Posca Pens

Flat lay of my favourite and most frequently used tools. 

Probably never to be seen this organized again..


Items from left to right: 

Winsor & Newton 24 pan Watercolour palette 

Uni pin fine line pens ( 0.5 and 0.8) 


White and black Posca Pens ( 1.3 mm and 0.7 mm) 

Winsor & Newton Watercolour iridescent Medium 

Broken eraser pieces

Brandless sharpener 

Winsor & Newton black indian ink

Winsor & Newton white and black watercolour tubes

Brushes ( not sure what brand these are) 

Uni Ball gold metallic gel pen

Uni Ball white gel pen

Staedtler HB pencil

Unknown brand brush that I use for ink


Whilst on holiday in Japan I bought my first set of Posca pens. I’ve only just started to play around with them this week. Here I decided to doodle over a discarded abstract painting on canvas, and they worked really well. I guess they do work on any surface! I’m still very much at the doodling phase though…