Gender Neutral Names to Call Your SO Made With Random Word Generator:

-Sunrise Force

-Delicate Room

-Inner Grape

-Heartsick Color

-Peppermint Offender

-Goodbye Eyes

-Heaven Link

-Astounding Almond

-Lovesick Festival

-Destiny Goldfish

-Bittersweet Devil

-Honeymoon Mortal

-Heart Carnival

-Fellow Planet

-Constant Bronze

-Soft Witch

-Pearl Vixen

-Drowsy Candymaker

-Hug Farm

sometimes you just need to yell how much you love yourself! there are so many times and places where lgbtq+ people can’t be out and can’t be vocal so just take some time and validate yourself! 💚

💛 I love being agender!
💜 I love being nonbinary!
💙 I love my sexuality even if I can’t figure it out!
💚 I love the relationship I’m in!
💛 I love my lgbtq+ friends!
💜 I love me even when it’s hard sometimes!

Hey everyone it’s ben! This past week has been quite the week. We went to go see my family in Atlanta and had a great time but returning my car broke down and it was very costly and took my entire savings.

On top of that, when we got home in new york we had been kicked out of jace’s parents house. We have a place to stay but funds are so low and it was a tough move. I hate to ask but my paypal is always opened if anyone would like to donate to this queer and agender couple.

My paypal is benbeorsini@gmail.com

Jace and i have overcome a lot and you guys have watched it all here bc we’ve had this blog longer than we’ve even been together. We appreciate you guys so much 💛

Much love 💛