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  • @kavkakat:a witchlight is carried "to remind us that light can be found in even the darkest of places" / what the fUCK NO YOU CARRY IT BECAUSE IT'S A FUCKING FLASHLIGHT
  • @terresdebrume:BASICALLY
  • This is where you can feel the books were written around 2007
  • @kavkakat:"looking better in black than the widows of our enemies" jesus fuck i wouldnt want to join THAT murder cult
  • @terresdebrume:The whole cast is a lowkey version ob Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way xD
  • @kavkakat:omg you are so totally correct
  • @terresdebrume:xD
  • @kavkakat:wow jace wayland darkness dementia raven way

Peak District

Britain’s first National Park is easily accessible from the urban centres of Derby, Manchester and Sheffield. Its vast expanse comprises the high moorland tops of the Dark Peak and the southern limestone hills of the White Peak. Try your hand at caving, explore the graceful spa town of Buxton or visit Chatsworth House, one of Britain’s grandest stately homes. Find out more


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It bothers me that kindness has become a Tumblr fad. I have seen people say “This isn’t tumblr, stop it” after someone says “You’re beautiful.”, or someone says “You’re worth the world” and it’s replied to with “Stop it, I’m not a fragile child.”

Why is positivity a fad. Why is kindness and gentleness and reassurance a fad. If someone compliments you, tell them thank you. Stop being so bitter, there’s supposed to be light in the world.