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I agree with the critical post you reblogged but i dont get what you mean by their pasts are being obliterated? The virignal coding of emma?

This took a while, but I really wanted to think about it, and it’s still messy and vague, so be ye warned. To be honest, this reply got backspaced a load of different times because you got me really considering the depths of why I feel this way.

My immediate answer was that what I see (in this whole 6B arc especially) is Killian Jones, previously defined by his previous role of command, the things he holds sentimental and dear, his visual cues, and his familial ties having all that tucked away or dismissed in favour of neutralising his threatening (in many ways) past and defining his happy ending as becoming Emma 2.0: Storybrooke deputy.

With Emma, it’s less striking, because it’s Killian that’s assimilating to her world, but it’s there, too, but more subtly? Emma whose points of pride are her ability to find people and to read people having those things neutralised to allow for plot to move forward in a suitably dramatic fashion (see: not reading Killian at all and not looking for him when he was missing)?

That rankles me, but that’s not really an answer, I don’t think. Why does that rankle me? Why do I feel so bone-deep that these things that I see being swallowed by the narration are something that the characters hold as dear as I do? Maybe they’re OK letting these things go as they evolve into their new lives happily ever after?

But that’s the thing. That’s the reason why. I just posted this bit earlier because it kind of hit me like a ton of bricks: the reason why the “happy ending” we’re getting for these characters feels strange and ill-fitting to me, is because I’m trying to define their happy endings by what I’ve actually seen them happy about on the show, not just what makes them not sad/stressed/angry, and I’m not seeing those very, very, few things reflected at all in what we’re getting.

I think one of the problem this show has, is that it doesn’t really do a great job of establishing sources of joy for its main characters. Supporting characters are often given a passion that exists as the key to solving a dilemma: Merida has her archery, Ariel has her collections, and even though she’s more than a bit role, Belle has her books. Hell, Henry has his music, movies and writing, and Regina has her horses. We’ve seen these characters light up like Christmas trees when talking about these things. I can picture Ariel as a museum curator in a heartbeat because I know that tending a collection is something that makes her little merheart sing (free AU prompt! Omg come on that would be adorable!)

So what is it for Emma and Killian? When do we see them excited and happy about things? When do they describe their pleasure?

Not fucking much, tbh.

(haha my long winded ass continues below the cut!)

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Eclipse Phase, Second Edition
The Roleplaying Game of Transhuman Survival: a streamlined Second Edition!

About this project

What is Eclipse Phase?

Eclipse Phase is the game of transhuman survival.  Technology puts the tools to defeat death, emancipate from need, and reshape bodies and minds in the hands of everyone, but it also provides the means for oppression and mass destruction.  After losing Earth in a war with AIs, transhumanity disperses throughout the solar system and beyond, struggling to survive.  In a typical Eclipse Phase game, characters belong to Firewall, a secret, cross-faction organization that protects transhumanity from extinction threats.  Alternate campaigns involve traversing the mysterious Pandora gates to explore extrasolar worlds or navigating the treacherous terrain of high-tech criminal cartels.

The first edition of Eclipse Phase won numerous awards (2010 Origins Award for Best RPG, 2010 ENnie Gold for Best Writing, and 2010 ENnie Silvers for Best Cover Art and Product of the Year) and was critically acclaimed for the innovation and depth of its setting.  The Eclipse Phase line is recognized for its creativity, world-building, amazing artwork, and high production standards.

About Eclipse Phase, Second Edition

Eclipse Phase, Second Edition (EP2), is a full-color, hardcover tabletop RPG book. It contains the full rules for making and playing Eclipse Phase characters, four sample teams of four characters each, and detailed setting information — a complete roleplaying game in one book!

The goal of this campaign is to cover some of the costs of producing and printing EP2.

What’s New in EP2?

We’re focusing on improving and simplifying the existing Eclipse Phase system, not re-inventing the wheel.  Changes include:

  • Faster Character Creation — A package-buy character creation system lets people build characters quickly without missing essentials.
  • Streamlined Resleeving — An aptitude-linked pool system means that skills don’t need to be recalculated when a character resleeves (switches bodies).
  • Updated Gameplay — We’ve reduced the number of skills and made them easier to acquire.  Gear costs are replaced with a system that works the same whether you are buying gear, acquiring it with rep favors, or nano-fabbing. Combat, hacking, and other systems are also updated.
  • Four Sample Teams — Pre-fabbed teams can be dropped right into a game and serve as examples of balanced parties.
  • Redesigned Book — A spread-based organization keeps material close-at-hand with less page-flipping.

