Oregon Zoo’s one year old polar bear Nora enjoys her first Portland snow


Holy moly, I sold two original paintings last weekend (bottom two photos)! I’m going to miss them on my walls but I’m happy that they found new homes!

I’ve been hard at work making stuff for the holiday season. From art pieces to these new little hand painted pendants that I hand set in resign! The shop is restocked!

It’s restocked so check out my shop

Portland With Lindsey Reif

“We are hustlers here, because we have to be in order to stand out and be competitive, and that spirit has led to a really amazing community of designers and makers. I feel very fortunate to have started my business in Portland, and I attribute a lot of my success to having a supportive community around me.” Explore Portland through the eyes of fashion designer Lindsey Reif of REIFhaus.

Photos by @nicholaspeterwilson​​ for The Style Line

The Adulting School in Portland, ME, has workshops that teach millennials how to do grown-up things. Courses cover subjects like cooking, money tips, time management, and networking. The idea was inspired by the growing number of #adulting social media posts, where people share moments when they either behaved like an adult, or failed trying. Source Source 2