Positive Life Tips

Life tips

Don’t procrastinate ANYTHING.

Wake up earlier every morning.

Exercise or go for a walk every morning. Watch the sun rise.

Make your bed every morning.

Keep your bedroom organised and clean.

Do every piece of work like you’ve no choice but to get the highest grade.

Every time you eat you are either fighting or feeding disease.

Music. All the time.

If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. And don’t pretend to enjoy it.

Don’t bitch. At all.

Don’t pass up something that you know you’d enjoy.

Stop arguments before they get worse.

Dress however you like.

Don’t leave the house ‘til you feel photoshoot ready.

Make gratitude lists every day. Or in your head.

Meditate when you can. It DOES help.

Remember people are just people and there is never EVER any need to be nervous or anxious.

Fake confidence.

Always save at least a small amount of any payment you get- either into a savings account or to put away.

Sell the clothes you never wear- someone might be looking for that exact item of clothing.

Believe you can do anything, because you can.

Treat people exactly how you want to be treated.

Nobody is above you.

Read your books.

If you’re stuck, think about the advice you would give to a friend in your situation.

Instant calmer: Breathe in through your nose for 7 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds. Exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds.

Become a priority in your life. You need to take care of you before you can take care of anyone else. Make YOU a priority! It’s not selfish or rude, it’s actually healthy to put yourself first at times.

I learned that happiness is seeing the person you love and being able to smile at them even if they no longer smile back. I learned that happiness is believing in a happy ending even though you know they might not always be possible. I learned that happiness is having someone believe in you even when you do not believe in yourself.  I learned that happiness is the way a steaming coffee mug can warm your insides even when your heart feels as cold as ice. I learned that happiness is how a puppy jumps with joy to see you when you don’t want to see yourself. I learned that happiness is how soothing the tickling rain feels against your broken body. I learned that happiness is how someone can make you feel whole when you normally feel broken. I learned that happiness is having people there to help you fix yourself.  I learned that happiness is someone loving you when you don’t love much of anything anymore. I learned that happiness is learning to love everything again. I learned that happiness is that feeling of completeness when you’re walking alone through a green meadow, being able to lean down and smell the flowers. I learned that happiness is being able to smell the cookies baking in the oven and thinking you can’t wait to eat them. I learned that happiness is a stranger’s shy smile, the blushing in your face when you see a long forgotten friend, and how content you feel when you remember a lovely memory from a different time. Happiness is loving and appreciating everything and everyone around you, senselessly and endlessly–And that’s what changed me, realizing that happiness is everywhere.
—  what happiness is to me.
10 Ways To Change How You Live

These changed my life for the better.  Maybe they will help you too:

1.)  Listen to your intuition, heart and mind.  Our guts are right.  When you start to listen to your body.  It speaks out to you, you just have to be listening.

2.)  Disconnect negative people/environments from your energy, they literally suck on your positive energy.  This is energy that could be used on a plethora of positivities. Plus it tires you unnecessarily.

3.)  Respect your body and where you live.  Treat your body right with regular exercise, eating healthy (fresh foods only) and healing soul/spirit. Do what you can to reduce your digital/carbon footprints/recycle.

4.)  Embrace change, do not fear it.  If we do not shed our skins, we will never grow or fully blossom.

5.)  Love those who do not want or think they deserve love.  They need it most.

6.)  Get involved locally to change something negative in your community.

7.)  Channel heartache from any relationship as a way to change your life.  Heartache does not have to be sour or bitter.  It can be the pain to remind you not to go down that path and repeat the same patterns of mistake.  Heartache is a blessing, as much as it does hurt.

8.)  Evaluate what your intentions are for everything you do in your life.  Are they selfish and self-serving?  Because the answer is: positive intentions lead to a positive life.

9.)  Remember, positive thoughts lead to positive perceptions.  Positive perceptions lead to positive intentions, which leads to positive progressions.  This can be a way of life if you can control how you react to negativity in your life.

10.)  Prevent negative people from dictating how you “should” be living your life.  They are not you, they don’t think like you, they don’t want to aspire to be anything great or contribute anything great to society.  Negative people are the leeches of society.  Negative people exploit positive people’s progressions because they will never overcome their own fears to do what you are doing.