Most first-edition source material is compatible with EP2.


The Rutles, “Get Up and Go,” 1969 or 1978

On March 22, 1978, NBC aired a mockumentary entitled “All You Need Is Cash.” It was a brilliant parody/satire of the Beatles, with the combined forces of Monty Python and Saturday Night Live cast members. All four living Fabs approved, hugely, to the extent that George Harrison made a cameo appearance as a TV news reporter. My friends and I loved it - but it was apparently way, way over the rest of America’s heads; it was the lowest-rated TV show that week.

All the song parodies are still extremely funny, 37 years gone. “Get Up and Go” is my favorite. It’s very close to “Get Back,” probably too close - no less an authority than John Lennon warned them to be careful of lawsuits.

All hail the Pre-Fab Four!

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What's your fav thing about yixing :) ??

External image
(happy camp 2013)

(thrusting his way up to your bias list) 

External image

(the difference between Yixing and the others„, ughh is he even doing the right choreo?)

(how he adds extra hand and head movements) 

(is this legal?)



External image


External image



(phoenix was made for yixing tbh)

External image

(fab pre debut era, will your oppars ever?) 

External image
External image
(with Greg and Minseok) 

(the shirt lifting)

(with Kai)

External image

External image

(when he is exo m’s main dancer)

External image

External image
(at rehearsal) 


2. Yixing+Guitar/Yixing+Piano OTP

(isn’t he attractive? T.T)

( the way he hugs his guitar, it’s real love right there)

( the way his fingers dance on piano keys, oh god ;;)

(he looks like a prince)

(his face when he plays piano)

3. His smile/laugh

External image

(wow how dare you??)

External image
(let me just hug him forever ;;)

(when Kris existense is a joke to him lolol)

4. His love for the fans aka fanservice

External image

External image
(getting embarrassed after waving at fans lol) 

External image

(waves back)


External image

(Heart ♥♥♥)

(even getting scolded and told to sit down)

(but can’t stop won’t stop)

External image
(me too yixing, me too)


(bowing to the fans before going on a plane,srsly who does that?)

(more bowing ;; the last one to leave stage)

4. his random/4d/dumb/what are you doing moments

External image

External image


(Christina imitation)





the cutest


5. OTPs 


(kris can’t stand his cuteness)

External image

External image

Layhan/Xinglu/Lulay aka BFFs aka best boyfriends

External image

(fab together)

External image
(one of the cutest xinglu moments)

(luhan needs Yixing’s permission first) 

(laughing together)

(they do everything together, even judging together)

(so affectionate :3)


(sweetest otp, they will give you cavities)

Sexing/Hunlay aka bane of my existence

External image

(lets not forget Sehun’s first kiss)

External image
(get out you two)

External image
(omfg get a room)


External image

External image

(touch touch) 

(don’t worry ge got you)

(comforting his hyung ;;)

Baeklay/Baekxing aka flirty shits

External image

(how do you explain this Zhang Yixing?)

(so dumb together)

(the smile Baekhyun gives Yixing, omfg let me just…)


External image

External image

(sorry for the many versions, but this is the most important Sulay moment)


External image

External image

External image

External image

Kailay/Kaixing aka dancing otp

(dancing Kaixing is so important, you dont understand)

(lets talk about this, kaixing locking fingers)

Laysoo(my secret ship)

When they dance facing each other:

External image

(kyungsoo’s face tho. you’re so dead yixing)

External image

External image


External image
(he’s looking for Tao to give his passport and ticket)

(tao being brat to his ge)

(teaching ge how to take selca)

External image

External image

(their pre debut photos do things to me)

External image
(and the glorious teaser era)

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In the not-so-distant future, I’ll be living off-grid in a tiny pre-fab cabin on several wild acres in South Central Washington, miles away from town, with a bunch of woofers, no housemates, and Blackjack. 

