Goblin and Memories of the Sword (retold)

She was once called…

before she was called…

Hong Yi grew up with the mindset of avenging his father and mother. She was trained to kill Sui Rang and Duk Gi who she know killed her parents. 

Without knowing, Hong Yi was raised by her father’s murderer, Sui Rang. Sui Rang vowed that she and Duk Gi will die by Pung Chun’s daugter’s hands.

It was already destined that Duk Gi and Hong Yi will meet.

and then it happened..

Duk Gi was punished by the deities because of his betrayal to his friend and the people.. 

Many years had passed and Hong Yi was reincarnated as Ji Eun Tak.

She was destined to finish the deities punishment by pulling out the sword. However, Duk Gi was not sure if Eun Tak can really see the sword pierced through his body until

and after all the long years of waiting, the story of the sword was finished


A handwritten ‘Harry Potter’ prequel story was stolen and J.K. Rowling is asking fans not to buy it

  • An extremely valuable, one of a kind, piece of Harry Potter memorabilia — a handwritten prequel penned by J.K. Rowling — has been stolen, says the West Midlands Police
  • The unique story was written on two sides of an A5 postcard, and was originally sold for $32,152 as part of a charity auction in 2008.
  • The West Midlands Police investigating officer Paul Jauncey issued the following statement in response to the theft: “The only people who will buy this unique piece are true Harry Potter fans. We are appealing to anyone who sees, or is offered this item for sale, to contact police.”
  • According to CBS News, the short prequel features Harry’s father, James Potter, who, along with Sirius Black, must escape from police using their magic.  Read more (5/12/17)
I will pay Netflix $2.37 to make an ATWQ show


           I’d really like to hear more about the fall of Arlathan. Considering the usual Elven attitude (the Dalish looked down on the city Elves, city Elves think of the Dalish as insufferable hippies, Abelas looks down on the Dalish Inquisitor, Solas looks down on everyone, dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow), it seems that it rooted in a very multi-layered internal conflict, but I’d like to see it firsthand. Maybe in a prequel game.            

I don’t want a Marauders at Hogwarts prequel, but I think it would be a really interesting if there was a precise on the final years of the First Wizarding War before the Potters betrayal and murder. I really want to know about the increasing distrust that Sirius apparently had with Lupin, see how Peter become a traitor, the Potters being a young family with a massive prophecy over their heads, and generally how bad the first war was and how it effected everyone.
J.K. Rowling - HP 0 - Harry Potter Prequel.pdf

Remember that stolen prequel of Harry Potter? I found a PDF of it… What did I do to deserve this😭 What? Im not crying someone is just cutting onions in front of me.

ų͖̪͎̰̹͚p̞̬̫̪̦͔͠͡ͅͅd̡̜̻̙̬͚͓́a̶͎̹t͈̙̪̥͍̦͡e̳̯̰̯̖̟͔̰͢ w̶̡̘̺̣̫ͨͬ͐͆̂̈̓̎ͪ̓̉͋̋̏̓̀ͅͅh̹̼̺̼̠̞̩̟̘̤̣̪͂͌ͪͩ̅ͭ̕͢͟ě̵̴̶͖͓̞̹̏ͬ́̔ͭ͒̎͊͠͝n̶̢͔͙̭͙̫̱ͥ̒̏̏̄͟͡͝  


Suk-gyu is desperately looking for his runaway daughter. He spares neither money nor effort and after a while his search leads to results. One of his contacts claims to have found the girl. But joy is replaced by shock when he finds out that she works as a prostitute in the center of Seoul. Suk-gyu decides to pose as a client to get close to his daughter. But just before the long awaited and dreaded reunion, panic breaks out at nearby Seoul Station. The place is very popular with the homeless of the Korean capital. And one of them, who had died during the day, comes alive again and start attacking and eating another misfortunate. The undead cannibal epidemic spreads like wildfire. The authorities hermetically close off the city center and decide to wait out the end of the outbreak, until there’s no one left… 

This is prequel of TRAIN TO BUSAN! See how the zombie apocalypse began.