This is my school. This is what happened to my school last night. The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York had a massive fire break out last night around 2:30 am in the senior painting studios. BFA painting students who were almost completed with their thesis presentations lost ALL of their work with only weeks until senior gallery shows were scheduled to start. No one was seriously injured, luckily, but this is a devastating loss for our school’s young professionals who are just about to embark on a career, now without the fruits of four years worth of intense labor and dedication.

Here’s the New York Times article on the fire:

Right now, our students need all the support they can get. If you have any time, money, supplies, or resources that you can donate to aid our students or help in the rebuilding efforts please contact the active dean of the art and design department, Leighton Pierce, at There is no current phone number for anyone in the administrative department due relocations after the fire, but any further help can be directed to Pratt’s president, Thomas Schutte, at


The very last part of my senior projects from last semester to share with you all: 

I decided to create an illustrated album packaging for a fictional double-album release from the Local Natives. The album art for both Gorilla Manor and Hummingbird have been re-imagined and combined into one with the use of a Turkish paper-folding technique.

The album packaging also features original hand-lettering and illustrated record sleeves and labels.


Don’t worry, this isn’t just another meme video.

This video was made by Pratt students, who as you may have heard, suffered a devastating fire to their senior painting studios on Saturday. Irreplaceable senior thesis work was destroyed and the historic building was severely damaged.

You can donate through a Paypal account set up to aid rebuilding efforts by clicking this link, or you can choose to donate directly to the rebuilding fund at by checking the “In Honor of” box and typing “Main Building” into the space for Name of Individual.

My heart goes out to those who were affected. Please spread the word to help out!!


Please watch in HD! 

This is my final project for my Light/Color/Design class at the Pratt Institute! I’m so glad that I was able to create something about a topic I hold close to my heart. Asexual visibility is so important, but sometimes people have trouble understanding what it really means. My goal with this video was to make something approachable for people looking for somewhere to start for information or for people to send to loved ones when coming out. This is by NO MEANS everything there is to know! This video only gives a very brief nod to the wider ace spectrum and our aromantic siblings. I hope you’ll be encouraged to dig deeper! Thanks for watching!

-The Asexuality Visibility & Education Network
-The Asexuality Archive
-The Asexual Agenda
-The Asexuality Story Project


2015 Pratt GAUD Exhibition Floating Installation by  SOFTlab 

Leadered by Michael Szivos and Ryan Whitby–both of new york city’s SOFTlabPratt Institute’s Graduate Architecture & Urban Design program conformed an art installation that explores digital fabrication methods as while showcasing the previous year’s student work. 

The hanging installation was made of over 800 panels. These were each custom laser cut, assembled, and clad with custom cut images. Each panel rotates through a CNC cut disk, two strings, and a weight that keeps the panel aligned. The overall form of the piece is vaulted creating cavities for visitors to explore the work as well as view the models below. By faulting the volume it not only references the gravity driven nature of the piece but also allows visitors to be immersed in the paneled volume without disturbing them. 

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