Greek God Aesthetics
  • zeus: pastel yellow bike rides along the dreary empty highway. clouds crushed under the wind. uneasily swaying powerlines overhead.
  • poseiden: seagulls fighting over bread, university sweatshirts and the winter ocean. shoes thrown to the wind and exhausting games of beach volleyball with not enough players
  • hera: cold lemonade on the front porch, long taffeta skirts blowing in the wind. hydrangea bushes blooming in rows, red ants crawling in the blue bushels
  • hestia: clean sheets, straw hats with ribbons. framed embroidery and fraying pillows. hanging bushels of herbs, thick and full as a bouquet. bits of dried leaves on the floor
  • hermes: old shoes thrown over a phone line, sitting on the curb and feeling the heat absorbed by the pavement. 90 degree weather and sweatshirts. snippets of other people's conversations
  • athena: a single droplet destroying the calm of a lake. misty mornings. soft goose calls. stinging cold morning air, cheeks burning with exhaustion on the morning jog
  • artemis: smoking by the window so your parents don't smell it. hiding things in the lining of your shoes. bugs crawling out from under a book, triumph of catching them with a shoe
  • aries: old diners and motorcycles, driving around town in the middle of the night. other cars fly by in a sea of headlights. a radio playing the old hits.
  • apollo: the sharp glint of sunlight when driving home. being stuck in traffic, flipping through radio stations and finding nothing but commercials. someone in the fast lane drives by with the most beautiful music playing
  • aphrodite: a mouthful of rose petals, over-sized sweaters and thick thighs with cellulite stripes. an hour preparing for a selfie and the one of the false eyelashes keeps coming off.
  • hephaestus: gum wrappers twisted into shapes. tearing up strips of paper to make paper stars. mechanical pencils that no longer work, but you still push lead sticks in
  • demeter: farmer's market stands closed down for the year, but weeds and grasses throng through the fences. little blue flowers bloom through the cracks in the sidewalk
  • persephone: picnics in unexpected places, old bridges and train tracks. evergreen forests dripping with water, moss covered boulders touched by hands with pink painted nails
  • hades: early shifts. the quiet highways before the sun has risen, the world darkness and neon glowing signs. driving with the windows down, cool air soothing nausea

anonymous asked:

BETP can we talk about Derek Hale's sunday morning routine? Early morning riser to get the paper, getting coffee for himself and Stiles, blanket burrito at some point in the day...

yes gawd

here’s the thing though. derek’s not a morning person. stiles is. stiles is one of those people who wakes up because he has to pee, but then he can’t get back to sleep so he just starts eating. he gets up at sevenish, and then produces coffee and scrambled eggs (the only eggs he can make aside from soft-boiled on toast), and wanders back into the bedroom with them.

there’s something about watching derek sleep that settles something hot and firm in stiles’ chest. derek’s edges aren’t just filed down when he sleeps, they’re sawed off. he’s all warm curves and rumpled hair. he wakes pretty immediately when stiles settles back down on the bed with the eggs, but once he realizes it’s just stiles, with food, he relaxes again. he says hoarsely, “eggs? really?” and stiles ignores him, so he ignores stiles right back.

stiles takes the moment to look around the room. derek’s got pictures on the walls. they’re mostly black and white photos of cities, texted to him by his little sister. he also has tacked to his wall a wrinkled piece of binder paper with “date me?” scrawled on it, followed by stiles’ phone number. initially stiles had written “blow me?” but he ultimately decided this was a little more romantic. he was also pretty sure derek had had his phone number since 2012, but he couldn’t be too sure.

it’s not until nine-thirty or ten that derek finally sits up, beard and chest hair looking unfairly soft, hazel eyes almost aglow in the morning light, and begins to share the remaining eggs.

