صمتنا يقتلهم

السفّاح بشار الأسد لا بد أن يؤتى به للعدالة، شاءت روسيا أم أبت

أوقفوا المذبحة في سوريا


Pray for Syria!

Whether you are Catholic or not, this is really important

As most of you know, Obama wants to attack Syria because of all the issues going on there. Well, Pope Francis has asked all Catholics and even those who are of other religions to hold a holy hour on Saturday, September 7th and 7pm (your time) and pray for world peace. 


لا أزال صغيـــر .. أنتمي للحنــان

more than 400 children have been killed in Syria’s crackdown on anti-government unrest - some of them deliberately.

Pray for my beloved SYRIA


To all the people going off about rants regarding how people in Palestine and Syria are dying, so the tragedy that occurred in Boston doesn’t deserve recognition, you need to get out of your ignorant bubble and enter the real world. It’s as simple as Humans are Humans. How do you expect the rest of the world to empathize with you if you are refusing to offer them the same understanding. To them this is as bad as it gets, and just because we have it worst off, does not give you the right to undermine their situation and neglect their sufferings. Open your eyes, look at the world from all spectrums and allow yourself to comprehend it as a single entity. To all those effected by the Boston explosions, you have my deepest condolences and I do hope that this catastrophe helps you assimilate and fathom that this is what Palestinians and Syrians go through on a daily basis and on a much larger scale.

One day we may be able to end the tyranny in Syria and the genocide in Palestine. 

- PROUD Muslim and Arab