If you want to be done with a person, be done. Don’t be afraid of throwing away history; don’t be afraid of owing them anything. If they have done you wrong, all bets are off the table. Take care of yourself.

Even more reasons to smile

Someone could’ve just gotten an amazing haircut

A woman could’ve just found out she was pregnant after multiple miscarriages

Someone could’ve just gotten their first pet

A child could be reciting the entire alphabet for the first time

Someone could’ve just realized how hurtful their behavior is and genuinely apologized

An struggling actor could’ve just gotten their first role

Someone could’ve just found the strength to pull themselves out of an anxiety attack

Someone could’ve just decided to not go through with suicide, and decided to seek professional help instead

Someone could’ve just taken their first college class and felt a sense of belonging

Someone could’ve just stood up to a bully and made a new friend

A grandmother could have made the best pie to share with her grandkids

A teenager could’ve just gotten their license

It’s someone’s birthday

Someone could be having the best moment of their lives right this second

Someone could’ve just decided to live a life free of negativity

Someone could’ve just gotten complimented at the grocery store

Someone could’ve just received their first paycheck

A poor family could be having their first warm meal

A stray animal could’ve been saved from starvation

A child could be learning their times tables

Someone could’ve just gotten a clean bill of health

There is no guarantee that you will get exactly what you’re looking for. There is no complete certainty that what you expect to happen will occur. Although, there IS the guarantee that your hard work will pay off. It may not result in exactly the way as planned, but none the less it will result in something beautiful.
Do you ever feel alone while you were surrounded by your friends?
—  eleflourishing

Gain more knowledge. Grow your mental ability. Read, read, read. Don’t just watch TV and movies. Virtually all highly successful people do some form of daily educational reading. Regardless of what they read, they make sure it contains useful and meaningful information from which they can benefit from in the long run. Statistics show that the average person reads less than 1 book per year. If you could read 1 book per week, that would mean about 52 books per year. Now imagine what an advantage that will give you over everyone else. 


Today was pretty shitty, so I wrote myself a list of affirmations and thought I’d share them on here for those who need them! Here goes:

🌞I am a good person.🌞

🌺This world needs me.🌺

🌈I am valid.🌈

🎀I am wonderful.🎀

🙏I am intelligent and capable and this world needs me.🙏

🦋I am deserving of love and care.🦋

💙I am smart and captivating.💙

🐙I am deserving of good things.🐙

⭐️I am loving and I am loved.⭐️

😺People love and care about me.😺

⛄️I make the world a better, safer place.⛄️

💞I am brave and I will get through this.💞

🍀I am good at loving others and I make others happy.🍀

🐣I have potential in life.🐣

✨I can and do create positive change.✨

💚I am beautiful and courageous.💚

🍄I am lovely.🍄

☂️I am lovable.☂️

🌼Things will get better.🌼

🐌This world needs me.🐌

👑I am going to overcome this and go on to do great things.👑

💓I can do anything I set my mind to.💓

💐I have helped so many people.💐

🕊I am helping so many people.🕊

🎈I approve of myself.🎈

You know who don’t get NEARLY enough love? Fat trans men.

Every fucking media portrayal of trans men is as a super thin white guy with clear skin but like, fat trans men are the best.

They give really good hugs + cuddles and are super warm.

I’m also really just here for mentally ill fat trans men. Y'all are great and you’re trying your best and it’s obvious. I believe in you boys. I love you all.

God bless fat trans men. And you better BELIEVE this includes the ones that struggle to pass because of their weight, extra round of applause for them.