Queer Pratt (the LGBTQ student group of Pratt Institute) is hosting our spring Drag Race on April 14, 2017! Competitors are all Pratt students, encouraged to blur and go beyond gender constraints. There will be special performances and judging by Aja the Kween!!! Limited space at venue. 

Art by me (Joy Yang) 

@ Pratt students! Check out our instagram for prizes & sign up information. 


My school’s 24 hour animation contest happened this weekend! I worked with my pal Tarynn Ortiz who is so talented and such a pleasure to work with. The theme we had to play on was “bread” if you couldn’t tell.

sidebar: we won first place!


This is my sophomore year animation final, an animated documentary of my room mate describing her summer working at a Christian summer camp in the middle of Florida.

The Fabric Merchant’s Son is a 7 layer silkscreen print that ended me. Please zoom in for details. The children’s book (that I’ll finish over the summer) is about a boy (Purl), his mother, and two goats as they travel through the mountains. 

Silkscreen is a very labor intensive process involving calluses and arm workouts! This took 15 hours of manual labor (after the initial 13 hours of drawing). Below the cut for original digital piece

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if theres any people considering attending pratt institute that have any questions feel free to message me w anything at all, I know last year I wish I had someone to answer all my questions so don’t hesitate to ask !!