stiles had always imagined a domestic sunday morning. it wasn’t a wistful imagining; it was just a thought that existed in the back of his mind, like an acceptance of the inevitable future. it was going to happen eventually: eventually he would fall in love with someone who loved him back (probably), and he was going to spend a warm sunday morning drinking coffee and fucking around on his phone while his better half lolled in the bed, took a shower, maybe blow-dried her hair. he didn’t know who it would be: but he could feel the way it would feel. he could almost recall it. it was like a memory, but backwards.

he guesses the images are different, the actions not quite the same, the genitals shaped differently, but the feeling is there. it’s more expansive, happier, than he thought it would be. derek turning his head and looking out the window, tines of the fork still resting on his lips while he chewed a small bite of eggs: sometimes you know when something is right. you know the way you know when you gently squeeze a tomato to see if it’s the right amount of ripeness. stiles has squeezed derek and derek is exactly ripe.

once the plate is cleared of eggs, stiles leaves the bed to climb into the shower. he brushes his teeth slowly, and waits for derek to join him. soon enough, there derek is, still pulling his shirt over his head even as he steps into the stall. stiles looks at him, watches him chuck the shirt over the shower door and onto the floor. “okay, this?” stiles gestures with one lazily pointed finger to indicate in a whirling motion derek’s entire torso. “this is nice. this whole situation.”

“what,” says derek, stealing stiles’ toothbrush, which - ugh. why isn’t stiles more viscerally repulsed by this? it’s disgusting, it’s empirically disgusting.

“you’re pretty attractive,” stiles answers, unable to make himself angry about derek using his toothbrush. stlies snatches up and begins to use derek’s shampoo.


“very. very, very attractive. good-looking dude.”

“uh huh.”

“that’s, therein lies some of your appeal,” stiles goes on. “you look like a god.”

that gets derek’s eyebrows up. “a god?” derek’s dubious. he’s sarcastic. but there’s something rumbling in his voice, something pleased. amused, if nothing else. also, still a little sleepy.

“yes,” answers stiles seriously. “you look like poseiden.” standing there, water drumming onto his head, he looks at derek’s mouth, his chest hair. back at his eyes. “apollo.”

“apollo was kind of a dick,” derek points out, mouth full of minty foam.

“is,” says stiles, brows furrowing. “he’s immortal, derek.”

derek rolls his eyes, grabs stiles’ biceps, and switches their places so he can wash his own hair. stiles accepts this rearrangement. “anyway,” he says, grabbing his loofah - it lathers really well, all right? miss stiles with your presumed mockery - and going about scrubbing all remnants of dried come and errant egg from his body. derek can’t use the loofah because it gets all full of body hair, but stiles is less hairy in general. “i was thinking we could go to the lake today. i wanna rent a boat and try to knock you out of it.”

“good luck with that,” mutters derek, and, pleased, stiles watches him rinse his hair.

they do go to the lake, and derek dozes off on the boat for half an hour before lunch. stiles climbs on top of him (”what the fuck? get off”) and eats a hot dog there, and decides that he’s never been this happy. that he should probably aim at maintaining these life circumstances for as long as possible. maybe until he’s dead. derek chucks stiles off the boat and into the water. “uncalled for!” shouts stiles from the waves. “and on god’s day, no less!” derek watches passively from the boat deck.

Percico Chilling By The Water

Here is my submission for the Percico Weekend. I worked with @dhdart on this and they even drew something for it! Anyways I had fun working on this and will keep an eye out for any other events like it! Enjoy Percico HC on the water front!

