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Height : 5’ something. i don’t remember

Last thing you googled‘what is furry’ i can’t seem to find a decent explanation on urban dictionary in what you guys are talking about. I still have no idea

Favorite music artist : coldplay/ greenday/ panic! at the disco/ spoon/ the beatles. Yeah i suck

Song stuck in your head : talk by coldplay

Last movie you watched : white chicks. though i’m not sure why

What are you wearing right now : a shirt and shorts

Why did you choose your URL : it was actually inspired by nissin;; that cup noodles since they slowly kill me and i love them so much

What did your last relationship teach you : never had one. at least, not a real one

Religious or Spiritual : both but very low key

Favorite color :  all of it. All colors. Except magenta

Average hours of sleep : 12?? Sleep at 12 wake up at 12 basically wow i need to change that

Lucky number : how do i know??

Favorite characters : okay i’m gonna start from everything. rikou nura (nurarihyon no mago) ♦ lala (to love ru) ♦ taiga aisaka (toradora) ♦ akasaka ryuunosuke (sakurasou no pet no kanojou) ♦ kurapika (hxh) ♦ hideyoshi kinoshita (baka to test) ♦ hoshihara hikaru/sena arata (lbx wars) ♦ kazemaru ichirouta/ fei rune (inaire) ♦ hyakuya mikaela/ krul tepes/ asuramaru (owari no seraph) ♦ yamatonokami yasusada/ okita souji (touran) and that’s just the top of the list- and the bold ones are practically who i died for

How many blankets do you sleep with : one

Dream job : an english prof and a part time freelance artist i guess

if y'all want to pls do^^

Δώστα όλα και μην πάρεις τίποτα.