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Hot Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups


Baked Feta

Cheese Sticks (Saratele)

Air Fryer Five Cheese Pull Apart Bread

Potato and Onion Gratin with Asiago and Fontina Cheese

Ham and Cheese Pinwheels



Pommes Aligot (Cheesy Mashed Potatoes) Recipe

These Game-Changing Taco Shells Are Made Entirely Out of Cheese


Buffalo Mozzarella Sticks

Parmesan Crisps With Thyme And Sea Salt

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I’ve been tagged by the lovely @marathonmelissa, the awesome @sequoiaman1968, and (forever ago) by the wonderful @tuesdayswithrachel to do this–perfect, since I feel like procrastinating today!

A- Age: 34 (how did that happen already??!)

B- Birthplace: Fort Hood, Texas

C- Current time: 10:45am

D- Drink you had last: coffee

E- Easiest person to talk to: the husband

F- Favorite song: “Hold You in my Arms” by Ray Lamontagne because it’s the song my husband chose as our song and we danced to it at our wedding. :)

G- Grossest Memory: Hmmm…nothing really comes to mind…although there were some pretty nasty diapers back in the day when Conner was a baby…

H- Hogwarts House: No idea

I- in love?: most definitely

J- Jealous of people: Rarely

L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again: Nope, definitely think love is too complex for that

O- One Wish: To not have a resurgence of the Nazis…why is this a thing?!

P- Person you called last: coworker to have her send me a scan of a document I left on my desk

Q- Question you are always asked: "So, are you guys going to have more kids?” (Answer is nope!)

R- Reason to smile: This morning…getting my kid off to his first day of high school was more of an adventure than I anticipated.  lol

S- Song you sang last: This one has been in my head for TWO DAYS NOW. *sigh*

T- Time you woke up: 7am

U- Underwear color: None, still in my PJs!  Work from home mornings are the best!

V- Vacation destination: Thinking about Big Bend or something for later in the year when my BIL and SIL are here.

W- Worst habit: Biting my nails.<–same, although I’ve been good for 8 mos now.

X- X Rays: Dental, but can’t remember any others??

Y- Your favorite food: tacos, mashed potatoes, sushi

Z- Zodiac sign: Libra

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for finding vegetarian options at fast food restaurants? Like Wendys for example has nice salads, but they all have meat on them?

Wendy’s is one of the better fast food options for a vegetarian. They have a side salad that doesn’t have meat and they have baked potatoes.Taco Bell and Subway are other good places for vegetarian and reasonably healthy food. There are a few fast food chains that have veggie burgers (Burger King and Freddy’s). Starbucks has vegetarian bistro boxes. Breakfast menus also usually have something vegetarian, so check out places that serve breakfast all day like Dunkin’ Donuts. Other than that, most places have side menu items like fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks. There are options out there! You just might have to scour the menu.

as food to life, sastiel (pre-slash), AU, magical realism, baker!Sam

Sunday is Castiel’s favorite day. It’s the only day he doesn’t have to work, and it’s also the day of the weekly farmer’s market in his neighborhood. He’ll get breakfast from one of the food trucks—potato-stuffed tacos or avocado toast with vegan mayo and alfalfa shoots or sometimes even a donut stuffed with pistachio-orange crème—and wander through the aisles with his reusable bags, visit every stall at least twice before he settles on the veggies he’ll chop into his lunch salads. He’ll spend too long talking to Mr. Cain, the vendor who sells honey products made from the bees he keeps, agreeing that yes, he really does need to come by the farm and see it all for himself one day soon (knowing that he has no time for such frivolity). He’ll enjoy the hum of conversation around him and the children running from stall to stall and the dogs out walking with their owners. Sunday is temporary, but it is a relief from the sometimes oppressive business of his everyday life.

This story was written for the spn_springfling and can stand alone. However, I do plan to add more to it in the future.

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scarsbymonkeys  asked:

Could you teach me how to cook? At the very moment I can make toasts

The frailty of humanity never ceases to amaze, and I am unsure how your lot continues to exist on this earth as a species when so many of you are subsisting off of mere badly burnt wheat and wheat by-products. I just want you to know, scarsbymonkeys, that you have personally offended me.

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Soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods. Learn it.

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Actually if you’re in charge of your own food, this is necessary knowledge.

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While we’re on historical cooking.

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anonymous asked:

I try to eat vegan but I can't get past the taste. This is so much so that it makes me violently ill to my stomach. I ended up giving it up because no matter what recipe I tried the food just didn't taste good to me and I ended up starving myself and wasting money. In the end all I have managed to do is cut our dairy products.

What sort of recipes did you try - ones that use mock meats/cheese etc, or things that have a lot of gluten (seitan) or soy (tofu) or nuts, or anything that you wouldn’t normally eat a lot of? 

Here’s a few options that don’t include anything ‘special’ or different: mashed potatoes with peas, rice and beans, pasta with tomato sauce, salad, tacos, smoothies, potato salad, cookies, sandwich with fried zucchini and veggies, baked rice stuffed peppers, stir fry, lentils with steamed veggies, brownies and muffins, veggie shepherds pie, cheeseless pizza or with homemade cheese (cashews or tofu or whatever you can have), zucchini fritters, pancakes with jam/dark chocolate/maple syrup, spaghetti with lentil&rice “meatballs”,  mexican salad, homemade vegan burgers, carrot hotdogs, soups and stews…

Cutting out dairy products is a great accomplishment, for many people it’s one of the hardest things about going vegan, so you’re close, don’t give up yet. 

I feel like the world is testing me since I declared I wanted to go vegetarian and currently not eating pork or beef bc Thursday I got potatoe soup and it has bacon bits in it and then today I got a cheese and potatoe burrito from taco bell which I always got anyway and it never had meat in it and now suddenly today it had meat LMAO