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More Power Rangers actors release statements on the tragic situation involving Rick Medina. I posted Jason David Frank’s insensitive, self serving response earlier. Which you can read here.

*Note: Steve deleted his post from his instagram after being called out for his hashtags.

Jason Faunt released a another statement on his instagram and posted a clip of an interview he did with the news. Here’s a link to the article with his interview.

Apparently Alyson Kiperman also released a statement but I can’t find any of her official social media accounts to confirm.

Edit: Updated with Matt Austin’s statement.

Edit II: Here’s another article with video. Towards the end the reporter says Rick Medina said to be remorseful, he called 911 immediately and was covered in blood when he got to the sheriff’s station because he was trying to stop his roommate from bleeding to death and he’s suppose to be in court tomorrow and that he hasn’t been formally charged with a crime yet.

Edit III: Made a new post with Austin St. John’s statement and new ones from Steve and JDF.

When James Barnes broke out of his run with Disney, he was looking for something a little less typecast.  Well, he certainly found it in Power Rangers.  Cast as the Red Ranger, it was a bit hokey, but it was different and that was what he wanted.  What he also found there was Natalia Romanova, the Pink Ranger.  Both teenagers and certainly hormonal, they began dating shortly after they began filming.  After a season, though, they’ve run into a predicament.

Natalia is pregnant.  The question is: do they try and hide it to keep their jobs or do they just come clean, face the consequences, and move on with their lives?  Neither 16 year-old is entirely sure which choice would be the best.


Jason David Frank is a egotistical, self important asshole. I like how he says it’s not about him but he made it about himself in the previous sentence. If he’s not going to wait for all the facts to come out the least he could have did was give his condolences to the victim and both parties families.

Edit: JDF released another statement where he backtracks and does damage control. I posted a link to it here with Austin St. John and Steve Cardenas’ statements. Other statements from Power Rangers actors.

TF2 Casting Night!

While I’m not sure how many people this will reach, I feel that I may as well advertise it on Tumblr.

I am a regular caster for a group by the name of Power Rangers Public Casting, or PRPC. To give a brief overview of what’s happening at around 9PM EDT tonight, it’s a normal TF2 server; anyone can come join and play the game like they normally would. What’s special about this night however, all the happenings and goings-on are going to be casted either by myself or another of our wonderful, regular casters. To be more specific on the ‘happenings’, this can range anywhere from capping a point, to an across-the-map reflected-arrow headshot. From beginning to end, you will hear the sultry sound of someone announcing every notable action, with a few giveaways sprinkled throughout the night.

The nights tend to last from 9PM to around 12AM EDT. They happen every Friday at the same time on the same servers. And the servers are located in Chicago

Here’s a link to the group page if you decide you want to check it out, you can find the IP to both servers on there, along with the Mumble information if you want to chat with some of the regulars. 

And hey, we’re also doing a contest to see who can make the best logo for the group!

And if you have ANY QUESTIONS, any at all, please do not hesitate to ask me.



At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, I was invited to the Power Rangers Power Lounge for the second year in a row. I always love going there because not only do I get to hang out with the Power Rangers cast and interview them but I also get to check out all of the very cool Saban Brands Power Ranger products that they have all around the lounge. The products consist of San Diego Comic-Con…

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