FOR E3!!


When you make stickers and they come out like de best ting eever. The 2 close up images are my favorite two :3

Edit:when you totally forget to advertise what the heckie these are fore. Pre-order bonuses for the charms I made! Check my page for the post its there somewhere .___.’’

I don’t really want a Kingdom Hearts cartoon

But it’s pissing me off that people are saying Disney would ruin it or that they don’t have anything to do with the making of Kingdom Hearts other than signing away copyrights.

I assure you Disney has everything to do with Kingdom Hearts. Disney is extremely protective of its properties and the family brand it is known for. Without working on the teams who have developed the KH series, there’s no accurate way to really know how much involvement they have other than interviews. Tetsuya Nomura has stated Disney gives them a lot more freedom now, but that’s precisely because the team at Square Enix always works so hard to maintain the integrity of Disney properties in each and every single game in this series.

Not to mention the fact that they stated Disney animators have been helping with the development of Kingdom Hearts III. Not to mention the fact that they announced the story set in San Fransokyo would take place after Big Hero 6, which is literally kind of granting the KH team the storyline to a sequel.

“Disney doesn’t market KH and pretends like it doesn’t exist!”

KH games have been the focus of many features on the Disney Channel over the years. There haven’t been any in a while, but we also haven’t had a game on the same magnitude as KH2 in a while. I promise you there will be a lot more tie ins come KH3.

Disney World has Kingdom Hearts figures, a t-shirt, and hoodie at the Japan pavilion in Epcot. It’s possible they may have even more than that now, considering I worked at WDW back in 2015. You can find King Mickey pins in pretty much every park as well.

Bring up Kingdom Hearts when you meet Donald and Goofy or disneybound as a KH character; they’ll be so excited.

Bring up Kingdom Hearts to cast members around the parks and you’ll find many fellow fans.

A lot of you may think the pins as pre-order bonuses aren’t good but Disney pins have a huge following and honestly it was a great idea and I really really love mine.

Release parties for 1.5 and 2.5 were held on Disney properties around the world. And last but not least, the official KH social media accounts have been especially active as of late (though they get bombarded with hate regarding KH3 not bring out yet unfortunately).

Is Disney perfect? No. Could they do better? Maybe.

But to say the company doesn’t care or has little to no input in the series is extremely ignorant.

Bioware: Gets famous for making story-driven RPG games with unique characters and at times clunky gameplay with hilarious bugs.  

EA: buys Bioware.

EA: This needs more Multiplayer.

Bioware: But… that’s not what we do here… 

EA: I said multiplayer. Oh, and first day DLC.

Bioware: Okay. 

Bioware: makes Mass Effect 3.

EA: I need MORE Multiplayer! And pre-order bonuses!

Bioware: makes tapes together Mass Effect Andromeda.

EA: MORE MULTIPLAYER! And… hmm.. Probably micro-transactions.

Bioware: puts Destiny, Horizon Zero Down and Titan Fall into a blender. Slaps Frostbite all over it and calls the result Anthem. 

EA: Yay. Shiny!

Bioware player base: Um, what? 

couldilienexttoyou  asked:

Hi Charlie! Do you know in which ACOWAR editions your art will be?!

Sarah’s last Newsletter covered all the pre-order bonuses and special editions!

Off the top of my head there’s a pre-order bonus in the USA, Canada, UK, ROI, AU, and NZ for an embellished, colour version of the Prythian Map (which I worked on).

As for the editions including fanart I think it’s Canada and Australia getting the goods’.

But don’t quote me on any of that ;)


Don’t pre-order video games. Those pre-order bonuses are token bribes to convince you to purchase a game before the reviews are in and you have a chance to see if it is good or not. It allows developers to release sub par or downright bad games and still turn a profit because you suckers already paid for it. And as long as everyone does it which they do they do then all they need to be competitive is by making better pre order bonuses instead of a better game. 

The market is in a slight decline which doesn’t really matter because it has been on an upward swing for a long time but if we as consumers don’t smarten up there is no telling how far it could decline. Remember there was once a time when a leading developer joked they could shit in a cartridge and sell a million copies. Games have shot up in price and yet the most celebrated games are simple remakes from the previous generation. 

There is no reason to pre order a game, any bonuses you get will later be bundled with a second release or available for download and/or are not that cool anyway. It’s free with a pre-order but you paid 80 dollars for that release…I waited a year or so and bought it for 20-30 after I was sure it was worth my time. Was that bonus costume worth $50?