  • Percy gets stressed sometimes over school and stuff and Nico hates it
  • Nico hates seeing his usually playful fun loving Percy nearly in tears over some essay and trying so hard so so hard to pretend like it’s ok when Nico walks in the room
  • Nico hates feeling helpless
  • So he does something about it
  • Nico looks online for things to help with stress relief 
    • He finds stuff like massages (those only work for a but then Percy is back to work and Nico can practically *see* the tension creeping back into his bf shoulders)
    • Meditation (that was a hilarious flop but Percy laughed so Nico counted it as a win)
    • Heck Nico even bought Percy a plant Percy still has it 
  • He talks to the Apollo kids
    • They suggest talking a quick walk but Percy refuses to leave because “I need to get a good grade on this Nico, just give me an hour tops” Nico doesn’t see Percy till bedtime when all he had the energy to do is cuddle and sleep
  • He talks to Annabeth 
    • She told him to play classical music 
  • He talks to Jason
    • “Tell him to do the eagle pose!” Nico had to look that one up.
  • Piper told Nico to kiss Percy more 
    • “don’t look at me like that Nico, it’s a real thing”
  • Basically anyone who knows Percy (Nico’s Percy not the savior of Olympus part of the big 7 seven Percy) Nico has talked to them
  • Nothing is really working and Nico is getting frustrated
  • Then Nico has a “holy Hera how am I this stupid” moment
  • Percy is a child of Poseiden. Water. Duh
  • So Nico decides to drag Percy out of the Poseiden cabin and down to the lake he has to promise Percy he will get in too
  • When they get there, both of them are content to let their feet hang off the edge of the dock and listen to the sound of the waves gently lapping against the shore
  • Percy gets restless though and tries to leave
  • Nico manages to convince him to at least swim a few laps.
  • So Percy strips down and makes lazy circles near the docks
  • It’s quiet till Percy speaks “You know this reminds me of swimming with my mom, when i was first learning she’s have me lay on my back and just float”
  • Nico smiles when he sees then fond grin on Percy’s face
  • Percy talks about all the happy memories he has of the beach and swimming and Nico is happy to just listen, and watch (this relaxed Percy is a welcomed change)
  • As the day wears on Nico think he might just get away with making a trip to the lake and not show up to dinner late or soaking wet
  • Percy picks that moment to grab Nico and haul him into the water
  • “PERCY!!”
  • *uncontrollable laughter*
  • Nico is disgruntled and climbs back out just long enough to strip off his jacket before Percy is pulling him back in
  • They splash around for while till Percy pulls Nico over to him
  • “Thanks for this Nico. I needed it.”
  • “Of course. Just promise me something? Please don’t let it get that bad again. I’ve been there done that. It’s not fun.”
  • Percy just kinda laughs and kisses Nico softly
  • “deal”

LT Musical Concert Highlights

So I just watched the Lightning Thief Musical’s cast concert on Facebook live and it was the best, and here were my highligts.

  1. The cut song “Pick A Side” had so many good lines??? At one point, Clarrisse said, “Percy couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag!” Another time, she sang, “Pick a side!” and then Silena Boureguard said, “Can’t we just all pick flowers?” And finally, my favorite exchange, Silena said, “My mom doesn’t believe in war!” And Clarrisse responded, “Oh yeah? Then why does she keep texting my dad?” I really wish it hadn’t been cut it was a work of art.
  3. Chris was just a huge dork the entire show and he also changed the lines a couple times. In DOA he made Carrie laugh and in Son of Poseiden he made Percy a lot sassier and it was so funny.
  4. George Salazar. Need I say more?
  5. There was a cut part of My Grand Plan where Annabeth says something along the lines of, “Odysseus, Morpheous, Perseus. What do all these names have in common? They’re all men.” Then, at the end of the song, she says, “Odysseus, Morpheous, Perseus, Annabeth.” It was amazing.

There’s probably more but those were my favorite parts and it was absolutely amazing. I love this cast and musical and I’m so glad they did this concert.


