A couple of images from Yesterday’s official Powers series green light announcement at Sony’s E3 press event

 can’t say I ever thought I would see this artwork draped across the LA sports arena.

 thank you to everyone who has flooded us with well wishes about the series and snarky comments about my suit :-)

 again, I must remind you, look at what you’re wearing now look at what I’m wearing… now be quiet :-)

 I’m surprised none of you noticed that it was ACTUALLY subliminal cosplay promotion for the United States of murder Inc.

all the info is here…



Come down to Magnetic North on August 24th for our next big event! This time we’re inviting Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press to show her work, and talk about her recent cross country tour in her bread truck turned mobile print shop. She’ll be pulling the truck into our parking lot and giving tours and letterpress demos. Please come if you can make it, and spread the word!

Kyle Durrie is a lady after my own heart. The one-woman small press is in the middle of a months-long adventure through the United States in an old delivery truck converted to a letterpress printshop on wheels. The project is Moveable Type, the vehicle is the Type Truck and she’s giving workshops at community centers and art spaces throughout the lower 48.

So, yeah, the concept is amazing. Duh. But what’s even better is that she’s keeping a detailed blog documentation of the whole thing. The natural landscapes she moves through paired with her documentation of the built environment, plus the people and places of print that she’s stopping in to visit make for a rather good read. I don’t follow that many blogs but this one is rather well done, and boasts a voice that’s fun to read.

I’m in the midst of experimenting with a mobile creative practice myself, and so it’s heartening to see her successes and see how her work is shaped by the communities she passes through and the people she’s working with.

Kyle just left Green River, Utah, where she was working with the excellent people at the Epicenter, a community resource center and creative studio in a small desert town. The Epicenter is an amazing place that I’ll be fortunate to spend the month of November at, working as a Frontier Fellow. (Read their manifesto. It’s beautiful.) Kyle made a great post about her time there. Read it here.


Kyle Durrie…This chick rocks the letterpress!! If you are an out of the box thinker like her, you can spread some good karma in the universe by helping her take her letterpress to the next level. It only requires a couple clicks and you will begin to feel the good karma immediately. I promise :) To begin click here: https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/48726 It will provide you with the voting link and links to Power and Light Press so you can see more of the beautiful work Kyle is doing.