28.08.2016 / 70 days till A’s 

18-24/100 days of productivity 

Prelims have been really awful so far and i can’t wait to get it over and done with (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ It really scares me when i look at the number of days left till A’s because i’m not prepared at all??? (i feel like i’ve said this too many times lol)  *sighs* Just going to try my best for the remaining papers and pray i’ll survive ;_;  

on a sidenote I hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend and all the best to those having exams as well! 

concept: it’s early in the morning, sometime between 7 and 9:45. it’s saturday morning and a storm outside is coming to it’s end. i woke up before the person im curled up next to (and love) because of some quiet thunder. i started quietly playing a chill playlist on 8tracks that started with a song by made in heights. it’s peaceful. harambe is alive. i am not stressed. 

You are the one I want in my bed with me at 2 am even though cuddling isn’t my favorite. You are the one I think of when I stare at the ocean or when I see posts about making out with someone. You’re the one I want to adventure with, watch the sunsets with, watch the stars and talk about space with, push against the wall. Even though I refrain from doing so, you’re the one I want to tell about my day. Even more so it is your day I want to hear about even if you think it’s boring, I want to beg you to tell me the thoughts going through your head, good and bad. I know for all the happiness you emulate there is sadness in there too. I want to know about your family dynamic and your favorite time of year and your favorite place to go when you’ve had a long day. I want to be the person you can call crying at 4 am because life doesn’t make sense, or at 2 am cause you just got home and youre high as hell. I want to be the one you want to hug, hold hands with, hear the voice of. I want to be the person you turn to when your day is extremely good or just as bad. I want to be the one you drunkingly call at 2:45 am on your way home because you know I want to know you’re safe, and you want to hear my voice even them. I want to be the one you think about not just when you’re bored but when you’re busy with life. I want your little heart to be so obsessed with me. But that’s just it, pity party aside, the reality of the situation is life has led me to believe that anyone worth my time would never want this; would never want me enough to want all of this with me. I do not require constant reassurance, but sometimes I need your voice in my ear telling me you want me just as bad as I want you because the scars from everyone I’ve ever loved are telling me you don’t.
—  I want.