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Imagine your OTP in a post-apocalyptic survival setting. Person A and Person B are fighting off a group of mutated creatures. Both are injured but Person A is more hurt than the other. And when they go back to get medical treatment, Person B confesses how they'd gone to help because they were scared that Person A would die. And then their mutual confession of love for one another just slips out...

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Episode 1: The Storm
Three friends try to escape a gas storm. Raiders attempt to steal gear. A door is opened. A monster is unleashed. Welcome to The Deep Vault Please consider rating and reviewing this show on iTunes.

The first episode of The Deep Vault is now LIVE.

There’s a gas storm, post-apocalyptic raiders, unimaginable darkness, and some 70s tracksuits.

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BEYOND is back, with a fresh take on two exciting new themes. 

Urban fantasy delves into the back alleys and street-light faery circles of modern magic, and post-apocalypse follows things to the ragged, rusty, overgrown edge of the world after the end of the earth.  As with the first volume of Beyond, the focus of these stories will be unquestionably queer characters and content.  We’re hoping to assemble another lineup of creators that will celebrate the width and breadth of gender and sexuality, threading queer identities through exciting stories and epic adventures! 

Beyond is a paid anthology looking to Kickstart in early 2017.

We’re excited for Beyond 2, but we can’t do it without you!   

Submissions are open NOW, and will remain open until April 4th, 2016.  

Please read our guidelines for submissions and check out our FAQ, and when you are ready, head to >>our Beyond2 submission form << to submit your pitch to Beyond!

Thank you for your time and support, and for helping us spread the word!

- Sfé & Taneka (editors)

HECK is a battle-hardened survivor forged in the radioactive furnace of the L.A. Wasteland; a man who’ll do unspeakable things to keep himself and his dog alive.  Or, possibly, he’s just some asshole with a lot of guns.

Tomorrow:  Dead Meat!

Yo, folks! Me and four other great artists have made series of limited prints titled “Bad boys and girls of the future” in association with Altata Comics (

Available at the 4th of November for 11 €!

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