Prepare for feels:

I’m gonna share a story about what happened the other day. It’s a bit of a long story but totally worth it, I promise:
So, I work at GameStop. It’s pretty awesome; I love it a lot. Anywhos, it was super dead that day and as I’m filing some games that were traded in, this kid comes in on his own, just a HUGE smile on his face and he just very proudly goes, “Hi, there! It’s my birthday today!!” And then he holds up this handful of money, “I got money from my dad, my grandma, and her landlord and I’m gonna buy me a game!” Like, this kid was so excited and so cute, so I smile and go, “Happy birthday! How old are you today?” And he puffs out his chest and goes, “I’m 12 today, ma’am.” So I laugh and tell him that if he needs help, just to let me know. He was a super sweet and polite kid and thanked me and went on his way. I go into the back to get some cases and when I come out, he’s waiting by the door and holding a copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition. He goes, “Have you heard about this game? Is it like the other Dragon Age games?” So, I tell him a little bit about it and tell him that it is rated M, though, so he needs his parent or guardian in with him. He says that’s no problem, he has someone in the car he can get but we get to talking about the game and the other stuff that Bioware has put out. I ask him about Mass Effect and the other games and he winds up saying to me, “Yeah, I like these kids of games because I can make my character gay. I think I might be gay but I don’t know yet. I like it because I can play around without anyone beating me up or picking on me!” And my brain just kind of broke. He said that so cheerily, like it was nothing but I could tell. I could see that he meant it and I just kind of gently asked, “People pick on you?” And he just goes, “Yeah, all the time but it’s just because I’m different. My dad’s gonna get me to a new school and things are gonna be better!” This kid was just so upbeat and polite and cheerful–just a sweetheart–and it just broke my heart that he was being picked on. I was really bullied extensively growing up so I know what that’s all about; I hated that this sweet thing was going through that, too… We talked for a while longer until some more customers came in and I had to see to them. As I was finishing up with them, he came up and asked if he could go to the car and get his grandmother so he could get his game. I told him sure and I’d have his games all ready for him. As soon as he and the other customers left, I sprinted to the back room. We had a lot of old pre-order bonuses in the back that people hadn’t picked up–things like stickers, Lego figures, little things like that. I grabbed any and everything that I thought would appeal to a 12-year old boy and grabbed a bag and brought them all out to the counter. I was going to stick everything in the bag and just give it to him but he came back in before I had the chance. He said, cheery as ever, “I’m back!” And I say, “Welcome back! I have some stuff for you, if you’d like it!” and he looked at the big pile of things I had pulled out. “Cool!” he went, “I get to pick something from this?” I said, “No, you can have it all!” He said, “How much?” “It’s free! Just for you, because it’s your birthday today!” The kid’s face just froze in a look of shock. I also told him that I had an almost brand-new copy of the game for him (he picked up a pre-owned one) and I also had an extra code for some DLC content that someone didn’t want. I gave it all to him and while I was telling him all this, he was just silent, just staring, open-mouthed. When I finished, he stared at me for a bit more and then one tear rolled down his cheek followed by another and he just laughed and jumped. He was so happy that he was crying. He goes, “WOW!!! This is the most I’ve ever gotten for my birthday!!! You’re the nicest store clerk I’ve ever, ever had! Wow!! Wow!!!!” He just went on and on and on. His grandmother in the background was just beaming. As he left, he thanked me more times than I could count. Over and over. I was just floored. And it took me a second to recover but, when I did, I just sat down and cried. I wish the best for that little boy, I really, really, really, really do. He absolutely deserves it.

Making a zine/book for beginners (long post)

Hi there! Seeing as the book is pretty much done now aside from shipping, I figured I’d make a lil guide for those that wish to do the same. Please remember the scale of which I did it is NOT standard practice. It’s a zine on steroids and can’t really be classified as such.

This is mine, after 4 months of plans and work. I’m proud of it! My first collaborated book.

I’ve already mentioned a few things before when I started the book in September, but now its done I can elaborate on those initial points and give tips on what to remember.

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Everyone will get Coldheart and the Ghost

All the pre-order bonuses shown off currently are early access! ALL players will have access to them through gameplay starting December 5th!

  • Coldheart
  • Kill Tracker Ghost

(and though not listed in many places I assume the Salute emote is as well; it did say some content shown was available in the Eververse store. So the emotes in the trailers are probably obtained in Eververse or something)

I love Bride Lucina just as much as everyone else, but when you purposely hold back content and say it as ‘bonus’ for people who pre-order the season pass, It makes me question the quality of the game and it’s contents.

Obviously this was planned DLC from the start, they know fanservice sells.

To include pre-order bonuses for your base game is one thing, but to include pre-order bonuses to make people buy your DLC Season Pass is another. I start to ask myself if they’re not confidant enough in the content of the Season Pass, and have to give players an incentive (in this case, fanservice) to buy it.

