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Their power is the ability to make a trail of scent simply by tracing their finger along the path they want. They can replicate any scent they’ve ever encountered. Because their power is hardly a defensive ability, they specialize in stealth missions and have developed a special code with their scents.

The Word is your Wand
  • The "word is your wand," was coined by no less than the great Florence Scovel Shinn. There is great truth that our words make our lives. Our words are our thoughts materialized. In fact, our words are the first material manifestations of the things we desire... or not...
  • Our words are the true magic, there is nothing else, as even if we do not utter them out-loud, we speak through ourselves with words... And with words come images, and from these our realities follow. Now, starting today, only speak of what you want, only speak of the things you desires and keep quiet about things you do not want. Focus on the desired outcome by declaring them silently and aloud. Remember, YOUR WORD IS YOUR WAND.

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… a belief in providence is an inef­fably precious thing at times. It seems to me rather absurd when Christians feel obliged either to celebrate or to lament the conversion of Constantine—to proclaim it either as the victory of the true faith over its persecutors or as the victory of the devil over the purity of the Gospel—rather than simply to accept it and all its historical sequels as part of the mysterious story of grace working upon fallen natures: to love everything good and splendid that it produced, to deplore everything sordid and evil, and then to recognize as well (and this is the most challenging task of all) that the tale of Christendom’s failure and defeat is also enfolded within those same workings of grace. Christendom was that cultural reality that was constitutionally, materially, morally, intellectually, and religiously disposed to hear the Gospel as a cosmic truth, to which it was therefore always open, if not necessarily very obedient. For that, Christians would be churlish to be ungrateful.

David Bentley Hart, 2013

I am going through the letters of Dorothy L. Sayers at the moment, and her play, The Emperor Constantine, raises questions that are not easily dismissed. Hart’s perspective is helpful.

Me and Fiancé have a bond so strong it’s sometimes hard to believe love like we have still exist, I really love him with all my heart, only person who can make me cry and smile and laugh at the same time. He loves me like my parents love me so intangible and unconditionally, I hope everyone finds love so pure it betters them as a person. Photographer: @bloodonmynikon (Instagram)

There is no reason too small to learn a language

You like the music? Go for it! Enjoy the books? Sure, do it! Heard someone speak it in a café one time and loved the sound of it? Get yourself some paper and start practicing!!! Don’t let anything deter you from learning something new 🌱🐝