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Trump, Black Americans Don’t Need Your Help

Black people shouldn’t vote for Hillary OR Trump. No president will save you from systematic white supremacy because BOTH parties are dominated by it. We’re basically choosing from overt white supremacy (Trump) and covert white supremacy (Clinton). #Hate it!

bonesbuckleup  asked:

Let Rogers Be Rogers

Tony swears to all that is holy that he doesn’t have a damn clue what his bosses are talking about half the time. Barnes and Rogers have their own language, half from their time in service together, and half because they are fucking psychic or something. Tony has personally witnessed entire conversations between the two of them where not a word was spoken. It’s mostly in glances and eyebrow raises with smirks and/or frowns, but Bucky sometimes shifts his entire body to the right and then Steve smiles and goes and does something colossally stupid that Tony Pepper is gonna have to fix and sometimes Steve raises his chin and Barnes backs down from lighting Congress and/or terrorists on fire. Tony once watched the President, in state negotiations with the King of Wakanda, for fucks’s sake have an entirely different with Barnes  without breaking stride in talking with King T'Challa or even needing to make eye contact with Barnes.


There’s the damn sayings.

“Let Rogers be Rogers” is a pretty standard one that everyone knows about and everyone has used at least a dozen times since the campaign. The senior staff know the story behind it too, so they know using it when the President if feeling pressured into doing something he thinks is wrong usually ends with 1. The President going with his gut, 2. A whole new policy shift and a rewrite of several speeches, up to and including the State of the Union, and 3. no sleep for Tony in the foreseeable future.

But there’s others that no one has any idea where they came from or what they mean. Well, obviously they know what they say, but if it’s one thing Tony Stark has learned it’s that while Steve Rogers is possibly the most honest person on the planet, he keeps secrets as much as the next guy, and James Barnes never says anything important outright. So yeah, Tony doesn’t have a clue what was actually said the night of the embassy attack in Asgard when Barnes told the President “on va voir” or when Congress threatened to veto the healthcare act and Rogers said the same to Bucky.

No one knows how “till the end of the line” came about either, but Tony saw Bucky’s face the day he was called to testify in front of the subcommittee about Steve’s previously undisclosed MS and Peter passed along the message to him. He had seen it 9 months earlier at Sarah Rogers funeral, when Barnes whispered it to the President as he walked up with Tony, Bruce, Clint, Peter and Sam to carry the casket out of the cathedral. He saw it after the press conference that night when Rogers said it back to Bucky. He’s sure it happened the night of the shooting, but he was unconscious and dying so - so-

He was there to see Steve whisper it as he sat at Barnes’ hospital bed in DC, a week and a half after the IED in Wakanda had nearly ripped their family apart for the second time in 3 years.

No, Tony doesn’t know what it means. He’d never swear on a bible or say with absolute certainty. But he’s got a pretty good theory when they say “I’m with you to the end of the line” what they mean is “I love you.”

PA drabble because Bones is a menace

“Mr. Barnes, Republicans in both the House and Senate, particularly Senate Minority Leader Pierce, have called into question your ability to effectively complete your duties as Chief of Staff, given your past drug and alcohol abuse.”

“I know what Senator Pierce alleges, and if he wants my resume, I will reiterate, again, that I have ran two successful campaigns, coordinated a Senate term and am part of the youngest Executive Administration in American history. And Tony Stark is my Deputy, and he has yet to create a diplomatic incident since inauguration.”

“You aren’t worried about your effectiveness-”


“Because there are some concerns that the job is too stressful.”

“I find Congress regularly irritating, but not debilitating. I’m sure that dampens a few Congressmen’s days, but they’ll get over it.”

“Mr. Barnes, is or is it not true that your alcohol abuse resulted as a coping mechanism after your discharge from the military?”


“And is it also true that your subsequent drug use was also a direct result of your PTSD and alcohol use?”


“Then the concerns Senator Pierce has raised-”

“I drank and used drugs because I was shot at every day for four years. I was captured, tortured, and nearly blown up. I did not drink or use drugs because I sat in conference rooms with politicians talking about tax code. So unless one of you is gonna try to come at me with a gun, assume that I’m fine. You want to see my effectiveness as Chief of Staff? Look at the education bill that just passed Congress. Make sure to see how Senator Pierce voted.”

FUCKING FINALLY (aka lilac writes President America fic. Because Thunder)

So I invited drabble prompts and thunderboltsortofapenny said: “President America :p”


so, here we go, number 1 of 3 ½ fic

A Breath Before the Storm Breaks

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Reasons why Adam Hann is Amazing
(Overdue post)

- He’s very sweet and he gives fans his undivided attention .

- He’s super intelligent (did you know he studied biochem?)

- He loves dogs (anyone who loves dogs is great and deserves a Nobel Peace Prize).

- He’s extremely respectful to everyone.

- He probably supports Black Lives Matter.

- His floral suits are always on point.

- His hair game is goals.

- He’s just all around a really awesome guy.

- He needs to run for president and save America

the amazing chelsea from 8123 gave us the opportunity to interview Kennedy Brock from the Maine as promo for their American Lines tour they did with Mayday Parade this past spring. He was so sweet & adorable, he was supposed to call the previous night but his phone died. love him -ash

march, 2016

bonesbuckleup  asked:

Bruce is usually a pretty sedate dude, especially for a speech writer. But every now and then, when something gets him riled up, he'll come blasting out with these scathing statements and - well. He's not called Bruce "The Hulk" Banner for nothing.

Natasha keeps a whiteboard just for this occasion. It’s written with green and purple dry erase markers and has a daily count.

It Has Been ____Days Since A Hulk Attack

Clint keeps a list of subjects that Bruce has, uhm, strong opinions about and he tries to 1. take care of these things before Bruce can, and 2. failing that, gets as far away as possible when Bruce finds out.

Tony takes particular glee in bringing these topics to Bruce, and not to Clint, and I swear to god Tony, I told you to take this to Clint, now I got Bruce pacing a hole in the carpet of my office demanding to see the President, do you have any idea what the two of them are gonna come up with if they both get going on water rights???