I’d much rather see them polish the game, as I feel there’s still a lot lacking, especially visually. Don’t get me wrong, gameplay wise the game looks pretty fun, but I feel it lacks on other aspects that need polish.

The bone charms appear in Corvo’s room when you buy the Void Walker’s Arsenal DLC. They were available as pre-order bonuses, and upgrade Corvo’s bonecharm-equipping capacity to ten bonecharms. They are included if you bought Dishonored Definitive Edition. 

JDT: When you replay the game after a while, and notice the shiny statues and bone charms that appear after the outsider visit for the first time. (I never noticed them in all my other various playthroughs.)

I’m sure someone else has already pointed this out, but with all the pairing/marketing I’ve been seeing pop up lately, I find it interesting these two are pre-order bonuses for Battlefront 2.

Pre-Order Content:
-The Last Jedi outfits for Kylo Ren and Rey
-Instant access to six hero and starfighter epic Star Cards
-Kylo Ren: Power Reach and Solid Freeze
-Rey: Far Sight and Deep Mind
-Starfighters: Enhanced Auxiliary Power and First Order ship upgrade
-Instant access to Star Wars : The Last Jedi Millennium Falcon with updated sounds and appearance

The Controversy And Hypocrisy Surrounding Far Cry 5 - Quill’s Scribbles

I’ve gone back and forth as to whether or not I should talk about this because this could be a potential minefield. But after a long talk with my good friend @dicapito, I’ve decided to give this a shot because this is something I feel really needs to be talked about here.

For those of you who don’t know, Far Cry refers to a popular series of video games developed by Ubisoft. Each game is set in a different country, time period and at times genre, and revolves around a slew of different everyman protagonists and charismatic antagonists. The only things that connect these games are the fact that they’re all first person shooters and that they all explore, to varying degrees, humanity’s capacity for violence.

Recently Ubisoft revealed the fifth main instalment in the series, Far Cry 5. Set in rural present day America, the player must form a guerrilla army to take down a religious doomsday cult that have taken over the entire town. The trailer looks decent enough. The game graphics look amazing and I find the setting to be quite appealing. However the game has generated a lot of controversy and discussion, mostly centred around the box art, which depicts a rather grizzly parody of the Last Supper.

Before we go into just why Far Cry 5 has proven to be so controversial, it may interest you to know that controversy and the Far Cry franchise have pretty much gone hand in hand over the years. The most notable example is of course Far Cry 3. A game about a bunch of obnoxious white people who get captured by an insane pirate called Vaas, who runs a drug and people trafficking operation. It received critical acclaim for its graphics and gameplay, but it did however receive a fair amount of criticism for the problematic elements of its story, including clumsily handled rape plots and the overuse of racist tropes and stereotypes including the white saviour, the noble savage and the magical negro. The game’s writer, Jeffrey Yohalem, tried to defend this saying this was all intentionally used for the purposes of satire, which just caused me to groan and shake my head. A quick tip for all aspiring writers out there. Using a hackneyed plot full of racist tropes and lazy stereotypes is not satire. It’s just a hackneyed plot full of racist tropes and lazy stereotypes.

Another good example is Far Cry 4. Specifically the box art of Far Cry 4, which depicted a fair skinned man in a dapper pink suit patronising a local from the Himalayan area where the game is set:

This caused a fair amount of backlash as some felt the image was racist. Ubisoft would later offer clarification saying that the character sitting on the throne was in fact Asian, not white (though voiced by white man Troy Baker, but that’s a whole other discussion). I personally wasn’t outraged by this image at all and that was mostly down to the fact that I didn’t have all the facts at my disposal at the time. True, this box art could have been promoting racism, but on the other hand it could just merely have been depicting it. And as it later transpired, there wasn’t really anything to worry about at all as the biggest crime Far Cry 4 committed was that it was kind of boring, rehashing a lot of the game elements from Far Cry 3 minus the casual racism.

But while I personally didn’t think the box art was racist, I could completely understand why others felt that way and this was largely due to the fact that Ubisoft released this image without any kind of context or framing device. This image promoting pre-order bonuses didn’t help neither:

If the box art was merely depicting racism rather than promoting it, then it was a very confused depiction because, out of context, these two images give the sense that the lighter skinned oppressors were fun, wacky and (in the case of the guy in the dapper pink suit) kind of cool. With that in mind, I don’t think Ubisoft had any right to act surprised when people jumped to the wrong conclusion and started accusing them of racism. Apart from the fact that Far Cry 3 had left a bad taste in some people’s mouthes, what did Ubisoft expect when they released these two images without any kind of context to frame them in?

