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I'm just curious, why do you bother responding to stuff like that? I feel like it just adds to the fire.

Honestly you’re right. I deleted it, it’s just me being petty and you guys deserve better.

I kinda forget that even if I’M joking when i reblog posts that are talking bad about me, I cant stop other people from taking up arms and going after the poster. I’m gonna make an effort to be better about this in the future. And I’m actually not being sarcastic rn, I wanna try to be a positive force in this community and I’m sorry for adding to the fire, THIS IS A PLACE OF LOVE Y'ALL❤❤❤

You are being called to heal yourself, not to agonize over your mistakes. Quit overthinking; this is what surrendering really means. Don’t focus on your problems and don’t obsess about “fixing” things. Avoid forcing “positive thinking.” These thoughts can be psychological irritants. Just leave yourself alone! When you pick at things they never heal. Simply relax and give yourself some time. — Bryant McGill

Idk if anyone’s already done this but this is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Chewie shooting (but not killing) Ren in that certain scene.

Light and Dark | Thoughts on Rey and Kylo Ren

Conflict exists between Rey and Kylo Ren as in any classic light vs. dark dynamic. But there is much more to their interactions than simple black and white constructs.

They err into the grey together.

The phrase, “two sides of the same coin,” fits them well. They are very similar in some regards, but where they differ is decisively polarizing in how they’ve chosen to see life and deal with living.

  • Kylo is tempted by the light. He is inherently good as he was raised with love, but the dark offers him the strength he so desperately wants.
  • Rey is tempted by the dark. She’s lived a lonely life and was confronted by the urge to kill in the movie’s final battle, but she ultimately wants to remain virtuous in light.
  • Kylo has shown his favor for Rey. He is said to be “unexpectedly gentle” with her and no one else.
  • Rey has seen Kylo as a nightmare. But she retains the knowledge that beneath the cold metal he wears, he’s also afraid.

When they first met, Kylo Ren would’ve likely had to kill Rey if he decided against taking her with him from the forest of Takodana since she had seen the map to Skywalker and sided with The Resistance. But he chose to take her with him and called off the search for the missing BB unit, even when he knew the droid with the source information couldn’t have been far.

While she was captured by him, he also kept her close and let no one else make attempts at “extracting information” from her [which seemed to be routine as shown earlier in the film].

His decisions were questionable, but remembering how he reacted each time “a girl” was mentioned to him by an officer or stormtrooper, we could glean that Rey holds a part in a narrative that is known and important to him.

If that were not the case, on Starkiller Base with her as his “guest,” he could’ve been intimidating, faceless, and immediate as he was with Poe Dameron and “take whatever” he wanted from her as he had threatened, as he had said he NEEDED to do, but he didn’t… and he went on to do just the opposite.

When Rey voiced her obvious aversion to how he was presented, he disarmed himself of what could’ve been an invaluable tool of fear. He took off his mask to quell her anxieties of being “hunted by a creature,” and made himself human to her.

And instead of going right for the information that was so important [again, as he did with Poe], he opted to sift through her memories, looking to draw what he needed out of her instead of seizing it all at once, and in the process he even began to slip into distraction while in her thoughts.

In the novel, his carefulness with her is even more apparent.

  • He communicated that he’d prefer to avoid probing her mind as it gave him “no pleasure.”
  • He reassured her that he would do what he could to make the process less difficult for her, “I will go as easily as possible.”
  • And [this part was included in the movie] when she became most resistant and unsettled, he told her not to be afraid, “I feel it too.”

Although dialogue was cut in the theatrical release for a more subtle approach [in regard to the sudden shift in his portrayal], his strange accommodations for Rey WAS intentional with context preserved in the novel as proof, and I’m pleased that the majority of the general audience grasped onto that without further exposition.

