This is a lively, cross-genre paintings of art. There are parts here of Britpop, blues, ballads, grunge, hard rock, and dad punk. There are definite callouts to previous genres and eras, but without being obvious or slavish. One thing’s for certain: Jaejoong puts in combination overly slick package and ways from being dull or predictable, re-inventing himself with each and every comeback. I am giving this an enthusiastic thumbs up.
—  Album Review: Kim Jaejoong’s NO.X (c)

more of this. Here’s Chara and the Dogi. Chara is the leader of this AUs evil team, Team Chara, as well as Frisk’s primary rival (besides Asriel). They’re a triple-type trainer, and their motives still threaten man/monsterkind (they plan to capture all legendaries in existence and collectively use their power to reap worldwide havoc, etc). Assisting them are their loyal hounds Dogamy and Dogaressa. They’re pretty badass and get jobs done to the point where Chara can trust them most of the time, but few times they’ll screw up (not on purpose ofc!).

(they also have a talking Pancham)

thank you. fr admins. for banning words that are racial slurs or can be used as slurs. thank you, for knowing that though it is a word in the english dictionary, it is also a racial slur, that, if it’s not used against people of that race, it means nothing to others.

if you’re not of the race that a slur is addressed to, don’t use it. it’s not a term that you can or should use. it is a racist slur. don’t. use. it. not unless you are racist. don’t get huffy and start saying that people are “offended” when people tell you that it’s a racist term that you’re using and that you’re downplaying the weight of the slur when you complain about it being banned.

when you whine that it’s unfair how you have to be “punished” for using the literary definition of the word, remember that you have the luxury of not having to worry about having that word thrown into your face. that you have the luxury of not being hurt by that word to complain about it being a literary term that’s banned than it being a racial slur. 

just because you’ve never heard or seen it used as a racial slur, just because you’ve never had the word be used towards you, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect others and it doesn’t mean that it still is a racial slur. 

yes, it’s annoying to have certain words banned and you can’t use it in a sentence for lore, but you can work around that. 

Mobile Marvel Master List - NSFW

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Steve Rogers


The Night Before

One Too Many

Twenty Questions

Sex With Steve Rogers

Helping Hands

Show Me What You Got, Rogers

Bucky Barnes


Sex With Bucky Barnes

The Winter Soldier

Steve & Bucky


Hurt So Good

Rewards and Consequences

Bucky & Pietro

The Morning After

Pietro Maximoff

All You Have To Do Is Ask

Loki Laufeyson

Magic Hands

You’re My Everything - original print from The Worship Project.

While pondering what to write for encouragement today I was writing messy random words, and this little phrase basically wrote itself. I love days when that happens, as it shows what my spirit is praying.

So here’s some simple encouragement for your journey - if you’ll make Jesus your everything, He’s promised to add to your life every good thing that you need.

I speak blessing, life, the encouragement and friendship of Holy Spirit, over your lives today. I pray that you know His touch and His presence in your life - even as you read this right now.

You are loved! x

* * *

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thank u plagueperson

that bought my extremely overpriced lvl 25 and exalted. i didn’t think i’d ever be able to actually sell that dragon like at all but then you swept in, with your incredible amount of treasure i guess, and snatched my ugly duckling and exalted when i didnt have the heart to.

i dont know who you are, but i think i have like a teenytiny lil spark of love in my heart for you