Ramadan Reinspired: Day Twenty One

Let’s treat every night like an odd night. Imagine if a bag of rare precious diamonds was given to us and we were asked to pick out a diamond each day, would we just take it out on the odd nights or do we want to keep all of them? The answer to this question goes without saying.

Moreover there is a valid opinion of by some scholars including Ibn Taymiyyah [R] that Laylatul Qadr can occur on an Even Night and there is valid evidence to indicate that.

May Allah allow us all to witness Laylatul Qadr this Ramadan. Ameen! Let us not be of those who are weeping on the odd nights behind the Imam and sleeping on the even nights under the blanket. Just 10 nights Insha'Allah! No one has ever regretted praying all 10 nights.

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The sun rose in a cloudy sky.

A cotton candy swirl of colours
With a tinge of lilac.

Maybe Allah asks us to wake up
And pray sunrise
So we could witness
How beautiful early mornings can be.

A pastel panton painted sky
Filled with all things pure.

Say your prayers
For the day ahead of you
Calls for hardships.

You arose
From your slumber
And faced Allah in prayer.

So you’ll face the day
With ease and glow.

—  Zienab Hamdan 

anonymous asked:

How do you find inner peace with all the horrible things that happen in this world like terrorism, war, starvation, etc.? It brings me down and I want to know how you cope with it.

It’s saddening and depressing, yes. But it’s also something we can’t do anything about. Life is full of things we cannot control; our birth, getting sick, aging and eventually dying. Life and everything in it, including war, terrorism, starvation, etc. are impermanent. There will be moments and times of liberation and there will also be moments and times of suffering.

The best we can do is advocate and pray for the world. We meditate on compassion and loving-kindness and pray that all beings’ suffering will end and that they will live happily. We cultivate an altruistic mind to help all sentient beings and transfer the merit to that their suffering lessens.

Of course we want to those that are suffering. We want to end their suffering, but we must also realize our limitations and that we cannot save and help everyone and everything in our current form and life. It’s important to do what we can and help ourselves first, then once we have enough wisdom and understanding from our own experiences, then we can go out and help others. Help those in your own community. Every community has suffering, so help locally first where and with what you can, then you can focus on expanding.

Smile and be well! 

Father Stanley Rother was a priest from Oklahoma who served as a missionary in Guatemala for 13 years, helping to translate the Bible into the indigenous Tz'utujil language.  Father Rother was murdered by government assassins in 1981 after speaking out against injustice.  Father Rother was informed that his name was on a hit list, and wrote: “The reality is that we are danger. This is one of the reasons I have for staying in the face of physical harm. The shepherd cannot run at the first sign of danger. Pray for us.”

On June 23, 2015, the Vatican declared that Father Rother was a martyr.  The next potential step would be beatification.

Prayer for Father Rother

Let us pray for the Canonization of Father Stanley Rother
Oklahoma Martyr

Heavenly Father,
source of all holiness,
in every generation you raise up
men and women heroic in love and service.

You have blessed your Church
with the life of Stanley Rother,
priest, missionary, and martyr.
Through his prayer, his preaching,
his presence, and his pastoral love,
you revealed Your love and Your presence
with us as Shepherd.

If it be your will,
may he be proclaimed
by the universal church
as martyr and saint,
living now in your presence
and interceding for us all.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Father Stanley Rother, pray for us.

Prayer ties your soul to the soul of another with the strands of eternity. It can be a powerful, if unnoticed, ministry. You may never get an award for “Best Prayer Warrior of the Year.” You won’t get a gold star at the end of the day. But you will get to watch the stars realign. You will get to see the hand of the Creator move. And you will come to know the heart of the Father like never before.
Witchy misconception #1

“Praying requires formal rhyme and specific prayers.” Prayers can be as formal or informal as you feel comfortable! It’s a personal journey and just like you change, prayer can change with you.
((These misconceptions are just my personal journey through my Wiccan path. Everyone’s path is different so these are not to say your way is wrong! These are just personal misconceptions.))