Aw, this baby praying mantis necklace is too adorable. I’m so tempted to keep it but I’d rather it go home with someone who will forever treasure it. Set in preservation gel and protected within medical grade glass. For sale at the Edwardian ball this weekend in San Fran. #averoseart #averosejewelry #oddities #curiosities #gothicjewelry #wiccanjewelry #voodoo #priestessjewelry #sorceress #babyprayingmantis #prayingmantis #miniworld #fairy #fae #wetspecimen

Greetings, tumblr.

I come to you in a time of need, and I understand well that this is a community of those that are perhaps a little less likely to discriminate based solely upon appearances.

My name is Talulah, and I am a Pseudomantis albofimbriata, also known as a False Garden Mantis. 

I know that not everybody is incredibly thrilled by the thought of insects. There are many who are not thrilled by the thought of our numerous legs and mandibles, or “creeping-crawling” natures, but nor was I a fan of your inside-out-ness, your fleshy bodies or unclean states of being. The way you repeatedly mush nutrients between those hard skeletal-bits that protrude ungracefully from your spittle drenched food-holes was a particular hair-raiser for me personally, but I managed to aside these differences and befriend one of you large, bipedal earth shakers. 

In fact, it was more than just befriending. She did indeed save my life. I was most unfortunately…stuck in a drain beneath a fallen leaf. Belly up and incapable, legs sprawling, wings whirring, she was kind enough to save me from drowning with the coming rain, and keep me safe from the keen eyes of the dreaded crows. I am a little clumsy lately you see, as much as it pains me to openly admit self-flaws, because I am pregnant with what will be my hundreds of tiny heirs. Ah yes, my little darlings will soon be snatching flies from the midst of their flight and biting off cricket heads. I will teach my daughters to go for the throat and never let him escape with his life, and i will teach my sons to trust only those females that deem their mates lives of equal importance… and perhaps to always keep clear of a woman’s mouth.

But alas, I am indeed a delicate creature, too small to burden the downward strain of gravity and the retaliating effects of ooth-birth. I will not see my children grow to adulthood, and this is why I have entrusted my future successors to my dearest friend, Luthien. She is like you. A bipedal soft large thing with a bush on her head. She has those large grabbers on the ends of her front legs, and so she is aiding my stories onward tell by writing it out on the large square sun that is both far too colourful, and terrible at producing adequate amounts of heat.

You see, I want the best future for my children. And for my children’s children, and their children’s children, but Luthien has, with a heavy heart, explained to me the concept of money. She has to swap it for things like food and living space and water, and we both fear that she won’t have enough of the money to keep my young healthy and alive. Yes, she could release them, but I want to thank her for the days she has added onto my life. She plans in future to swap my young for a money, to other trusted bipedals. This means she will have more of the money to swap for food and a safe place to hide from things like crows and wasps. That is all I want for her, and for my children. A long, happy life. 

If we could simply…grow enough of the money to help raise my young, to help swap for things like crickets and temporary enclosures, it could become a perpetual cycle in which she would then swap more money to be able to breed and support more. She could swap money for other mantids and expand the variety of lives she helps shape and creatures she documents.

We together, have created a donation pool to help grow more money to give my children the best chance at life, and to help Luthien improve the quality of hers. I will be forever grateful to those who aid in giving a money, or simply a pass-on of my story to others. Thank you for helping my children, where I could not.

Best regards,
Your matriarch, their mother;


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Delightfully creepy study of a praying mantis :)
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The Taiwan flower mantis (Acromantis formosana) is also known as a boxer mantis, given the wide forearms and extremely fast strikes it makes at prey. Like other boxer mantis species, they also use their forearms as a threat display, waving them around their head in slow, robotic circles. Although this nymph is tiny, she was bold enough to try and scare away my lens using this funny little dance.