howh come no one in the Percy Jackson Fandom

ever talks about the shitty side of various godly children

like. Heroes are disdained by a lot of immortals for a reason. they can be really shitty people

for example. Children of Aphrodite aren’t all beautiful on the inside. some of them are petty and jealous and love to start drama and pit others against eachother romantically for fun

Children of Hephaestus can be super anti social and terrible at interacting with real human beings

Children of Hermes that have actual Kleptomania problems. like. chronic. uncontrollable stealing

Children of Zeus that abuse their fathers position and are complete self important asses (that cheat a lot)

Children of Hades that get addicted to Shadow Travel and raising the dead, and that end up hating the gods for their father’s trouble with Olympus

Children of Poseiden with Anger and self control issues because they are as changeable as the sea

Hunters of Artemis that are vehemently Misandrist

stuff like that. because the heroes of old were portrayed as assholes a lot for a Reason

The Signs as Greek Gods/Titans

Aries: Ares (I know, you’re surprised right?)
Taurus: Dionysus
Gemini: Hermes
Cancer: Rhea/Artemis
Leo: Apollo
Virgo: Athena
Libra: Aphrodite
Scorpio: Hades
Sagittarius: Zeus
Capricorn: Cronus
Aquarius: Prometheus/Hephestus
Pisces: Poseiden