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I feel ya, mine comes in waves. One second I think I’m getting over it and then suddenly I’m mad as hell all over again.

Yep. It comes and goes.  I think Sundays ore bad for me because after the busy work week, it’s  finally Saturday and I get to spend time in fandom and on  AO3 reading  amazing fan fics.  Stories  so staggeringly superior to what Mofftiss dribbled out  their backsides for series 4.  SOOOO much better!!

I also get to see lovely edits art and gifs of John Watson being a positive force in Sherlock’s life, and in general relive all the season 1 and 2 love, even some season 3 love.  Then by Sunday I wake up and realize there WAS actually a season 4 and it hits me fresh  how abso-fucking-lutely horrible it was.  BANG!! Pissed off again.    I want my real John Watson back and I want Sherlock to stop being hurt. I want the “imperishable friendship “  back in place.   I seriously cannot accept what Mofftiss did to the characters and the spirit of the show.  I cannot accept Saint Mary or a baby or a world where John Watson beat the hell out of a Sherlock Holmes  who he knew was already not far from dying.

See!! Angry.  It is Sunday again.   Sigh.  I have been re reading ACD original stories to try to recover what season 4 ripped from my heart.

A little late, but here’s a little something for trans awareness month, featuring trans girl Marco (I have to say one of my favorite head canons)

With all of the fear from the us election results, I think a little positivity is in order. Trust me, it isn’t over yet. You’re voices are more important now than ever.

EDIT: Yes I know the flag colors are wrong. I don’t know why I did that. I literally had a picture next to the drawing to make sure I didn’t do something stupid like that. I need to stop drawing when I’m half asleep.

Rey is asexual. I know that technically she’s not an ewok. And technically she’s never even interacted with an ewok. And so technically this is the wrong blog for this. But Rey is very much ace, and I think we all agree that she would get along famously with ewoks, and we all hope she gets to interact with ewoks at some point in the new trilogy.

Idk if anyone’s already done this but this is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Chewie shooting (but not killing) Ren in that certain scene.


I want to leave hickeys all over a giant, jiggly belly and squishy love handles and massive overhang and cute lil double chin 😍 pretty much everywhere would suffice

There’s been a lot of TFA negativity crossing my dash lately, and it’s making me feel like I want to say something.

Friends who hated the portrayals of Luke, Leia, and Han in TFA, you may want to stop reading now. You are 100% welcome to ignore this post, especially if it would make you unhappy in absolutely any way.

‘Cause, see, I didn’t hate those portrayals. I thought they were quite interesting, actually. And meaningful.

And I wonder if, maybe, it’s because I am old.

Not Old old, I’ve still got some years before I’ll be eligible for Medicare, or even before the AARP starts inviting me to join. But still, old enough to have seen the OT when it first came out.

Old enough to have walked some paths, taken some chances, seen some shit. To have joined a Rebellion or two of my own.

I’ll put the rest under a cut, so those who don’t want to see this can skip right past.

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a Voltron legendary defenders character summary
  • Lance: "fake it till you make it" is probably not the best world saving strategy, or even the best flirting strategy for what it's worth, but heck, it's all I've got. It works, sometimes.
  • Keith: My only communication tools are swords and spaceships. It's called a fight or flight response.
  • Pidge: I saved all of your lives three times this week so please shut up about my "attitude".
  • Hunk: I will be aggressively an aggressively positive force for love and selflessness in this world whether it involves baking space cookies or shooting a giant bazooka.
  • Shiro: I wonder what it would be like to have one single good day in my life.
  • Allura: I am a simple woman. All I want from life is: 1. shiny things and 2. To take down a millenium facist galatic empire with an army of six people, half of whom are teenagers, a handful of mice and cat shaped spaceships.
  • Coran: The only thing better than my mustache is my ego, and the only thing bigger than my ego is my loyalty. Now let's kick some Galra Buttocks.