Predator (movie)

You know what movie I will always be proud of?

Alien vs. Predator.


Because it was a stupid premise that was going to get people’s butts in seats for one reason and one reason only, and that was to see the Alien fight the Predator, so they could literally do whatever they wanted with the rest of the movie, they didn’t care, so what did they do?

Put Sanaa Lathan in as the lead, gave her a shield made of an alien’s crest and a spear made of an alien’s tail and said “go fight alongside the Predator to save the world from an Alien Queen”, and that’s what she did. They didn’t have to do that, they could have had a white guy, they could have had a white woman, a black man, even, but no, they went with a black woman and made her incredible. And when she fought her way to the end of that movie, they made sure that the most dangerous hunters in the galaxy recognized her and respected her, and they marked her because they decided “You are a paragon of your species and we honor you as one of our own” so in this universe when the Predators think of the Best that Humanity has to offer, they imagine the face of a black woman of science with long curly hair. 


Would you rather?

So I find myself coming up with these kinds of questions often. And I just decided to start posting them to see what everyone else would do. I’m currently watching Predator 2, so I came up with this question. Would you rather have to fight a Predator or Aliens?

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So I just saw Zootopia...

What I expected: A cute, mildly funny, mildly entertaining story about a bunny and a fox stopping crime together.

What I got: A powerful story about following your dreams, being who you want to be, and not making assumptions based on race, all thrown together with dumb animal puns, a great set of characters, and Disney making fun of itself.