Power Rangers Challenge


POWER RANGER CHALLENGE: Day 4 | Favourite Mentor

I really made a list of all mentors and then was discharding the worst until I ended up with this two…enough said, I couldn’t pick one.

RJ: For me he’s this hippie caring mentor who actually gives a sh*t what’s going on and decides to help the rangers…by not helping them. He teaches lessons, and teaches them in he’s way. So yeah, basically he’s awesome.

Dr. K: She’s young, she’s ultra smart and she defends her inventions with all her heart. I like her because she’s so inner hurt and so worried because Venjix was her fault that it’s clear how she is also a warrior of Corinth.

30 Day Power Rangers Challenge

Day 2: Your favorite Ranger colour

Is it really a surprise?

Side note: Fuck that one at the front. He is the worst red ranger ever (Yes, worse than TJ, if that were even possible).

Honourable mentions

  • 6th Rangers (yes I know the colour varies but it’s my list so eat a dick)
  • Green
  • Blue

If you thought the Dragon Dagger was only good for summoning the Dragonzord, you’ve never seen “Dragonzord: A Flute Interlude in A Minor” by Yort Evangelista, one of the highest scoring designs in our Power Rangers design challenge!

With so many mighty submissions to choose from, it’s up to you to decide which design will morph into the winning tee!