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Makayla was watching Power Rangers Dino Charge and noticed that the pink ranger was black and she said “Daddy look she looks like me! Can I be the pink ranger and I said sure baby girl you can!” So here you have it! Pink Ranger Makayla!💪🏾👩🏾 #daddyslittlegirl #daddysgirl #proudfather #powerrangers #powerrangersdinocharge #mightymorphinpowerrangers #pinkranger #blacklove #nerd #supersentai ••••••
Last photo for cosplay Wednesday this week, theme: #blackgirlmagic !!! We’ve got a power ranger on deck! Representation Matters!

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Introducing the NEW Blue Ranger, my very own brother @petersadrian It’s a good thing he looks good in blue 💙 They all kept it a secret from me, I was at the auditions and was told that he didn’t get the role. Today I was given an envelope to open and introduce the new Blue Ranger. When I opened it, I thought I was hallucinating because it was HIS name on the paper. I could barely get the his name out before breaking down. God is so good! Welcome to the family, brother, I love you! I’ll miss you so much, have fun in NZ!! 😭😭 #powerrangers #dinocharge #ninjasteel #SudarsoBlue #BrothersBlue (at The Official Power Morphicon Convention)

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