As for Rey in the interrogation scene…

  • His hand pulled sharply away from her cheek as if her skin had suddenly turned white-hot. Confused, rattled, he stumbled back from her. Her gaze followed him. Her eyes were the same, but something else had changed—something behind them, in her stare and in her posture. – TFA Novel

When Rey turned the tables on Kylo by intruding into his mind, that was when I knew they were crafted to be equals, that she was never meant to be pitied or coddled by fans, and she was NOT to be treated like glass that Kylo Ren could potentially dirty or break with the slightest of touches.

Rey wound-up shaking him more than he had intended to have happen to either one of them, defying his attempts to see her as a simple scavenger while solidifying his desire to know her, truly.

I was never more excited to see two characters interact in this movie than I was at that moment because I knew Rey would challenge his beliefs, his ideologies, and each future encounter they shared would be filled with significance – they would be compelling.

The next scene of importance is in their closing confrontation; for Kylo Ren, this starts just after he inadvertently betrayed himself on the bridge with his father:

  • Stunned by his own action, Kylo Ren fell to his knees. Following through on the act ought to have made him stronger, a part of him believed. Instead he found himself weakened. – TFA Novel

He’s done terrible things to find solace in darkness. In order to not feel as if he was being “torn apart,” he sought to rid himself of all good so that he could relinquish his heart to cold cruelty. But that backfired on him when he went to sever one of his strongest ties to his former self.

We can’t deny that he’s found the will to kill before, and he is sided with The First Order – but as Leia said, “there’s still light in him.”

And in this movie, the light inside of him is conveyed most effectively through his connection with Rey.

Bearing in mind all the bad that he’s done, he hasn’t shown a willingness to make a serious attempt on her life, and that may sound like a small point to make in comparison to the war that’s once again being waged in the galaxy, but it is there, and it is instrumental to the Jedi.

  • Ren held his lightsaber, poised to strike. “I could kill you right now. But there is another way.”
  • “You need a teacher.” He was beseeching and insistent all at once. “I can show you the ways of the Force!” – TFA Novel

Kylo Ren wants to be the one Rey chooses to turn to, he desires to have a role in her development. He could’ve struck her down on Starkiller Base, but he kept giving her ground to the point that he fell, and I was most intrigued by this heavily-hinted-at-but-still-mysterious part to his character as it all boiled down to him having “compassion” for her, just as Snoke accused him of.

Compassion, meaning his interest in her runs deeper than wanting an apprentice who is strong with the force. For reasons we won’t know until the next movie, he cares about Rey, and that’s something he should not feel as that makes her one of his biggest weaknesses.

In that regard, she will become his strongest “pull to the light.”

Rey is, of course, at odds with him. She’s unsure of what to make of him even as he seems to know more about her than she does herself. But she would never give into his pleas to let him teach her because she knows for certain that his reasoning, as well as the dark side, is corrupt.

True, she doesn’t understand why he does the things that he does or how he’s gotten certain thoughts into his head. Impulsively, she even wants to see him as a monster without explanation. But she knows that there are people waiting for him and that he IS grappling with the effort to personify his warped image of Darth Vader. He’s not completely lost, he’s actually afraid, and that’s a state of mind she can empathize with.

So compassion may yet flow both ways for these two.

  • Compassion | noun | com·pas·sion | \kəm-ˈpa-shən\
  • Sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.
  • “Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi’s life. So, you might say that we are encouraged to love.” – Kylo’s one and only idol, Anakin.

Rey and Kylo Ren symbolize the balance of light and dark in the force.

Both have seen inside the other, they seem to have an intertwined past that we’re not yet privy to, and eventually, they’ll likely have an understanding of each other that no one else could fully share in.

I do subscribe to the Kenobi/no relation/Jedi Academy theories, but even if they turn out to be cousins in the unfolding story’s canon, my views in this analysis would still stand. They will remain my favorite connection in this new trilogy.

