More Wreckers nonsense. Shivani this time.

Like Cooper and Ken-Rex, she’s evolved since I last mentioned her. Before, she was a hyper-competent hire of the twins, with a perfect knowledge of interplanetary financial law and a gen-mod that cancelled her need for sleep (with her emotional affect as collateral damage). Now, she’s in charge; the head of a planetary salvage outfit with a questionable company policy towards pre-spaceflight civs. (Ken and Cooper are, after all, basically cavemen. And she HIRED them.) She has fun with it, in a SHIVANI YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT TO PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T EVEN FIGURED OUT BASIC CHEMISTRY YET kind of way.

i think everyone’s had that daydream about going back in time to the medieval (or primeval!) world with a flashlight or a Prius or whatever and messing with the ancestors. Shivani calls that ‘Tuesday.” 

9% body fat with cyclist’s legs despite 200 years in space, because when your figure is nano-technologically maintained (like your hair), you can look however you want.

You’re a yahg: a pre-spaceflight species quarantined to their homeworld for massacring the Council’s first-contact teams. This base is older than your planet’s discovery, which probably means you killed the original shadow broker sixty years ago, then took over. I’m guessing you were taken from your world by a trophy hunter, who wanted a slave … or a pet. How am I doing?
—  Liara . Mass Effect 2