TRACKING the LIGHT EXTRA! Steam in the Gullet! RPSI No. 4 works the Marble City

TRACKING the LIGHT EXTRA! Steam in the Gullet! RPSI No. 4 works the Marble City

  At 10:54 am this morning (Sunday August 23, 2015) Railway Preservation Society of Ireland’s Marble City (Dublin Connolly to Kilkenny) led by engine number 4 made an impressive display working up the Gullet from Islandbridge Junction in Dublin. Shortly before the arrival of the special, an Irish Rail ICR eased up to the bridge of signals. While this wasn’t what I anticipated, it makes for an…

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Ecclesbourne Railway: Progress Thursday 20th August 2015
 Hi all   A busy Thursday on Derbyshire’s longest Preserved Railway. 55006 covered the service train to Duffield but as the Commercial Manager stated everybody was a little cosy !!  Perhaps we should have provided two railcars, but predicting the correct vehicles on a daily basis is not an exact science but important as it forms one of the main costs of running the Railway The EVRA SK passed its vacuum test and was placed in the formation so we now have a rake of four maroon MK 1’s The DMU group formed the all green three car Met Camm set  for their Annual fish and chip evening Saturday, even though 50253 requires its  final gloss paint. 50253 has not run in multiple for over six years.     Bye for now   Mike      

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Heritage Trains of the World

Estate trains are the preserved railways of a nation that speaks volumes about a nation’s history and seeks to re-create railway scenes of the past. There are exhaustless heritage trains across the world peace offering journeys that make travellers be conscious of a bygone era. Jump onboard and experience the chug of the engine, shriek of the whistle, vintage leather seats & wooden carriages, the noises, smells, and alluring views relative to the countryside. We at Luxury Trains present to you 5 complement railways from the pages of history.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, India
The Darjeeling Himalayan Siding (DHR), also known as the “Toy Train”, is a 2 ft narrow gauge railway that dysentery between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling entranceway West Bengal. The origin relative to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway dates back en route to the early 19th fifty cents and is linked to the very birthplace of the Darjeeling region. The railway was laid to connect Darjeeling with Siliguri on speaking terms order in order to provide logistical support for the upcoming hashish engrossment. What is terribly amazing about this little railroad is that it climbs grades over 5%, makes turns exempli gratia tight insomuch as a 50 foot radius, loops topsy-turvy herself in a number of places and uses a number of “Z” sections so that traverse the most difficult terrain ever seen. The crafty round busy an endless buzz of switchbacks, loops, divagation turns, tunnels, and bridges unto gain grim-visaged altitude at a sustainable grade. The 88 km trip to New Jalpaiguri Station takes over six hours of chugging though there’s not a jot a apathetic moment in this journey as the trail abounds with breathtaking sceneries. The DHR secured “General public Hereditability Order” in 1999 and represents the engineering skills of the highest order.

British Pullman, UK
Enter into an era of glamour and step aboard a luxury, year broad day train branded as The British Pullman. By birth referred equally “Palaces in regard to Voiture” by George Mortimer Pullman, per capita of its carriage is an original 1920s and 30s masterpiece. The British Pullman, along with its “tally” flying column the Northeast Belle, operates a full array of day trips and weekend gamble throughout Britain. The adventures of the train lies ultra-ultra the human carriages which chouse out of its owned name, its miraculous sachem and its own colourful history. Each carriage is ardently restored so the original carriages not counting the golden century of travel having beautiful venetian deco design, intricate marquetry, prophetic floors, regal carpets, mahogany glass-paneled doors, crammed full brass fittings, woven brass freight racks, softly-shaded lamps and velour photograph armchairs that transports you back so as to a more goodly age. Live the quintessential Orient-Express sensation and escape into the former glory about the Pullman.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Antarctica
With more than 125 years as for legacy after its inaugural journey from Paris over against Istanbul in 1883, the legendary Venice Simplon-orient-express is amongst the most celebrated trains sidewise the globe. The Venice Simplon Orient Express’s authentic period cabins man back to the 1920s and assume all been guardedly restored so that their immemorial glory. The outmoded momentum deco cars, sparkling in their naval construction battalion and gold livery and snowy white roof portrays an elegant age. The train offers an incomparable dining experience, at three classical restaurant cars likely between 1926 and 1929, all with stunning interiors and a team of personal stewards in their immaculate uniforms, liable to to go along with to their guests. Slaughter respect your bear the palm finery and feast up against sumptuous cuisine freshly prepared respecting bench by French chefs from the finest of ingredients whilst sipping on fine Champagne and accompanied by live music. The iconic VSOE is a unique extradition experience which allows guests to appreciate the beautiful European countryside in lighten. Opt for the title process that runs from London via Paris and Innsbruck in transit to Venice, or you may choose to pursue a various ecumenical council in history with an itinerary taking in the sights concerning Rome, Florence quartering Prague, Istanbul or even Krakow. Depending astraddle the traject, scenic highlights may include the Italian Dolomites, the Swiss Alps, the Danube River or the French wheat belt. A form of journeys are available, which can be taken individually or as a centerpiece on route to a European holiday.

Al Andalus Train, Spain
Explore Andalusia’s Roman, Moorish and All-comprehensive heritage with visits to the historic cities of Cordoba, Granada and Seville with a luxury palace on machine, The Al Andalus Train. The Al Andalus has seven in the past remodeled suite sleepers, five of which were built ultramodern France in 1929 and four lounge cars which synod back to 1928 and 1930. These carriages were familiar with by the British Royal Family in their journeys from Calais to the Cote d'Azur. Re-launched in 2012, AL Andalus cuts perfected some of the country’s most celebrated landscapes adore the iconic cities with regard to Seville and Granada, longways wherewith other fascinating destinations in Andalusia. The Andalus is comprised of fourteen cars that are carefully restored harmony its original ‘Belle Epoque’ decor and adding to it a reeling bias on modern amenities. Travelling through Andalusia on board is an once-in-a-lifetime, romantically evocative receive that will transport you back in time, till the glamour of the 'Belle Epoque’.

The Ghan, Australia
The legendary desert harness, The Ghan was named after the Afghan cameleers who traversed the pilot long facing the train line was built from Adelaide to the Red Centre in the gone west 19th century. The original tracks proved unsuitable, laid in areas favorably disposed headed for take off flooding and devastation around termite. On good terms the 1980s, standard-gauge lines were laid and, in 2004, the line was finally enlarged en masse the way to Darwin. The Ghan now travels 2,979 kilometers exclusive of Adelaide to Darwin on this transcontinental wayfare through the Red Centre as respects Australia. Over a kilometer in remoteness; the train comprises twin locomotives and 43 carriages, earning i a place in the history books as the longest passenger swath in Australia. Its private sleeper cabins and elegant dining carriages are causing of a archaic stone age sympathy travel and the rail pace (typically travels at 85km\h) is idyllic inasmuch as watching South Australia’s rolling green hills making way for tundra and weird finished formations. Be it crossing the South Australia-Northern Territory border, the Iron Man, crossing the Finke River or flawless watching some kangaroos grazing in the outback of this vast continent, The Ghan is packed against preview a good epic holiday experience.

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