I ship Rey and Kylo Ren because their potential to personify facets of the force and give meaning to the heaviest themes in the Star Wars universe would be the most compelling and emotionally charged direction I could imagine this new story taking. The message their decided fates could send, whatever those might be, would resonate most thematically.

psa: regardless of if you ship finnrey, stormpilot, or both– please be supportive of which becomes canon regardless because it’s going to be radical either way (a white woman and a black man in a relationship that’s portrayed as balanced and healthy?? awesome!!) (an interracial gay couple that’s focused on love and friendship featuring two mocs?? amazing!!)

like there’s so much potential for healthy, wonderful relationships and idk about everyone else but I am so pumped!!! :)))

Barney gives teddy a cuddle!

Barney’s been doing the “Hug” trick with other objects for a while, however, holding the bear up has proved difficult - it’s quite big & bulky but very soft. Taken him a few practice sessions to manage this - a lot of rewarding tiny steps in the right direction. Today was the first time I’ve been able to step back & take photos. He’s a good dog :)

Enough is Enough

For everyone out there talking about Adam Driver not being “attractive enough” to be in the Star Wars TFA cast:

Look at this FUCKER. Look at his dorky smile and kind eyes. Look at his ears and his awkwardness. Look at his endearing dimples.

This is not a conventionally attractive or sexy man.

But this is a beautiful man. A man who overcame a lot in order to follow his dreams; and he knows the struggles of self esteem.

This is a man who has a great laugh, an infectious personality, and a kind soul.

He is a human. A real person. A shy, introverted, self-conscious little cinnamon bun.

He is an artist and a soldier. He knows discipline, and he works hard. 

I think Adam Driver is beautiful. And I am so happy that he is part of the Star wars family now. He will always be a part of it

I’m personally not attracted to this wonderful guy, but for people who are, that’s fine! and for people who aren’t, THAT’S FINE TOO. But just calling him out for not being attractive enough for the rest of the cast is cruel and unnecessary, and those who defend that stance using race are making a huge socio-political issue out of nothing.

But on the same train of thought, don’t forget about the stunningly gorgeous and diverse cast that stars in the film. The variances in skin color in this movie, and the fact that the lead is a woman, are two exceptional qualities of this star wars episode.

how about we all just be proud and supportive of the whole cast? is that too much to ask for from some people?

All WLW writers, artists, content creators...

…and all of you who want to be one of the above but don’t quite know where to start.

I’m tired of seeing our representation in the media get fucked over. I’m tired of being gived hope only to have it ripped away. I’m tired of living in a world that sees our stories as something tragic or something to sexualize, with no in between. And I know so many of you feel the same way. 

I also know that so many of you are incredibly talented. And I know that there’s literally thousands of us who could - and have done with projects like Carmilla - come together to support the media that we feel is a good representation of us. Where lesbian characters aren’t killed off for shock value. Where bi women aren’t just used boost ratings. I’ve seen what we can do and I’ve seen how beautifully so many of you can craft stories and bring them to life and  you guys, we have so. Much. Potential. 

So please, if you’re creating original content featuring wlw that treats them respectfully, let me know. If you want to but you’re not sure where to start, just sit down and create something. It doesn’t even have to be good because any starting point is something to grow from. If you want to support the media that supports us, then please do. 

And please, reblog this post, with links to your own original content or things that are worth supporting. I want them to flourish. I want them to be out there. I want them to be accessible for younger wlw, for the next generation of teenage girls figuring themselves out, for people to find something to have hope in that won’t be torn away from them as they try to figure themselves out in what can be an exhausting world to live in. 

so i was looking around for a tutorial on rey’s makeup (if anybody has a high-res photo of her eyes please let me know!) and i came across this article and it’s actually super interesting – apparently the makeup artists used a special mascara on daisy that was resistant to the desert heat and could only be removed with water heated at 38°C/100°F, as well as taking sand from the desert, sterilizing it in boiling water, and then dusting it on her face. they also used little strands of brown wool instead of hair ties to tie up her tri-buns, or ‘knobs’, because it gave them a rustic feel.

(the image of rey finding little pieces of string among a wrecked ship or a pile of scrap and salvaging them to use for her hair is super cute, wouldn’t you agree?)