Prayer is second-guessing your god

When did worship turn into a two way conversation, and then into a personalized shopping list of all the corrections and things you want that will make you feel better?

Your god is not Santa. He’s not even your friend. He’s your lord and master. You’re his subject.

Your job is not to give him notes and pointers on how he could be a better omnipotent, omniscient entity, or a list of things that would make you happy. Your job is not to point out things he already knows, as if he didn’t deliberately set them in motion himself. He has a much bigger job, a much grander Vision™ than your petty little gripes about the choices he’s made for you and your life that you think he got wrong.

Your job is to thank him for all the stuff he chooses to inflict on you as part of his important Plan™. Your job is to shut up, grovel before him and like it.

Did he leave you barren or sterile? Then you don’t “pray” for him to change his mind and grant you a child or a miracle - you thank him for this important inclusion in his Plan™. What, do you think he made a mistake? Do you think he doesn’t know what he’s doing?

Has he given your child leukaemia? Who are you to “pray” to him that he got it wrong and for him to magically undo what he deliberately did? Your god did it for a reason you couldn’t comprehend, so you just shut up and be grateful to be part of the Plan™. Because you could be easily replaced.

Have you lost your home and family to floods, hurricanes, fires or other events? Good. Then you’re exactly where your god wants you, where he put you. Unless you think he’s just incompetent and unqualified, stop asking questions and stop harassing him with your nagging “prayers,” asking him for something other than what he gave you. Just thank him and be ready for the next thing that he does to you. (It’s a surprise, but it’s all part of the Plan™.)

Do you know how to run a universe with a 10 trillion galaxies in it, juggle the lives of billions of people, move all the pieces around towards the objectives of your Grand Plan™ and keep it all clicking along happily without everything collapsing into a gigantic black hole, ruining 6000 years of work every time someone sends a brain-blast via the galactic psychic hotline? No, you don’t.

If his Plan™ could work just fine with someone sort of like you instead of exactly you, why wouldn’t he be perfectly entitled to smite a high-maintenance trouble-maker like you out of existence in preference to someone more pliant, whose only prayer is a more accomodating “thank you, sir.”

Knock it off, get back in your lane and stop trying to manage the universe upwards with your selfish, whining “prayers”. Second-guessing your god is insulting to him. He told me himself.

It’s so sad to think that that pig took 5 years of Kesha’s life, half of her twenties, but she has risen and she’s back and she is a shining example of the tenacity of the human spirit. She has a fan for life in me and I am just overjoyed that she is back and making the music that she wants to. She is beautiful inside and out and I’m elated that she gets to DO HER JOB without being in the presence of an abuser. She has made history and she is hopefully an example for others in the music industry. Hats off to you Kesha Rose, we love you!!! Praying is an artistic achievement and highlight in her career and I can’t wait for Rainbow.


Prayingwas written about that moment when the sun starts peeking through the darkest storm clouds, creating the most beautiful rainbow. Once you realize that you will in fact be OK, you want to spread love and healing. If you feel like someone has wronged you, get rid of that hate, because it will just create more negativity.  - Kesha