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this year i’m trying my hardest to show what’s on the inside - on the outside. if i’m feeling sad or upset, not to mask my emotions. to show what i’m passionate about. if i’m feeling happy or loved, i want to share that feeling with others. my clothes should reflect my personality. the smile on my face shouldn’t be one that’s forced but one that truly does reflect joy and peace. for the kindness i feel for people to materialize into acts of kindness. i want to walk and have people be able to harmonize with the song my soul sings. what you see on the outside needs to be a direct representation of what’s happening on the inside.

it’s hard - but i’m getting there. 🌸


Wishing you all a #happyMonday aka #AfroliciousMonday . I realllly missed you all and I’m glad I’m back. Today’s video was filmed in #Eritrea whilst I was doing some charity work. Thank you to everyone that had donated (Another video with more info will be posted soon) … I had the time of my life and grew so much whilst being away. I absolutely love these kids and miss them so much. Hope you enjoy the video and that you have a blessed week.

Loads of love 😘😘😘 #LidiaanaFoundation #Happy #PharrelWilliams #Smile #dance #lovemondays #everymonday #eritrean #habesha #eastafrican #positiveenergy #happiness #entrepreneur #naturalista #love #blackgirlmagic #children #Charity (at Asmara, Eritrea)

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