As I’m typing this I’m kind of smirking to myself because, from my perspective, it appears the same thing is happening again with Far Cry 5. Except this time its white Americans that have become the target. This has sparked a furious debate online, and I would like to address both sides.

By far the most vocal are the more conservative gamers who believe that this game is racist to white people, some going so far as to say that Far Cry 5 is going to be a white genocide simulator. It’s funny because the other games in the series could easily have been construed as POC genocide simulators if you wanted, but I don’t remember hearing a peep from those guys then. For those of you still confused as to what white privilege is, this is it. When people complained about the perceived racism in Far Cry 3 and 4, others retaliated saying that it’s just a video game and that they’re making a big deal out of nothing. But when the target becomes white people, suddenly it’s the worst thing imaginable and should be condemned. Talk about double standards.

So let’s pretend for a moment that reverse racism actually exists (no, stop sniggering. Let’s indulge them for a bit). Is Far Cry 5 racist to white people? Honestly… not really. I mean I guess you could argue the box art is kind of in bad taste, but it’s not offensive. The trailer definitely isn’t racist. It’s merely showing off the setting. And crucially, it depicts white people fighting white people, which is something video games and movies have been depicting for years. So why is this suddenly racist? This kind of reminds me of the initial trailer for the Netflix series Dear White People, where people accused them of reverse racism when all the trailer depicted was a black girl saying that white people shouldn’t wear blackface, which seemed like a perfectly reasonable request to me. My best guess is that the white conservative gamers secretly recognise the unpleasant racial connotations of the previous games and are now throwing a hissy fit because they think they’re about to get a taste of their own medicine.

That’s not to say I side with the liberal side of the debate. In fact I think they’re being just as hypocritical as the conservatives, albeit for different reasons. There have been a few people joking about how this is their opportunity to kill racist white Republicans and there have been a number of long winded think pieces about what Far Cry 5 could possibly be saying about America’s current political state. This just causes me to scratch my head in confusion because haven’t we learnt by now? Despite Ubisoft’s claims to the contrary, the Far Cry franchise is about as satirical as a Hello Kitty backpack. The only game that ever came close to saying anything halfway intelligent was Far Cry Primal. Set during prehistoric times, the game posits that while all humans are inherently violent, it’s also vital to our very survival. Yeah, not exactly the deepest or most thought provoking message in the world. I could have told you that during the opening cutscene.

I enjoy the Far Cry games, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not because of the deep thought provoking narratives or cutting satire (because neither of those exist in the Far Cry games). It’s because they scratch that itch that all gamers have to cause untold death and destruction without worrying about our consciences getting in the way. They’re silly, over the top and don’t require too much thought. While I do appreciate what they were trying to do with Far Cry 3, examining violence and morality in video games, it’s not done very well and their misguided attempts at ‘satire’ missed the point by a fucking mile. Far Cry 4 had precisely no satire in it whatsoever. It was just about some guy trying to spread his mum’s ashes only to be dragged into some convoluted civil war and fight a couple of Yetis. With this in mind, why do these people think Far Cry 5 is going to be any different? Their attempts at satirising POCs have been, at best, pathetic. What makes them think their satirising of white Americans is going to be any better? Especially when, as I said regarding the conservative gamers, there’s no evidence that that’s even what the game is about.

It feels as though both sides of the debate are trying to find a political meaning and/or a racist agenda in Far Cry 5 when it’s so clear there isn’t one. Watching the trailer again, the game seems to me to be more about religious extremism rather than race or politics. Hate to break this to you guys, but not only has religious extremism existed in America long before Trump ever showed up, its also been explored in video games numerous times. The Dead Space trilogy has done it with the Church of Unitology and the Markers. BioShock Infinite depicts a religious order that has warped and twisted American ideals and symbols for its own ends, just like in Far Cry 5. Hell, even Ubisoft themselves have explored religious extremism before, or have we all conveniently forgotten that the Assassin’s Creed franchise exists? So what are we left with? A reverse racist, politically charged and controversial game that’s not reverse racist, politically charged or even very controversial. In fact Far Cry 5 seems more like every other video game that’s ever been made ever.

Personally, I think everybody is making a big deal out of nothing. Whether people believe that Far Cry 5 is a white genocide simulator or a deep thought provoking look into Trump’s America, both sides are guilty of double standard thinking and trying to find deep underlying meaning into something that just isn’t there. I’m reasonably confident that Far Cry 5 is going to play out like all the other Far Cry games. It’s going to blurt out its usual mantra about how all humans are inherently violent, we’ll silently agree for about two minutes and then we’ll go to the toilet, have a biscuit and forget all about it.