Have a Hart Day - August 2015 Wrap-up
Here is the wrap up for Have a Hart Day events in August

THANK YOU to all Have a Hart Day volunteers! Without you, these events would not happen or be as successful as they are.

Singapore - 8 Volunteers helped to prepare vegetables to be cooked to feed 4920 less fortunate families and elderly

La Crosse, Wisconsin - 6 Volunteers picked 100 pounds of fresh produce, which will be provided to area families in need

Auckland, New Zealand - 7 Volunteers packed 100 emergency family food parcels

Atlanta, Georgia (8/8) - 8 Volunteers sorted and packed roughly 8,000 books to be sent to Africa

Seattle, Washington - 6 Volunteers prepared and served breakfast and lunch to 58 members of the Ballard community

Phoenix, Arizona - 10 Volunteers helped pack 1200 boxes, 20000 pounds

Nashville, Tennessee - 3 Volunteers prepped meals for 210 people

Washington DC - 2 Volunteers helped sort about 19,800 lbs of frozen foods

Dallas, Texas - 5 Volunteers filled 69 bags worth of carrots and helped reach a total of 6872 pounds overall to help feed families across DFW

São Paulo, Brazil - 6 Volunteers walked the dogs that live at the public shelter.

Glasgow, Scotland - 3 Volunteers helped collect and sort 16 crates of donations (not pictured: Amy)

Bergen County, New Jersey - Helped to sort dozens of boxes of food and household supplies

Atlanta, Georgia (8/22) - 6 Volunteers helped sort 8,851 lbs which is 7,375 meals

Metro Detroit, Michigan - 7 Volunteers packaged 756 pounds of apples, and 362 pounds of corn

Los Angeles, California - 4 Volunteers helped pack & distribute 98 custom grocery orders to the homeless and families in need

Toronto, Ontario - 6 Volunteers sorted and packed ~1500 pounds of frozen meat and prepared meals

Norwich, England - 5 Volunteers packed 53 boxes, which is enough to feed 66 people for a week

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 3 Volunteers Packaged 8,430 pounds of crackers, cereals, snacks, and cookies which is the equivalent of 7,025 meals for hungry Oklahomans

Northeastern Pennsylvania - 5 Volunteers boxed 180 boxes of food (~1800lb)

Houston, Texas - 6 Volunteers Sorted 10,296 pounds of food
Which equals 8,580 meals

London, England - 7 Volunteers served cooked breakfasts, cereal, teas & coffees to over 150 people

New York City, New York - 7 Volunteers served 375 hot meals for lunch service at Part of the Solution in Bronx NY

If you’d like to volunteer be sure to visit Official Have a Hart Day FB Page for upcoming events. Or visit the Upcoming page on this blog.

Interested in creating an event for your city?
Send an email to volunteer@hartomedia.com to apply to be a City Captain

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