The fake poster I painted up real fast for Rainbow Dash’s comfort zone here:

I had no intention on posting this up but I actually really like how it came out, specifically Vinyl’s smirk, so I figured I’d go ahead and throw it into my gallery. I might scrap it later but actually, I’m kinda thinking of having it as a possible print for Bronycon…. what do ya’ll think? o:

At any rate, Equestria’s favorite DJ will be touring all across the country this year! Come see her and be blown away!

n.378 — years ago I began this blog as an effort to enrich my creative process with a daily quick visual meditation. I never thought so many of you would become involved and follow along (thank you! Especially to everyone who has reached out with personal notes…and to all of you who have gotten OM tattoos! Amazing!).
Around the end of 2016 I became extremely disheartened by the number of knock-off Often Minimals that began to appear on Tumblr (and now Instagram), who are now seemingly more successful, with more followers, etc. I decided to close up shop—thinking “I don’t want any more people ripping me off”.
What I’ve learned since is that there will always be more ideas, and more projects, all you have to do is keep making. Those that blatantly copy will never be as thoroughly satisfied with their work. Having confidence in yourself to keep pushing your boundaries is ultimately the only true form of success.
Two years later, I’m changing things up a bit. Expect more experiments. And more color. I hope you continue to follow along! Much love, Jana

Dutch National Theater Production of Goethe’s “Faust” (1918). Richard Nicolaüs Roland Holst (Dutch, 1868-1938). Poster, color lithograph.

Frustrated by his unsuccessful quest for knowledge, the elderly Dr. Faust calls on Satan, asking him for eternal youth. In return, Méphistophélès, the devil, may claim him after his death. As a handsome young man, Faust seduces Marguerite, who bears him a son. Marguerite is condemned to death for the murder of her child, but rather than be saved by Faust and Méphistophélès she prays to God and her soul ascends to heaven.


Two of Imagineer Rolly Crump’s Pot-Themed ‘Gag’ Posters

Top: ‘The Doper Poster’ (circa 1957). This is the original illustration used to create Rolly Crump’s popular ‘Doper Poster’. This poster features Crump’s highly offensive “Wetback and Co” line along the bottom which he removed from later prints of this artwork. This poster is remembered by Crump as the one which made Walt Disney laugh during Crump’s art show at the Disney Studio.

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Bottom: ‘The Green Gasser Kauphy House’ (1960). Crump […] illustrated a series of satirical posters for the Esoteric Poster Company of Seattle after a chance meeting with the company’s founder, Howard Morseburg.

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Armed Forces Newsmap - Volume 1, Number 37, 4/20/1953

Series: Issues of the Korean War Era “Newsmap” Publication , ca. 1953 - ca. 1998Record Group 26: Records of the U.S. Coast Guard, 1785 - 2005

Weekly Newsmap posters like this one from April 20, 1953, were distributed to military personnel by the U.S. Department of Defense during the Korean War.  Among coverage of rising conflicts in Korea, Germany, Kenya, and the Middle East, this issue features ​a story ​on Harold Fischer, an American fighter pilot captured and held as a prisoner of war in China for two years.

This post comes from Carol Marquardsen, an eIntern with the National Archives via the Virtual Student Federal Service.