Let’s get one thing straight: Racism isn’t simply offensive. Sure, it is definitely offensive. But racism isn’t a debate about who is offended and who isn’t or if people are “too sensitive.”

Racism is violence.
Racism is domination.
Racism is colonialism.
Racism is war.
Racism is imperialism.
Racism is poverty.
Racism mass incarceration.
Racism is genocide.
Racism is high child mortality.
Racism is lower life expectancy.
Racism is extrajudicial police killings.
Racism is chronic illness and disease with bad-to-no healthcare.
Racism is no drinking water.

To reduce or dismiss racism as simply a problem of overly sensitive SJWs is to intentionally miss the point and skirt accountability for your role in dismantling, or benefiting from, white supremacy.

—  Anonymous, preaching truth.