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Apparently, Bubbles is going to be a coder in the reboot. Your thoughts?

Haha I saw that. Honestly it makes sense to me; She’s an omniglot, so of course the coding languages would be up her alley. People complain about how “oh that’s a BLOSSOM thing” but eh fuck those people. Bubbles isn’t a supergenius like Blossom but she’s still pretty smart for her age…all of the girls are. They’re all little dorknerds in their own ways. 

It complements her character. I hope they do things like this for the other two. Bubbles and Buttercup are undoubtedly still going to be the “favorites” or at least get the most screentime so good on the crew for making Bubbles more interesting. 


Tara Strong is a treasure.

Hey, my friend on deviantart found a screencap of what I believe to be “Horn Sweet Horn”. Any opinions? To me it looks like Bubbles found some kinda unicorn and wants to keep it line the whale episode.

You know… that’s actually really funny, because that’s kind of what I thought the first time I saw this screencap. Like, “Oh, great, they’re doing an animal episode. Because Bubbles loves animals.” This isn’t the first time there’s been an episode where Bubbles wanted to help an animal, but it was when they were in actual need of things that were more or less a matter of life and death. The whale was abandoned so she took it home. Bullet was hurt so the girls took it home and Bubbles gave her Chemical X to heal her. This pony just wants to… become a unicorn? Is that really that much of a pressing issue? We know Bubbles love unicorns… does she just want him to turn into a unicorn for her own gain?

Also when characters turn into monsters on the show it’s usually because of the fact that they’ve been slighted in some way (like with Twiggy!). This just seems like a ~silly accident~ with no actual catalyst or reason as to why the horse would just up and turn evil (keyword is evil, because no one on the show ever became evil just because: there was always a reason… even Beebo wasn’t evil, he was just really really hungry!). I mean unless the other animals are acting like jerkasses to him (or if Buttercup is a jerkass to him) I don’t see why he’d just start destroying the town. I think he’d be going after the jerkasses that did him wrong (also I like typing jerkasses this morning for some reason). It sounds like it’s more because the gun is just, you know, ~one of those things~ that the Professor made that causes accidents. Ha ha! Whoops! The horse is evil because… ~reasons~!

We’ll see though, I dunno. Doesn’t look too good from the get go though.