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My friend had to give up his beloved cat when he moved out of state. He rehomed him with one of his friends, but was just told that his friend had to move back in with her father, and cannot have pets. He needs to find an emergency home for the kitty, and hopefully a forever home as well. The kitty’s name is Odyn, he has one eye, is all black, and about five years old. He lives in the Portland area. Please help! Reblogs are so much appreciated.



As the days get shorter and the sun’s intensity subsides, cooler temperatures and colorful scenery draw autumn enthusiasts to these lovely locales to take in the changing landscape of the season: http://bit.ly/2dD8xFm

The problems w IOW and Portlandia are the same–they’re the problems w Portland and the PNW as a whole.

A lot of fairly privileged white people who have lived their whole lives thinking of themselves as good and progressive or liberal and smart and kind, who aren’t able to conceive that despite whatever good intentions or hard experiences they have, this doesn’t mean they aren’t still complicit in racism and every other form of oppression.

And this inability to see beyond themselves and their own feel good understanding of themselves as liberal people who are good and against bad things, makes them strangely and infuriatingly and DAMAGINGLY impervious to any critiques at all; its all understood as bullying, and @sw-or-gtfo did a really good job of taking that apart:

Just because something makes you feel bad about yourself doesn’t make it mean or bullying and actually, it’s probably a sign that something needs to change about you or how you do things or how you take criticism.

But Portland and the white people of the PNW in general aren’t humble enough for that. They’re high af on being Portlandia. And the new white people who come here are even more enthusiastically obtuse.

Not a good scene, my friends!


first installment of my 17th year project is up on my channel!! 

We’ll be hosting Rob Gold as our wonderful guest piercer while Seth Dietz enjoys a vacation October 3rd through the 15th. Don’t miss your chance to collect something shiny and new from this talented artist! 💎

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 Michael Strickland, conservative blogger, arrested after brandishing gun at Black Lives Matter protesters - Washington Times

The man, identified by police as 36-year-old Michael Strickland, was at the demonstration near Pioneer Square taking pictures when he got into an argument with protesters, reported a local Fox News affiliate, which caught part of the incident on video.

Mr. Strickland pulled out a gun and held it out in front of him for a moment before putting it back in his waistband, Fox reported.

Mr. Strickland, a conservative activist who contributes to the Progressives Today blog, according to the Portland Tribune, later explained his side of the story.