  • 1408
  • (500) Days Of Summer
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • 101 Dalmatians: Patch’s London Adventure
  • 30 Days of Night
  • 28 Days Later
  • 27 Dresses
  • 21
  • 21 & Over
  • 17 Again
  • 16 Candles
  • 16 Wishes
  • 13 Going on 30
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • A Bug’s Life
  • A Goofy Movie
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • A Walk to Remember
  • Addams Family Values
  • Adventure Land
  • Aladdin
  • Aladdin: The Return of Jafar
  • Aladdin and the King of Thieves
  • Alice in Wonderland(animation)
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Alien
  • Along Came Polly
  • American Graffiti
  • An Extremely Goofy Movie
  • Anastasia
  • Angels in the Outfield
  • Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging
  • Antz
  • Aquamarine
  • Arachnophobia
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Atlantis: Milo’s Return
  • Avalon High
  • Avatar
  • Back to the Future
  • Back to the Future II
  • Back to the Future III
  • Bad Teacher
  • Bambi
  • Bambi II
  • Bandslam
  • Batman
  • Batman & Robin
  • Batman Forever
  • Batman Begins
  • Beastly
  • Beautiful Creatures
  • Beauty and The Beast
  • Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
  • Because of Winn-Dixie
  • Becoming Jane
  • Bedtime Stories
  • Benny & Joon
  • Big Fish
  • Billy Madison
  • Birdemic: Shock and Terror
  • Black Christmas
  • Blade
  • Blade II
  • Blade: Trinity
  • Black Swan
  • Blast From the Past
  • Bolt
  • Brave
  • Bridesmaids
  • Bride Wars
  • Bridget Jones’ Diary
  • Bridge to Terabithia
  • Bring it On
  • Bring It On: Again
  • Bring It On: All or Nothing
  • Bring It On: In It to Win It
  • Bring it On: Fight to the Finish
  • Bruce Almighty
  • Burlesque
  • Camp Rock
  • Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • Cars
  • Cars 2
  • Carrie 
  • Casper
  • Casper’s Haunted Christmas
  • Casper Meets Wendy
  • Cast Away
  • Catwoman
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Charlie Bartlett
  • Charlie St. Cloud
  • Chicken Little
  • Chicken Run
  • Child’s Play
  • Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  • Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  • Cinderella
  • Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
  • Cinderella III: A Twist In Time
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
  • Cloverfield
  • Click
  • Clueless
  • Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
  • Coraline
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love
  • Cry Wolf
  • Cyberbully
  • Daredevil
  • Darkness Falls
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Dead Silence
  • Dear John
  • Delivery Man
  • Despicable Me
  • Despicable Me 2
  • Dinosaur
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Disturbia
  • Don’t Look Now
  • Dracula
  • Drag Me To Hell
  • Due Date
  • Dumbo
  • Easy A
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Elektra
  • Ella Enchanted
  • Enchanted
  • E.T.
  • Erin Brockovich
  • Evil Dead
  • Fantasia
  • Fantasia 2000
  • Fantastic Four
  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  • Fast and Furious 1
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious
  • Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift
  • Fast and Furious 4
  • Fast and Furious 5
  • Fast and Furious 6
  • Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Fever Pitch
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  • Final Destination
  • Final Destination 2
  • Final Destination 3
  • Final Destination 5
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  • Flushed Away
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  • Forrest Gump
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  • Freaky Friday
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  • Fright Night (2012)
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  • Green Lantern
  • Groundhog Day
  • Grave Encounters 2
  • Hairspray
  • Halloween
  • Halloween Town
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  • Return to Halloween Town
  • Hancock
  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunter
  • Happy Feet
  • Hard Candy
  • Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone
  • Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
  • Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban 
  • Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire 
  • Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
  • Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince  
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Part 1
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Part 2
  • The Haunting
  • Hellboy
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army
  • Herbie: Fully Loaded
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  • High School Musical
