I think the best idea I ever had to annoy someone who invited you over to their house is to take their loaf of bread and just randomly bite chunks out of it, all around it. The best part is, when do people make sandwiches? When they’re really hungry and too lazy to make something else or just really craving a sandwich, so they likely won’t see the bread until they want some quick food, and then voila, they can’t.

Alternatively, if they have a new loaf, you can systematically carve out all the insides and leave the crust, making the bread look intact.

I’m vegetarian and my ex-boyfriend was always against it so when we broke up he’d always send me pictures of animals dying and being slaughtered.In revenge I used his email address to sign up to lots of vegan newsletters now he gets 23 weekly newsletters that he can’t stop because he can’t log in and cancel them. Also I created a Facebook and used his mobile number. With the account I followed loads of vegan pages and turned on notifications so that  he gets a text every time somebody posts on the page. Don’t mess with me