Mink in Alaska are larger and darker than most weasels. They can hunt on land and water, preying on fish, rodents, birds and insects. Mostly solitary, they only gather during breeding season in the spring. However, this mink at Lake Clark National Park & Preserve doesn’t seem to be thinking about romance. Photo by J. Mills, National Park Service.

An amazing pic of a moose enjoying the delicacies at Denali National Park in Alaska. Moose in the park tend to live in forested areas that are often close to lakes and marshes and other bodies of water. They graze on grasses, underwater vegetation, bushes, coniferous needles and deciduous leaves. Photo by Jacob W. Frank, National Park Service. 

The wind and cold don’t bother this muskox. Its long, coarse outer fur keeps it waterproof and windproof. Its underfur, qiviut, traps its body heat to keep it very warm. Muskoxen are one of the only large animals hearty enough to survive year-round in the Arctic. Although their populations have fluctuated over the last century, today they number around 3,800 in Alaska – many of them in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. Photo by National Park Service.

Tumblr will never cease to amaze me...

So we get Fantastic Beasts. A movie that, I believe, explores the horrible damage abuse does, the importance of preserving wildlife and respecting animals, the damage that segregation of any kind does, a great look into the intolerance of mental health problems, contains an allegory for police brutality, not to mention the idea of government corruption… and what does tumblr do?

It complains. As always.

1) why have they cast and “abuser”
2) god this movie is so white
3) why does there have to be a romance between Newt and Tina, he’s my precious, gay, autistic baby
4) JKR doesn’t mention slavery in this, it’s so white focused
5) OMG they killed Credence that’s so ableist.

It’s almost as if. Nothing. Pleases. You. People.

1) the abuse cases were dropped and there was also accustoms aimed at Heard but you’ll ignore those, I’m sure.
2) the head of MACUSA is a black woman, which I thought was awesome.
3) They are married in canon. That’s why she’s even in the movies. Newt isn’t any of the things you headcanon him to be. He avoids eye contact because he spends all his time around animals which, news flash, hate eye contact.
4) It’s. a. Movie. About. Magic. And. Fluffy. Animals.
5) He’s signed on to the next 4 films and has been quoted as one of the main characters going forward. If you actually researched or paid attention to the film you’d have noticed a bit of the obscurus float away at the end.

God damn it people. Just be happy with something for once.


 Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

I arrived at around 4:20 in the afternoon, the park entrance was unattended and you just had to leave your payment in the drop box there. I grabbed a map of the park and I was all set. The main road that you see took you into the heart of the preserve; vast open spaces surrounded you in all directions. I parked the car and unloaded my bike and my gear; I was then on my way after choosing a random trail.  The first thing that greeted me was a deer which I spotted right on the side of the road; I was able to snap a few quick pictures before it skipped away! I biked and took pictures for around four hours total and I did not encounter a single person aside from the park ranger on my way out. All that time and I covered but a tiny fraction of the place. The storm clouds above scattered rain showers from time to time and I preferred it that way as it gives the photos a certain mood as well. It was a perfect day. Next plan is to go back on a clear cloudless day and shoot the stars and hopefully the milky way at night! I can’t wait for where the next adventure will take me.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

Katmai National Park & Preserve in Alaska provides some of the few remaining unaltered habitats for bears. With about 2,200 brown bears in the park, scientists are able to study bears in their natural habitat, visitors are able to enjoy unparalleled viewing opportunities (from safe distances) and the bears are able to continue their life cycle largely undisturbed. Photo by Mike Clime (