Shusaku Endo was a Japanese Catholic who experienced both religious discrimination in Japan and racism in Europe and whose work largely reflects his own experiences of tension relating to his intersectional identity, and Silence is considered his magnum opus and was hugely successful in Japan.  

Maybe give the film adaptation like two seconds of actual consideration before applying the standard pre-fab tumblr opinions.


The Rutles, “Get Up and Go,” 1969 or 1978

On March 22, 1978, NBC aired a mockumentary entitled “All You Need Is Cash.” It was a brilliant parody/satire of the Beatles, with the combined forces of Monty Python and Saturday Night Live cast members. All four living Fabs approved, hugely, to the extent that George Harrison made a cameo appearance as a TV news reporter. My friends and I loved it - but it was apparently way, way over the rest of America’s heads; it was the lowest-rated TV show that week.

All the song parodies are still extremely funny, 37 years gone. “Get Up and Go” is my favorite. It’s very close to “Get Back,” probably too close - no less an authority than John Lennon warned them to be careful of lawsuits.

All hail the Pre-Fab Four!