Darth Maul gets the storyline he deserves in The Clone Wars. 

  • Coming back from death
  • Training his ludicrously powerful brother as an apprentice
  • Killing the best Mandalorian warrior in the absolutely most brutal beatdown shown in any Star Wars media (DM never using the force so the fight’s “fair” / Pre Vizla’s neverending bag of weapon gadgets / the great darksaber vs. lightsaber swordwork / the hand to hand bludgeoning / DM decapitating PV with his own sword, then claiming it, and his army, as his own ! ! !)
  • Taking the throne as Mandalore’s puppet master
  • Ruling a criminal Empire
  • Building an army to get revenge no both the Sith and the Jedi (!)

Huge balls, and I’m happy Lucasfilm’s writers are doing him justice, especially in compensation for his shitty punk-out in Episode 1.