terrible idea.” Steve wasn’t even trying to hide his grin. Smug bastard. Bucky closed his eyes in resignation and heaved a sigh before opening them again. “We’re gonna need shots.”


When Steve woke the next day the sunlight wasn’t so much creeping gently across the floor as it was slamming itself through the window to punch him directly in the face.

“Oh my god, why,” he groaned as he covered his eyes. Or tried to at least. His brain was still struggling to reconnect with his body, so what came out was a rather pathetic “Hnnnnnn” and a single finger twitch. Obviously he’d have to take this more slowly.

Alright. The first step to any successful op is reconnaissance. Sit-Rep, Captain Rogers. A quick evaluation revealed that aside from the pounding in his head and eyes and the roiling of his stomach, he was uninjured. The air was cool and stale with the unpleasant combination of bleach, mildew, and urine, and the tile of the wall was cool against his back. He could hear heavy traffic outside, noise un-muffled by the thin exterior wall. Location: public restroom. Probably a rest stop right off the highway.

An unfamiliar draft on his legs told him his pants had concerningly more holes than they had had the night before, and the feel of tile against bare skin told him he was shirtless. And shoeless. It could be worse though. He could still feel his phone and wallet in the pockets of his pants when he moved. He could hear someone breathing to his left interspersed with the occasional pitiful little moan in a voice he’d recognize anywhere. He turned his head and risked opening his eyes.

Bucky was sitting on the ground next to him, curled protectively around an old soccer ball. He seemed to have fared only slightly better, also shoeless but still wearing an undershirt. But while he was slightly more clothed he was also considerably wetter.

PA drabble because Bones is a menace

"Mr. Barnes, Republicans in both the House and Senate, particularly Senate Minority Leader Pierce, have called into question your ability to effectively complete your duties as Chief of Staff, given your past drug and alcohol abuse."

"I know what Senator Pierce alleges, and if he wants my resume, I will reiterate, again, that I have ran two successful campaigns, coordinated a Senate term and am part of the youngest Executive Administration in American history. And Tony Stark is my Deputy, and he has yet to create a diplomatic incident since inauguration.”

"You aren’t worried about your effectiveness-"


"Because there are some concerns that the job is too stressful."

"I find Congress regularly irritating, but not debilitating. I’m sure that dampens a few Congressmen’s days, but they’ll get over it."

"Mr. Barnes, is or is it not true that your alcohol abuse resulted as a coping mechanism after your discharge from the military?"


"And is it also true that your subsequent drug use was also a direct result of your PTSD and alcohol use?"


"Then the concerns Senator Pierce has raised-"

"I drank and used drugs because I was shot at every day for four years. I was captured, tortured, and nearly blown up. I did not drink or use drugs because I sat in conference rooms with politicians talking about tax code. So unless one of you is gonna try to come at me with a gun, assume that I’m fine. You want to see my effectiveness as Chief of Staff? Look at the education bill that just passed Congress. Make sure to see how Senator Pierce voted."

LAST ONE (thank god)

sequel/sister fic to A Breath Before the Storm Breaks and This is My Family

"Webcomic Artist and Future Children’s Author, Kathleen Carter-Jones Reflects on Family, Children’s Books, and Her Greatest Inspiration"

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