My brother started leaving A messages around the house.

Me and my brother have always pranked each other, from adding bicarbonate of soda to tomato sauce at BBQs so he gets hit in the face with a sauce bomb to hiding 50 alarms at 30 second intevals around each others rooms… But waking up next to foam A’s, seeing A drawn in random places, my Nana’s garden gnomes in the shape of an A, texting off numbers I don’t know, filling my journal with A messages… and having all my family (under orders from my brother) say they don’t have a clue what I’m on about and removing evidence whenever I leave it alone - even for a couple of minutes was a mindfuck and simultaneously hilarious.

I flipped my shit with Marco when I saw a girl in a red coat walking outside (back towards me in typical A fashion of course so I couldn’t see a face) thinking it was a step too far. He looked at me for a minute and broke into uncontrollable laughter..

“Chill. That’s JUST a girl in a red coat. People actually wear them!”

Turns out it was just a woman walking her dog. I have, however, found a black hoodie in his wardrobe so I plan on beating him to the punch.

So kudos to Marco for the most elaborate prank this year, inspired by my favorite TV show. Check. Response is in the planning stage, though his favourite programme is Walking Dead.

This could get messy.

Any suggestions are welcome!