Portland Monthly


Gregory Gourdet.

May I start off by saying: this feature shoot is a perfect example of matching Photographer with Concept. When Mike Novak (AD Portland Monthly) first approached me with the subject matter and concept for this shoot I was thrilled. Greg is the highly energetic, deliciously talented Chef de Cuisine at Departure, the restaurant atop the Nines hotel in downtown Portland. He’s an ex-partyboy turned Paleo/fitness freak with a great sense of style and humor. We shot for roughly 4 hours in studio and he kept his energy up the entire time. With the help of his best-friend/roommate/stylist, Tia Vanich, we managed to keep Gregory looking sharp throughout the whole shoot. The final images reflected his charming personality and sense of humor, along with his good-looks and sense of style. If you live in Portland (or are just traveling thru), do yourself a favor and stop by Departure for their incredible rooftop happy hour with the best view in the city.  


Urban Crush - Portland Monthly Feature

Toward the end of my internship last year before I graduated, I was offered by Art Director, Mike Novak, to shoot their urban vineyard feature. I was really excited about this as I had never shot a feature before, and I got to explore a couple of really cool urban vineyards - and taste some delicious Oregon wine in the process! This is old (from last October), but have been going through my archives and thought I would share it here on the blog. :)


“Justice League” illustration by Matty Newton

For Portland Monthly’s July 2014 issue, I had the great privilege to illustrate some of the key figures who helped overturn Oregon’s same-sex marriage ban.

Thanks once again to the fabulous Art Director Kate Madden and the team at PoMo; we worked closely to help bring this courtroom sketch to life and allow for all that text to pop.

This was a great opportunity to showcase another slice of my illustration work and honor some truly amazing individuals. Congratulations Oregon!

The July 2014 issue of Portland Monthly is on newsstands now.


Fit City. 

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting my favorite feature to date for the January 2013 issue of Portland Monthly. Five locations over three days. Rocking climbing, cross-fit, and crazy tilt-cycling just to name a few of the adventures we went on. Pick up a copy of Portland Monthly for the whole scoop, researched and written by my friend Rachel Ritchie. On newsstands now!

Art director: Kate Madden

Photo assist: Ashley Anderson

One of the last photos I took for Portland Monthly Magazine. Cassie was a natural in front of the camera and was really delightful to talk to during the shoot. She also is the front woman for her band and sings beautifully! I hope I can catch one of her shows in the future. 

I’m excited for May’s issue of PoMo so I can see my new photos and share another story!


“7 Sinful Dates” Illustrations by Matty Newton. 

I was asked to create a set of illustrations based on the seven deadly sins for a feature in Portland Monthly’s February issue called the “Best Night Ever” – The “7 Sinful Dates” inspired by Portland’s most indulgent bars.

In addition to the seven illustrations, I created 5 caricatures of local Portland bartenders. 

I had so much fun with this project and had a great time working with Art Director, Kate Madden. The February 2014 issue of Portland Monthly is on newsstands now.

Tearsheet from my day of following around the Urban Gleaners crew. It was really eye opening to see what the poverty level is like here in Portland. I personally didn’t know how bad it was, and how many kids go home with nothing to eat. Hopefully this organization gains some more fans now that it’s published and out in the world. 

Can I send a better version of myself to my interview tomorrow?

Tomorrow afternoon I have my interview for the U of O School of Journalism and Communication Senior Experience, an internship program the U of O offers for journalism students in their final term (or close to their final term) of college up in Portland. 

I lack the words to express how much I want this. Not only would it be beneficial to me financially due to the fact that I could live at home, but also there are so many more opportunities in Portland for internships and just stories to write in general.

There aren’t a lot of magazines in the Northwest, but there are more in Portland than there are here in Eugene, and I would love to write for a publication like Portland Monthly or even Portland Bride and Groom. I also like the idea of taking classes up closer to home, I am always more focused when I do my homework at my parents’ house. 

If anyone reads this please send good vibes my way tomorrow at about 4:30 pacific time! I would love all the support I can get, even if it’s form a bunch of strangers! I’ve wanted to work for Vogue my entire life, pretty much, and this program would be a great way to help me get a leg up in the magazine world!

Ah, I’m so nervous!