God is your everything. His heart is not to steal your dreams, kill your destiny, or destroy your future but to bless you with a rich and satisfying life. God yearns to heal you, to save you, and to love you right. Follow the prayer below and express what truly is your heart. 


You are my everything and I yearn to know You as my everything. I don’t always choose You. I constantly run from Your will, but I thank You that You’ve lavished Your love on me all the days of my life. I confess my sin, and I acknowledge that I desperately need You. You are my life and breath, and my failures only remind me that I’m nothing without Your love and Your truth. Help me to run to You. Give me a spirit that beckons when You call to me and challenges me to set my eyes on You whatever my circumstances. 

In Jesus Name, 


“Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for you are my praise.” 

- Jeremiah 17:4

Prayer Series: Words with My Father by the Color Movement (#cmdevo #wordswithmyfather)

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A kid named Knox just fell and hit his head on concrete while playing some pickup football at my house. He is seriously injured too. My mom had to call 911 and the police, firemen, and ambulance all showed up. He got put in a neck cast and was driven to the hospital. Pray for home to be okay everyone!


Düşmanın Güvendiği Müslüman Olmak | Kısa Kısa
Sadece bir dakikanızı ayırıp izleyelim ve düşünelim; “Muhammed-ül-Emîn” olan o Peygamberin ümmeti neden birbirinden emin değil, güvenilir değil, sözüne sadık değil ?

The sky is something that is always going to look like art. The clouds form shapes dependent on their moods and emotions. The sun reflects at angles that floods the sky with light and feelings. The girls I nanny tell me I’m silly for taking so many pictures of the sky, but I think one day they’ll understand why.