I am no stranger to loneliness - and if there are animals around, I hardly consider myself ‘alone’ to begin with - but this will be something different entirely. It will be isolation

I am both dreading it, and anxiously clawing my way toward it. I am days away from listing the Mini-Farm with my real estate agent, and if all goes well in the weeks that follow, I’ll be staking my claim to an 80-acre parcel of land in the middle of goddamn nowhere within a month. I cannot wait. And I couldn’t have done it without the support of many of you kind folks here on Tumblr. 

Thank you. 

Duct Tape and Rainbow Wires

Honestly, when Shaw decided to go to university, she thought she would maybe survive the dread if she would major in something she’d be actually good at.

And she got that part down fairly quickly. She had spent her high school years rebeling against the system, while managing to keep her grade average up to scratch, something that came as a great surprise to many. Shaw just knows how to use that head of hers, even though everyone had to blink twice when she got her acceptance letter. Amateurs. It still made Shaw scoff just thinking about it. As if a bad reputation and a sucky attendance streak immediately equaled bad grades. Sure, sometimes. Not in Shaw’s case.

However, two months into med school she learned the hard way that living on a campus is different. There were people everywhere. People kissing people. People with cheerful voices. People with broad bodies soaking up her personal space. Just too many of them together in one place. She quickly learned that it was the exact equivalent of living in hell.

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There’s a file on his omni-tool marked Shepard. He’d locked it away years ago, walked away, decided to get on with his life. Stop chasing old ghosts. He never looked at it again after that. Until today, in a shitty pre-fab on a eerily quiet colony too far from home.

There were various videos and letters they had exchanged housed inside. But, there was one picture in particular that always caused a lurch in his heart, even now. 

It was the only time he had ever really seen Shepard laugh. It was nothing more than one of Garrus’ failed attempts at a joke, but she laughed and it struck him all over again just how stunning she was. Her head thrown back and a hand on her chest, she looked so happy. He’d starred, barely even heard what the joke was. Couldn’t remember it at all if you asked him today.

“Oh you’ve got it bad, LT.” Ashley had said with a laugh.

Yeah. She was right then. She was still right now.  

I am officially in love with Pitch, and every episode just makes me like the show more.

I couldn’t get Mike’s line in 1.01 about answering questions about Ginny out of my head and a little later this little pre-canon ficlet is born.

The first time he hears the name Ginny Baker, it’s nearing midnight and he’s just getting off a seven hour bus ride with twenty-six other guys who smell like B.O. and too much cologne. His ass has been asleep for an hour, Hills and Mendez have been debating the finer points of Ghostbusters versus Ghostbusters II since dinner, and he can feel the relief wash over him when they pull into the hotel parking lot. The team isn’t even off the bus yet before the reporters are yelling their questions at them.

Will Johnson be able to play after his latest knee injury?

Is it true that your wife cheated and that’s what lead to your recent separation?

Are you feeling confident that the Padres will advance in the playoffs?

What do you think of Ginny Baker?

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Hilarious Electrocution at a LARP story

Okay, so I mentioned off hand a hilarious injury story from many years ago, and at least a handful of people were like, …how? And so now, I write my wacky story.

When I was about 16 or so, NERO (New England Roleplaying Organization) had this great game called Shandlin’s Ferry. It was a lower level game meant to give players a chance to level up to a certain point and then move into bigger-kid campaigns, but generally everyone just stayed and let themselves hit the XP cap for the last few years.

Now, something you need to know for this story to make sense is that the game caretaker (the guy who fixed the site) was kind of… Unhinged about what he would do to fix things. At one point, the owner (different person) failed to pay for an electrician to come fix the power to the main module building (place where we fight people the most). Caretaker got peeved, went out to the street with pliers, and ran a direct line from the transformer to the module building. And if you just went that doesn’t sound good then you are completely correct.

I was playing a fighter with a polearm (halbert, bladed spear, etc) and I was wearing probably the most armor I’ve ever worn at a LARP. If you think that figures into the story later, you are completely correct. So I’m playing a fighter, and no shit, there we are, trying to take a building with force from this horrible necromancer casting a ritual in the back. My team, which was all woodsy people (Tribe) makes headway on one side. Then we can’t get any further. Our group is running out of healing, and every time we make headway, they cut a few of us down and push us back.

