Blueprint of a power transmission line

developed with lightroom, used white balance for a yellow tint, pushed dark to black. Inverted colors with gimp (yellow became blue, black became white), added some grain as poor man’s dithering to prevent ugly color shading artifacts at higher compression (as often seen on Facebook, tumblr is ok)

The atoms that make up matter never touch each other. The closer they get, the more repulsion there is between the electrical charges on their component parts. It’s like trying to bring two intensely powerful magnets together, north pole to north pole. This even applies when objects appear to be in contact. When you sit on a chair, you don’t touch it. You float a tiny distance above, suspended by the repulsion between atoms. (Source)

There finished, and finally i was able to draw Broly as SSJ.
Broly and kid Goku :D i thought why not, i love pictures with them.
also Goku with clothes like Broly. Broly is holding the “Power Pole” if you wonder. (Could be a good father&son picture if both were related X’D)


Grant Haffner (born in 1978 Berkeley, California and raised in East Hampton, Long Island) has been a resident of the East End of Long Island, New York for most of his life. Haffner’s images are inspired by and reflect the country roads, flat landscapes and surrounding water that  he takes in as he travels the area in his pickup truck. His signature motif of utility poles with power lines creates an original sense of movement and depth to his distinctive compositions. Haffner’s moody acrylic paintings reflect his adoration for the area. His compositions are rendered with a bold and sometimes neon color palette, which is cleverly balanced to depict the speed and rhythm of the rural roadways.  

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posted by Margaret.

yush again this pose, just easier for me to draw in traditional XD
i guess i have a hair fetish~

AU: Le Raditz art, with bangs before his head, cuz Goten told him his widow’s peak scares him (reminded him of Vegeta). Well now looks Raditz even wilder. I just couldn’t stop to draw more and more hair XD To the red band around is bicep, it’s the bandana from Bardock, now he wears it like Tora did (when it was still white). Yeah in some way he was able to get it. uh yes barefoot, wasn’t in the mood to draw shoes.