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This one took a lot longer than it really should have. Mostly because of the awkward angle of her face and my indecision regarding the hood. But anyhow it’s done. Not my favorite portrait but she’s my favorite Crow. :) That means with three down the final piece is officially halfway done. Kaz is next!

Ellis Island Immigrants: Alsace-Lorraine Girl
ca. 1906
Photographer: Augustus F. Sherman (American; 1865–1925)

Identified as “Girl from the Kochersberg region near Strasbourg, Alsace” in Peter Mesenhöller, Augustus F. Sherman: Ellis Island Portraits, 1905–1920 (New York: Aperture, 2005)

August, 2016
Portugal, Idanha-a-nova, Boom Festival

Ruben, Lili and Anna (and myself, substituted by BIO currant-juice from Austria for a proper group photo) 


© 2016, anna priewasser


Endre Penovác aka Эндре Пеновац (Serbian, b. 1956, Tornjoš, Serbia and Montenegro) - 1: Fluffy, 2016  2: Untitled, 2012  3: Untitled, 2014  4: Leaving, 2015  5: Honourable, 2015  6: Untitled  Paintings: Watercolors / Ink on Paper


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