So our leader loses all his calm and shouts, “TRIBE DIES TAKING THAT ROOM!” And we’re all like, welp, so be it, gonna end up going to resurrect later, time to put our big pants on. We square off, and we throw ourselves into the fight. No more rotating people out to heal and mend armor, we’re just flinging ourselves straight into battle and filling the doorway with corpses faster than they can get people in to hit us.

I yell and (safely) charge into the room around two bodies already down. One of the bad guys drills me into the ground. Being both wise and fond of my extremities, I fall down and then curl up in a ball with my arms around my knees sitting up. I’m six inches from a glowing circle made of old sparkling christmas lights with frayed wires and broken bulbs. Just another day in the module building.

A friend who honestly was trying to be as safe as he could, didn’t see me under the eyeline of all the people fighting him. He backed up to the side, and stepped on my hip. My hip rolled, and I tumbled backward, and he went flying into the air. Down he fell, and we both rolled over the edge of the circle.

This is where my memory of events becomes hazy. 

The next thing I remember after seeing him coming down toward me was the sound of another friend (who is probably reading this) shouting, “OH SHIT, SHE’S SEIZING, SHIT!” Which was really confusing because I had no idea who was having a seizure. 

Then I don’t remember anything until the EMT peeled my eyelid back and said, “MICHELLE DO YOU WANT A BEER?”

And I went, “…what?”

He says again, “MICHELLE CAN YOU HEAR ME!”

And I’m all, “Ohhhh. Yeah. I can hear you…” I try to look around and find that my aunt is kneeling behind me with her hands on the back of my neck, holding me still.

There I’m laying on a metal plate in the middle of the floor, still half across broken christmas lights. The EMT on site goes to take my pulse, and his arm goes numb and falls against my belly. Being the not-so-subtle dude he is, he just uses the other hand, which closes the circuit running through my chain mail. Both of his arms are numb, my aunt is holding traction on my neck, and suddenly the EMT shouts and starts banging his arms on the wall.

It is at this moment I am sure I am going to die there. 

After a moment, the man who fell wisely unplugs the lights, I stop hearing this “ZZZZZKKKZZZKKKTTTT” noise in my inner ear, and the EMT is able to take my pulse. Which is a decent pulse, fast, but healthy, and they’re all like, what the heck happened, why did she ball her fists up and jerk on the floor?

EMT takes a look at my arms and discovers a fine pattern of burn marks in the shape of my chain mail where my armor hangs past my tunic. Ohhh. Suddenly they’re freaking out for a whole new reason, because I was electrocuted badly enough to have a seizure, and what if I have a brain bleed, or I’ve broken my jaw, or my spine, or oh no!

So the EMT calls for the stretcher, my aunt assures me she’ll go with me to the hospital, and I’m freaking out because I’m sixteen and the EMT bashed his arms on the wall and says I might be bleeding in my brain.

They come back with one of those old as death army stretchers, the ones that belong on MASH and not anywhere in current usage. I’m pretty sure it was purchased by the camp while my grandfather was in Korea. They roll me carefully on to it, and go to lift, at which point the stretcher’s dry rotted cloth gives way and I start to fall, all 120lb of me. They set me back down, and have no backboard or stretcher to put me on. What to do, what to do.

“Bring me the sarcophagus lid!” The EMT says, and I realize that they are dismantling a full size sarcophagus to put me on it as a backboard. I am full of trepidation because this is just not going to look good to the ambulance, and I’m going to be explaining things for hours. Once I’m loaded on, they go to leave the room and discover that this tiny pre-fab room that the caretaker added to the module building has a door frame that is five inches thinner than the width of the sarcophagus.

“Bring me some duct tape and weapons!” At this point I am sure I am never going to be the same again because I’m going to end up taped to a coffin lid and in a hospital somewhere. 

So they pile a bunch of boffer weapons to each side of me to hold me in place, duct tape me down to the lid, and turn it to a 45 degree angle to get me through the door. I spend the whole trip through begging them to just put it down and let me walk, I promise I’m not broken, this is scary. 

Outside, the EMT loads me into an ambulance and then turns to find two police officers standing there. “We heard a girl got hit.” Says one. RIP! The EMT pulls off his pointed elf ears in one smooth motion and goes to explain to them.

And that’s the story of how two state troopers ended up boffer fighting beside a tiny dirt road in Ware MA while I got driven off and had my spine x-rayed.