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eunkwang’s different levels of anger after losing a game

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me, on my personal blog, nothing tagged: i'm afraid to come out to my extremely catholic parents as ace. aphobes, literally popped up out of no where: omg no hates you for your tmi sexuality; your religion will actually commend you for it. when i told my parents: oh honey you're wrong you just haven't found the right person yet even though you're 17. let's take you to counciling at the church they'll fix this.

Search makes it too easy for assholes to find you. Not a TMI sexuality. Catholic churches like chastity before marriage, not asexuality. Parents are awful like this. I don’t think they mean harm, but yeah, parents do harmful things all the time. I’d firmly tell them you don’t need counseling if they push. While Christianity as a structure isn’t nice to aces, you can find specific people in the bible that are ace like. Paul for example. I think Paul was kind-of a jerk, but Catholics like him. So he’d be easy to quote a verse as a subtle biblical stfu.

I personally like Thecla. Because in some versions of the story she was like who needs sex! And Paul and others were like wow Thecla, you are really into this chastity thing, join us! But then other women wanted to get divorces because of her teachings and views on chastity. And Paul started to be wait, noo… And then she wanted to be baptized but Paul was like no lady, behave first. So she apparently jumped into a pit of like sharks was like a fuck you, I baptized myself and then became a saint for it because God protected her from harm.

Hell, if they push I’d just be like “I’m going to WWJD it and focus on goodness first and foremost until I find the right person.” Simply because I think it would be the simplest sure whatever leave me alone now fix. Doesn’t matter if it’s a lie or not. I had a true love waits ring before I knew what asexuality was and all of my very religious family was like I can respect that. 

My point is. As a minor you can only control so much. Ignore the online bigots, and with your parents if you care about your faith at all you can easily pretend you mean it like they do until you are old enough to be like lol jk not like that. There’s actually a lot of more supportive Catholic people you can find and quote too. I mean recently the pope was like we need say sorry to gay people. Personally, I’d lie and not tell them things. Your safely needs to come first in situations like this.

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What do you think Max will be like as a girlfriend to Chloe or Kate?

I personal see Max as a pretty chill person? Like, of course, she’s going to go out and fight stuff with Chloe, but at the end of the day, she’d be someone to relax and just spend a few minutes and/or hours just hanging out with Chloe.

I can see the two watching a lot of movies together, going bowling (i had this idea that if they did go bowling, Chloe would somehow manage to throw the bowling ball into the ceiling and take out a light.), and visiting arcades.

They’re hella gay for each other, but I don’t see them changing much of their current relationship. Just with like extra kissing and cuddles lol

Max dating Kate would probably require her to be more gentle and considerate. And, be more slow with certain things like: kissing, hugging, hand holding, etc.

They’d talk out problems, play music together, and go out a lot for cafes.

I can see the two leaving the house a lot to do their dates, especially when it comes to sightseeing.

Max would probably be a little bit of a wild child when it comes to Chloe bringing her somewhere to break stuff, but Kate would probably change her ways just a little bit.

And, who knows, maybe Kate would tag along and break stuff too in the junkyard asdfhkl

〒 is a symbol of all the postal business in Japan, so all the official post boxes have this symbol, not to mention all the post offices anywhere in Japan. We sometimes add this symbol when writing a zip code to make it clear the following numbers are zip code.

Long time ago, the ministry that dealt with all the postal service, telegram and telephone services was named TEISHIN ministry. This symbol is from its initial katakana character of Teishin(テイシン).

With Japanese typing software, we can type 〒 by typing yuubin, which means *postal* in Japanese. I wonder if your computer recognize and show you this symbol appropriately:/