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  • Identity Thief
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  • Inception
  • Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Insidious
  • I, Robot
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  • It
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
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  • Josie and the Pussycats
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
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  • Juno
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  • Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
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  • Mulan
  • Mulan II
  • My Girl
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  • Nancy Drew
  • Napolean Dynamite
  • National Treasure
  • National Treasure: Book of Secrets
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  • Nightmare on Elm Street
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  • No Reservations
  • Nosferatu
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  • Perks of Being a Wallflower
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  • Pitch Perfect
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  • Star Trek Into Darkness
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  • Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
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  • The Clique
  • The Conjuring
  • The Craft
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • The Emperor’s New Groove 
  • The Exorcist
  • The Five-Year Engagement
  • The Fourth Kind
  • The Fox and the Hound
  • The Fox and the Hound 2
  • The Game Plan
  • The Goonies
  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Great Mouse Detective
  • The Green Hornet
  • The Grudge
  • The Grudge 2
  • The Grudge 3
  • The Hangover
  • The Hangover 2
  • The Hangover 3
  • The Haunting In Connecticut 
  • The Heat
  • The Help
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • The Hobbit
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  • The Incredibles
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • The Innkeepers
  • The Invisible Man
  • The Karate Kid
  • The Last Song
  • The Lion King
  • The Lion King 1 1/2
  • The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride
  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
  • The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning
  • The Loved Ones
  • The Lucky One
  • The Messengers
  • The Nanny Diaries
  • The Night of the Living Dead
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • The Notebook
  • The Others
  • The Outsiders
  • The Pacifier
  • The Parent Trap
  • The Perfect Man
  • The Possession
  • The Prince of Egypt
  • The Princess and The Frog
  • The Princess Bride
  • The Princess Diaries
  • The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
  • The Proposal
  • The Rescuers
  • The Rescuers Down Under
  • The Resident
  • The Return
  • The Ring
  • The Ring 2
  • The Road to El Dorado
  • The Runaways
  • The Sandlot
  • The Shining
  • The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants
  • The Sixth Sense
  • The Social Network
  • The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
  • The Swan Princess
  • The Swan Princess Christmas
  • The Sword in the Stone
  • The Thing
  • The To Do List
  • The Village
  • The Vow
  • The Wedding Planner
  • The Witches
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • The Woman in Black
  • Theatre of Blood
  • There’s Something About Mary
  • Thirteen Ghosts
  • This Is The End
  • This Means War
  • Thor
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Thumbelina
  • Tinker Bell(2008)
  • Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
  • Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
  • Titanic
  • Toy Story
  • Toy Story 2
  • Toy Story 3
  • Transformers
  • Treasure Planet
  • Tropic Thunder
  • Twilight
  • Twilight: New Moon
  • Twilight: Eclipse
  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn pt. 1
  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn pt. 2
  • Twitches
  • Twitches Too
  • Uncle Buck
  • Up
  • Vampires Suck
  • V for Vendetta
  • WALL-E
  • War Horse
  • Warm Bodies
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  • What a Girl Wants
  • What Lies Beneath
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  • When Harry Met Sally
  • When in Rome
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  • Whip It
  • White Chicks
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Without A Paddle
  • Wreck-it Ralph
  • Wrong Turn
  • X-Men
  • X2: X-Men United
  • X-Men: The Last Stand
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • X-Men: First Class
  • Young Frankenstein
  • You’re Next
  • Zathura
  • Zombieland
  • Zoolander
Thought I'd try this out, ASK AWAY

