Post Sludge


Allochiria - We Crave What We Lack

One of the greatest post metal/sludge bands in Greece nowadays. Check them out.

Sunpocrisy - 8 Settembre - Paesaggi Sonori

A cavallo tra sogno di libertà e meditazione zen. Come rinascere all’improvviso e accorgersi di avere ali giganti e poter volare. L’esplodere di emozioni sopite che lascia basiti. La percezione dell’ascolto musicale come intimo e solitario godimento. Evocazioni di azzurre immagini ondeggianti che iniettano pace.

“Questo paesaggio è ciò che vi è dovuto”.


Sabato 8 Settembre, Paesaggi Sonori si tinge di solitudine e di paesaggi, come da concept con un festival di video e arte intorno.

Wovoka ‘Saros’ is out today on CD and Digital 

Order the CD here:

Digital version available via the Wovoka Bandcamp page and major online retailers such as iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Album featured on “Sh*t That Comes Out Today” feature for April 14th

Access the full album stream via Invisible Oranges or The Monolith, who just posted a small review here:




Jesu - “Conqueror”


Giant Squid “La Brea Tar Pits (Pseudomonas Putida)” from The Ichthyologist album.


Quintessential Ephemera is doing well, and we are once again humbled and grateful for the amazing support of our listeners and friends. There’s no way we could ever respond to all of the encouraging emails and messages we’ve gotten over the last couple days, but know that we appreciate them enormously. It’s been said a million times, but we are unable to continue making music without all of you. Thank you!


Inner Winter is the first self-produced album from the spanish sludge and post metal band: Buensuceso. The guys asked me to make the design for the t-shirts on the occasion of the launch of their Ep in cassette format.
We have used to this friendly and bearded sir as mystic and allegorical deity. Framed into a circle topped by a lettering inspired in a medieval tipography.
The design was finely screenprinted by Chirrikenstein Studio in that 80,s grey tee color which we love.


Very beautiful song, especially the part from 6:24 to 8:20

Man, scandinavians know how to make good music…