MAMA 2017 Nominees

Best New Male Artist

  • Wanna One
  • Golden Child
  • The East Liight
  • Samuel
  • Jeong Sewoon

Best New Female Artist

  • Dreamcatcher
  • Momoland
  • Weki Meki
  • Kim Chungha

Best Male Artist

  • G-Dragon
  • Zion.T
  • Psy
  • Yoon Jong Shin
  • Zico

Best Female Artist

  • Sunmi
  • Suzy
  • IU
  • Taeyeon
  • Heize

Best Male Group

  • EXO
  • GOT7
  • Nu’est W
  • Wanna One
  • BTS
  • Seventeen

Best Female Group

  • Red Velvet
  • Mamamoo

Best Band Performance

  • CNBLUE - Between Us
  • DAY6 - I Smile
  • FTISLAND - Wind
  • Buzz - The Love
  • Hyukoh - Tomboy

Best Hip Hop & Urban Music

  • Dean - Come Over
  • Mad Clown - Lost Without You
  • Woo Won Jae - We Are
  • Zico - Artist
  • Heize - Don’t Know You

Best Collaboration

  • Dynamic Duo & Chen - Nosedive
  • Jay park & Dok2 - Most Hated
  • Soyou & Baekhyun - Rain
  • IU & Oh Hyuk - Can’t Love You Anymore
  • Hyorin & Changmo - Blue Moon

Best Music Video

  • EXO - Power
  • TWICE - Signal
  • Wanna One - Energetic
  • BTS - Spring Day
  • Seventeen - Don’t Wanna Cry

Best OST

  • Bolbbalgan4 - You and Me from the Start
  • Suzy - I Love You Boy
  • Ailee - I Will Go to You Like the First Snow
  • Chanyeol & Punch - Stay with Me
  • Crush - Beautiful

Best Vocal Performance Male Solo

  • Zion.T - The Song
  • Yoon Jong Shin - Like It
  • Jung Seung Hwan - This Fool
  • Han Dong Geun - Crazy
  • Hwang Chi Yeol - A Daily Song

Best Vocal Performance Female Solo

  • Kim Sejeong - Flower Way
  • Suran - Wine
  • IU - Through the Night
  • Jung Eun Ji - The Spring
  • Heize - You, Clouds, Rain

Best Vocal Performance Group

  • Winner - Really Really
  • Mamamoo - Yes I Am
  • Bolbbalgan4 - Missing You
  • BTOB - Missing You
  • Highlight - Callling You

Best Dance Performance Solo

  • Sunmi - Gashina
  • Psy- New Face
  • Lee Hyori - Black
  • Taemin - Move
  • Hyuna - Babe

Best Dance Performance Female Group

  • Apink - FIVE
  • TWICE - Signal
  • Red Velvet - Red Flavor
  • SNSD - Holiday
  • GFRIEND - Love Whisper

Best Dance Performance Male Group

  • EXO - Ko Ko Bop
  • NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb
  • Monsta X - Beautiful
  • BTS - DNA
  • VIXX - Shangri-La
  • Seventeen - Don’t Wanna Cry

I went to see TGC for the nth time yesterday, and it made me remember back to when we were all so fkn thirsty for the deleted so-called “breakfast scene” from TSS. Remember how gutted and pissed we all were that Vaughn decided to cut it? We all agreed, myself included, that it was a terrible decision.

But now that I’ve seen how he’s used the scene in TGC, I am so so thankful that Vaughn did cut it out from TSS. He may not have cut it for the right reasons at the time, but damn, that scene inserted into TGC now becomes 2000% more powerful in the context as one of Eggsy’s most treasured memories of Harry. Such a beautiful scene would now seem wasted if it had been used in TSS as merely another training sequence between Harry and Eggsy.

Seeing Eggsy being choked up with that memory was worth the long wait to finally see the “breakfast scene.”

And Taron Egerton absolutely nailed it.

Always be kind and courageous, It’s your that power no one ever can steal away.

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That's the funny thing. He doesn't. I mean, Ichigo is basically everything, but he literally gets no new powers out of each new "power" they discover, aside from one thing that happened once. He just keeps the same basic abilities he started the series with, getting just stronger enough to keep working, over and over.

…huh… sounds… pretty boring, tbh. @natsu.

“Don’t politicize this” people can shove it up their collective chambers, I got desensitized to this stuff after Virginia Tech, everything after Pulse has just been me saying “So are we actually going to do something NOW?” because honestly I’m sick and tired of this. 

The second amendment is broken.

The Founding Fathers didn’t think that we’d be stupid enough to A. Make weapons powerful enough for one man to murder twenty people and injure a hundred others and B. Not pass laws limiting these things. They wanted every man to have his own musket, his own pistol, his own weapons of self-defense that he can brandish at an oncoming mob and say “Which one of you wants it?” while being fully aware that he’s only going to take down one of them, and hope that the mob thinks the same and says “Well I don’t want it to be me or my buddy, so let’s just go home”. That’s what they wanted. Not this. Never this.

The Bill of Rights was established so that people didn’t have to be afraid of assembly. It was established so that they could trust their fellow man. People needed to be sure that what they read in the paper was correct and honest, and that they should not be afraid of soldiers or policemen intimidating them. That’s what the Bill of Rights is supposed to do.

And constantly, time and time again, people have used it to justify the terror and horror that is perpetuated by American citizens. 

I’m sick of it. And don’t come at me for “politicizing” this, because this is already a political issue. It’s been a political issue. Every massacre that follows these debates is simply another reminder that we still haven’t fixed the problem.

The sad thing is that the next failure, statistically speaking, will probably be within the next two weeks. Someone else is going to die…and we know our leaders aren’t going to do anything about it.


Jennifer Lawrence - Behind The Scenes - Jennifer Lawrence Foundation

ah yes. i’ve been wanting to analyze the relationship between these loveable rascals for the longest time. let see what makes their bond so strong 

jungkook’s sun trine taehyung’s sun:
- virgos and capricorn are almost always partners in crime. being two earth signs, they have a lot of common ground and share similar interests and values. - this is a very stable pairing that will stay by each other’s side through thick and thin
- “an excellent aspect for a union because neither has to explain to the other about their goals and overall personality. they complement each other in basic ways. this aspect helps strengthen your relationship because there is an overall understanding and you support one another at the end of the day”
- “you feel understood, appreciated, recognized, and affirmed by one another. you stimulate, vitalize, motivate, and believe in each other in an overall sense”
- the most domestic couple

now let’s look at what taekook is known for: their antics. they’re always seen playing or sharing a laugh together. this childish fun between them is explained by their jupiter aspects:

jungkook’s jupiter trine taehyung’s moon:
- “you feel happy in each others’ presence and find that your joy is doubled. keeping a sense of adventure and continued learning alive is an important feature of your relationship”
- “you will feel happier, luckier, more daring and optimistic when your partner is around. you have compatible outlooks, an interest in expanding your horizons, and in trying new adventurous experiences”

jungkook’s jupiter conjunct taehyung’s venus
- “this union is likely to be completely successful. a couple that is happy to be alive, and to live together, with a pleasant family and home, total confidence in each other, intellectual understanding, similar tastes. there is a strong desire to make each other happy”
- “you enjoy each other’s company immensely and put each other in a happy mood. you make each other laugh and you feel very open, loose, and jovial around each other”

- they also have venus-mars and moon-pluto aspects which can indicate some intense power struggles 👀 one person always trying to dominate the other 👀 if u know what i mean 👀