Now that I actually have some color and content in my bullet journal, I wanted to post some pictures. It’s still a work in progress; I ordered some new pens a few days ago and I think I’m gonna start color coding my classwork once they come in. I’m really proud of what I have so far though!

I’m using a large squared Moleskine journal and Pilot Precise V5 pens.

anonymous asked:

ok ok so i love stationery omg what do you recommend??


as far as the general ////studyblr aesthetic stationery goes, i’m a big fan of the 0.5mm muji gel pens and zebra mildliners!! i’ve only ever used the pastel ones, but i’m planning on buying the other colors once the next school year comes around

pens!! the pilot precise v5 pens are 10/10 my fav. they’re rly prone to smearing on some kinds of paper though which makes them (unfortunately) not ideal for taking notes during class. so, i’m v into generic ballpoint pens for that heh… pentel rsvp, bic cristal stic & the xtra bold ones, and paper mate inkjoy. if i’m making summary sheets or mind maps at home, i’ll usually use the precise pens or sakura pigma microns

pencil cases!! i’m using this lihit lab one and it’s been gr88. it’s nice not having to dig around for a specific pen. although, it made me extremely aware of the excessive amount of pens i own. (it’s whatever i could be addicted to drugs instead of stationery u know).

i don’t bullet journal or anything (i don’t even have a planner really oOps), but i have this calendar-style planner thing from muji and it’s beautiful

also i enjoy reading the jetpens blog ~~ and just browsing the jetpens site in general i’m a simple person

in my bag i have

cd of Chopin’s nocturnes, performed by Arthur Rubinstein in 1964

3 cigarette lighters

Vonnegut novel- God bless you mr. rosewater

Carrie brownstein’s memoir- hunger makes me a modern girl

4 pennies

2 lipsticks

1 pocket knife

essays, printed, from Robert Morris, Donald Judd, and Michael fried, regarding emergence of minimalism in 1960s

wallet containing no money but 1 redeemable small Starbucks drink from my university, given to me upon being accepted to said university in 2012. (token of irony and passive wrath)

purple Pilot pen (precise v5 rolling ball)

notebook containing lecture notes and grievances written in coffee shop corners

anonymous asked:

whats your favorite pen to write with?

pilot precise v5 pens are my favorite pens to just write with!! (they’re the ones in most of my pictures)
but for in class notes or lectures i like to use pentel rsvp or bic cristal stic pens (both 1.0mm) since they tend to smear less when i’m writing at sonic speed