Mythology Asks

Anubis: How do you feel about death?

Atum: What are your greatest imperfections?

Bastet: Do you have any cats?

Hathor: What brings you joy?

Horus: What is one thing you’ve had to fight for in your life?

Osiris: Do you believe in the underworld?

Ra: Do you have any major responsibilities or importance?

Thoth: Do you like to read/write?

Arawn: What is the most terrifying thing you’ve ever done?

Bran: How is your health?

Brighid: Tell us about your relationship with your father

.Cernunnos: What is your favorite animal?

Danu: What is your relationship with your mother?

Morrigan: What do you think happens when we die?

Olwen: What is your favorite flower?

Rhiannon: Have you ever been betrayed?

Bragi: What kind of music do you listen to?

Freya: Have you ever been in love?

Freyr: Do you have any children?

Hœnir: Are you a silent or talkative person?

Iounn: How old are you?

Loki: What is the best trick you’ve ever pulled on someone?

Odin: What is your family like?

Thor: Would you consider yourself pretty powerful?

Tree: What have you done with your life? What are you going to do with it?

Aphrodite: What do you think of yourself?

Ares: Are you an easy person to anger?

Athena: Would you consider yourself an artist?

Apollo: Do you play any instruments?

Dionysus: Do you drink?

Hades: Do you have a bad reputation?

Hekate: Have you ever tried to communicate with the dead?

Hermes: Have you ever stolen anything?

Poseiden: Are you a moody person?

Zeus: Are you a confident person?

Jupiter: Would people say that you are intimidating or fairly approachable?

Pluto: Where do you think we go when we die?

Apollo & Dianna: Do you prefer to be up during the day or at night?

Mars: Have you ever gotten into a fight?

Minerva: Do you generally give good advice?

Proserpine: Have you ever felt trapped?

Plutus: Do you have a job?

Venus: Have you ever had your heart broken?

Vesta: Do you like being home or do you try to get out whenever you can?

Morpheus: Do you daydream often? Of what?

The Signs as Greek Gods/Titans

Aries: Ares (I know, you’re surprised right?)
Taurus: Dionysus
Gemini: Hermes
Cancer: Rhea/Artemis
Leo: Apollo
Virgo: Athena
Libra: Aphrodite
Scorpio: Hades
Sagittarius: Zeus
Capricorn: Cronus
Aquarius: Prometheus/Hephestus
Pisces: Poseiden

howh come no one in the Percy Jackson Fandom

ever talks about the shitty side of various godly children

like. Heroes are disdained by a lot of immortals for a reason. they can be really shitty people

for example. Children of Aphrodite aren’t all beautiful on the inside. some of them are petty and jealous and love to start drama and pit others against eachother romantically for fun

Children of Hephaestus can be super anti social and terrible at interacting with real human beings

Children of Hermes that have actual Kleptomania problems. like. chronic. uncontrollable stealing

Children of Zeus that abuse their fathers position and are complete self important asses (that cheat a lot)

Children of Hades that get addicted to Shadow Travel and raising the dead, and that end up hating the gods for their father’s trouble with Olympus

Children of Poseiden with Anger and self control issues because they are as changeable as the sea

Hunters of Artemis that are vehemently Misandrist

stuff like that. because the heroes of old were portrayed as assholes a lot for a Reason


You smiled as you watched the last of your knives embed themseves in the heart of the dummy. You noticed a few of the other tributes were watching you, and you started to walk away, getting ready to go and shower in your room.

“Hey Y/N, you show off!” Finnick yelled.

“Come over here for a second, sweetheart. I’ve got something to show you.” He said, making you roll your eyes, but walk over to him nonetheless.

“Go on then.”

“Watch this.” He replied, grabbing his trident and beginning to pose in fighting positions. He started making noises that mimicked the capitol crowd cheering and you couldn’t help but smile.

“They love me you know?” He said, whilst smiling his golden boy smile, “The capitol thinks I’m gorgeous, stunning and absolutely fabulous.”

“I don’t think they love you as much as you love yourself, Poseiden.” You said with a smirk, slowly taking steps backwards until you reached the door.

“See you later then, Aphrodite. You know, the goddess of beauty and love.” He said, his words oozing with flirtatious charm.

It Could Be Worse - Everlark Halloween Drabble

Happy Halloween everyone! Here is a quick story I wrote as my trick or treat for you. I hope you like it. 

“This is a bad idea. We’re going to be one of those true crime biopics on cable where the viewers scream at the TV how stupid we were,” she complains tugging at her bottoms.  She can’t help but think that she should be home in her comfortable PJs watching scary movies and eating the leftover trick or treat candy instead of trying to unwedge her tight bloomers from it’s uncomfortable position with her patented Katniss pinched expression firmly in place.

“Would you just relax Katniss,” her friend Annie whispered fiercely back, keeping an eye on the guys in front of them as they examined the gate. “You don’t know how to have any fun. Here we have cute boys that we’re having an adventure with on Halloween Night, and you can’t stop complaining.”


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