Combating what is essentially a total and cosmic sense of powerlessness is no easy task. You need balls made of pure hope and sunshine dribbling out of your ass to even come close to making it work. You need to focus your hopes on those crazy long shots and be willing to dust yourself off and move forward if they don’t pan out, rooting yourself in the here and now and understanding and appreciating that life is and always will be fucked right out of your hands. You’re just along for the ride. It doesn’t necessarily make things better or easier to deal with, but it gives some perspective to keep your ass grounded.
—  Felix Clay

Life 1x06 - Powerless

We reach my most favorite ‘moment’ of all 'Powerless’ this is, unfortunately, the first and last Dani-centric episode of the series and Sarah Shahi carried it well. Dani Reese is a woman haunted by many demons.

As she said in this episode, its not just drugs she was trying to recover from, it was a lot of things. She has a lot of ghosts carried inside her.

She’s been clean from drugs for twenty plus months, but she hasn’t been sober. She was a functioning alcoholic, attending AA simply because it was a requirement of the job, she’s living a lie and she knows it.

And in comes Rick Larson, a sexual predator who blames his violence on his drinking and always got away with it with his sob stories and charisma until Dani found him out.

Rick, who thought he knew everyone’s demons, especially Dani’s.

Rick threatens Dani at gun point to drink herself to death but Dani is cool under pressure, and managed to contact Crews for help.

This, in itself is a supreme act of faith and trust in Charlie. Dani has no way of knowing if Charlie received her call, has no way of knowing that Charlie would be outside her home. Nor does Dani have no way of knowing if Charlie understood his message.

But Crews is there, and Davis is with him, and he *did* get the message, even if Dani pretends to be annoyed with all of Charlie’s zen talk, she’s listening, and Dani shows this to Charlie by talking to him in his language. “Gimme a moment,” Dani says, “do you understand?”

And Charlie does understand. “That’s not for him, that’s for me.” He realizes, “She just needs a moment.”

This is how they operated, as partners, as co-conspirators in the interrogation room, as they take someone down. They talk in codes, in a language only they could understand, in the silences.

Dani just needed a moment, and Charlie gives her one.

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i watched you fall apart
and chased you to the end
i’m left with emptiness
that words cannot defend.
you’ll never know what i became because of you.
ten thousand promises,
ten thousand ways to lose.

(and you held it all but you were careless to let it fall.
you held it all and I was by your side,

…the ultimate crying song