be kind clumsily. give out badly worded compliments and cringe for the rest of the day. stutter through telling someone how much you like their outfit, or their hair. remark on someone asking a great question or giving an insightful answer in the middle of class even if every one stops and listens to you. go out of your way to be nice to others, even if your friends think it’s weird. offer to help people out even if you’re unsure of yourself. not only will these things get better and easier as you go, but you’ll be making others and yourself feel great while you learn. be kind clumsily

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Could I get some positivity for sapphics with crooked teeth ?? I'm really insecure about it but I can't get braces and everyone else seems to have relatively straight teeth. :(

oh man !!! wlw with crooked or discolored teeth? amazing oh my god ??? teeth aren’t supposed to be even and flawless and white okay you’re already beautiful 💜💗

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Hey! do you have any tips on how to stay positive when your around negative people 24/7??


I’m sorry you’re around such people. Negative people are really rough to  constantly spend time with.

Staying Positive–

  1. -Meditate! Meditation can help you balance yourself and keep yourself relaxed. Meditate ritually and make sure to do it somewhere quiet and by yourself. That’ll help a lot.
  2. -Shielding! Mentally picture yourself covered in glowing white light. That light is a shield around you, keeping out negativity and darkness. When you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with all the negativity, imagine that shield around you.
  3. -Take time to yourself! Sometimes even the most extroverted people need time to themselves to breathe. Even if you can only do a few minutes a day by hiding in the bathroom. Take a moment to do some deep breathing and relax yourself.
  4. -Positive affirmations! Repeat good things to yourself verbally and/or mentally. Repeat the affirmations whenever you need to! Things like, “I am strong,” “this negativity around me does not exist within me,” “I am happy,” “I do not become negative,” “I am a positive, affirming light in this world.”
  5. Magic! You can do positivity spells, you can use sigils, you can use potions, etc. You can also use wards to protect your own space(your room or even your own body) from absorbing negative energy.
  6. Crystal properties! You can keep crystals on/around you that can help balance out the negative atmosphere. Black tourmaline repels negative energy, rose quartz helps you keep up self-love(and love for others), tiger’s eye is good for grounding, and selenite is great for removing blocked energy.

That’s all I can think of. I really hope that helps!

By the way, here’s a sigil I made a while ago for “Negativity Does Not Exist Here.”

Good luck, love~! <3

Blessed Be,
~*~The Moon Tea Witch~*~